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    Its a funny subject this, I dip in and out of beleifs in Karma. Today I dont believe in it. But next month I may feel differently.
    I think we should all hold accountability for our actions and should continually keep check of our emotional output and try to grow and evolve as people... but this idea that bad things happen to people because they have a lesson to learn from it is a little beyond me.
    There are thousands of people dropping down dead of "curable" diseases in Africa and the West has the means and the meds to treat them but those people still suffer and die because of lack of money and bth Western and African gvernments greed...
    Do the suffering Africans all have a lesson to learn from this?... Do they need to dig deeper with their inner thinking and emotional output to resolve the disease that is killing their entire neighbourhoods.... I think not.
    Karma is a concept I struggle with - Jury is out on that one.

    In a lot of pain because my spine and it's walk me up

    Ouch not good - hope you feel better as today Maddy

    Just back from the mot station (the one that just does council vehicles....)
    FAILED.... Again for the 4th maybe 5th time - bloody lost count. lol
    Trouble is... that it failed on a couple of things that actually work and have no trouble....
    Cant contest it thought.... there is no point....
    We are gong to bring it back in ten days and if it fails again then i think we are both unanimous that the van is GOING

    Starting to wonder if we or the van are hexed....
    Ive taken some heaps of shite to the MOT test station before (VEHICLES IN FAR WORSE STATE THAN THE VAN) and had them Pass.
    This van has had a lot of money spent on it ( more that you would spend on a stroppy teenager)

    Thanks real nutter Ive been looking for one of those that doesn't run off the mains.
    Laughing because he took the thing completely apart to give a thorough review.... Circuit boards revealed too LOL

    Ive also been looking at getting one of those spiral thingy me bobs too Natural spirit... but I' m unsure how often i would actually use it. Would it end up in back of cupboard covered in dust.?? :S mmm Maybe need to think on...

    We built a 12 volt pyrography pen so i can do some wood burning on my travels. Its still in the prototype stages but hey it works.

    Love that. Do you sell them Chillicamper?

    Prime location require references. the properties on there are expensive

    Anyway Wolverhampton is effing dear for properties...
    Most of them say

    NO SEX
    NO FUN

    That is a bit of a misleading statement. There is a method called photo-therapy, and it reduces the amount of bilirubin in the blood that can cause jaundice. It is a fluorescent light that is used and the light is absorbed through the skin, this is a process which science can explain due to research, it is not the color that heals, it is the light being emitted at a specific wavelength. :)

    I wasn't really in the mood for a full blown discussion on Quantum mechanics
    If we are going to be pedantic about the colour lets leave the colour out of this equation and focus on what actually is helping Jaundice - LIGHT

    The colour blue can cure jaundice in babies
    Crystals have many magical properties that science and technology have made use of.. so why can crystals not cure someone of ill health?
    Music and spoken word on radio has been proven to make plants grow bigger stronger faster. So why cant music help your health?

    I think its rather "world is flat" type attitude to assume that the earth and its properties cant help heal us.
    There are many witch doctors, sooth sayers and psychics out there who do a wonderful job of putting someones mind at ease, giving them hope. Which is far more than the NHS and Large Pharmaceutical companies who make big money from prescription commissions.

    I dont know if you have already tried these guys but emergency number is 01902 552999 emergency housing

    Pm'd you too with quick fix for tonight

    im on the phone trying tp get through to wolverhampton council emergency housing team at the moment.....see what they have

    Practicalities now.
    Do you have a 24 hour supermarket? They often have a cafe, though closed will have seats you can use. Also, try a hospital. They are 24 hour and have toilets you may be able to crash in, or sit in A&E or a reception area.
    Best of luck, my offer still stands.

    Also see if you can get the number for social services - i know they can be bastards but in cases like this sometimes they can be useful and have contacts of organizations that can put you in temp housing whether you have dependents or not.
    The other thing you can do is get your self down to the local library perhaps not tonight granted given the time but tomorrow morning and find out what local church organisation may be able to help. If youve no phone charge and no way of getting these contact details try and get your self to a local police station and again ( i know they can be most unhelpful) But they have contact details too.
    One thing one of my mad mates tried when he was homeless was getting himself locked up in the local Psychiatric ward. Now you dont have to do this and those places are not as bad as people make out. But to get in you will have to play on some mental health issue whether you have one or not.
    Its a very last ditch option but actually if you can fake a break down infact given your circumstances i don't think you will need to fake one. Psychiatric ward will put you up assess you and because you have self admitted yourself you can be out in three days. But three days in a ward with three hot meals and staff looking after your needs. Its not that bad to be honest and gives you time to think and sort out your next strategy.
    Groove If i come up with anything else i will let you know hang in there.

    Cheers. If you are going for the "Look what is free?" approach, take a look at Moodle etc as one of the many ways to deliver your courses using decent open source sw. There are loads of others too for online courses - I have been meaning to make a list of them all as there are so many people with rare skills who could be sharing their knowledge (and maybe making some dosh if they want to!).

    Moodle - ahh I will have a look Thanks for that Exile
    And yes Bryn I am kind of taking ideas of said Young Americans ( can feel a Bowie song coming on) But I am leaving out the affiliates. My courses will soon be up and ready to purchase. yeeha

    If you know what works and can find open source or free versions that do the job, many small businesses would love you to come along and tell them how to avoid making expensive mistakes because that business doesn't know what you do. However, the best bunch to educate are the morons who pay over the odds to these self-professed gurus, but then you will find yourself as one of those self-same gurus!

    As a word of warning though, the type of course you may be proposing is similarly available for free because people have got fed up with these smarmy rich self-satisfied internet marketing gurus over the years and stick this content up for free everywhere to educate people away from the fatcats. And the internet is bloody brilliant cos just when you reckon you have found something that works, and can be generically applied to every business, the web shifts a degree and it doesn't work at all! And every lesson you spent hours writing, recording, animating etc just became obsolete.

    And as a final comment, any business who can a) afford £1200 and b) has 12 weeks spare to learn will probably have a far bigger budget for you to just do it for them. Which is waaaaaaay more fun!

    FREE open source versions are the way to go ... and yes i agree with you that everyone can actually trawl the net for the content that will be in my future courses or many other peoples courses. Its information that is out there for all. I am simply doing hours of research to package it up and sell it to people who don't have the time to find out all this themselves.... and want all the info in one hit.
    But thanks for your feedback Exile :-) Some good points there that I will take on board

    Scamming them into feeling they need loads of other tools to really succeed my view unethical...its just milking the customer for all its worth.

    In a wouldnt go with the American option.

    Thanks for your feedback - Yes i feel the same about it being unethical/ immoral . I still follow and admire the work of this American girl. At the end of the day we all have to do what we can live with.
    For me.... I really don't think affiliate links will be the route I will take.

    Cheers i had a rough couple of nights sleep and flashbacks but I slept well last night which made a difference.
    Thanks for kind words.. Ive seen a few folks on here at the end of their tether... think we all need a prescription of 5 weeks on a tropical island... hey make it 55 weeks

    Affiliate marketing.... Where a company/ sole trader/ business / entrepreneur endorses and promotes the use of a product or service and in return gets a kick back from the company they endorse.
    My question to you guys is:
    If i was offering short tutorials in "How to elevate your brand your business and help you attract more customers"... Would you appreciate it if i was getting a kick back from software companies for promoting their stuff.
    Would you better appreciate my business tutorials if I could teach you cheap or free ways if achieving the same results without having to kick out large bucks for other peoples software?

    The reason I am asking this is I am feeling a bit disillusioned...
    I follow a popular self made American millionaire who teaches people the techy principles behind setting up a successful online business. She does it very well made her first million delivering business strategy courses to people across the world.
    However after watching some of her webinars it became apparent that she was starting to promote a lot of software apps that she vowed any online business person needs.
    So i looked into it a bit further and found that she had been promoting Leadpages... I decided to google wtf leadpages were and why i need them...
    To have a leadpage on my site it was going to cost me over £25 per month.
    So i decided to find out if there was an alternative and there is and its free....

    So I guess my question is: if i provided a comprehensive £1400 12 week course packed with tutorials that showed you how to build a profitable online business that you could run from your laptop from anywhere in the world...
    Would you go to someone like me who had packaged up the cheaper way to do it
    would you pay the American girl $2000 for a 12 week course and be encourage to spend further money on all these online software apps that she tells you that you need for your business?

    Apologies for the length of post. I hope it all makes sense

    Anyway some honest feedback would be great.