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    And I Then Wonder And Think WHY Alexa Soooo Cheap? ...

    As Normally This Sorr Of Techno Stuff Is Mega Money ...So Why Alexa Sooo Cheap? Is Iy Soooo Lots And Lots Of Peeps Can Put Them In There Homes ...So Alexa Ends Up Everywhere And Does And Knows Everyrhing In The Homes She Is In??

    The reason I think Alexa is cheap, its to do with Artificial intelligence "learning". The more homes and conversations that Alexa is exposed to, the more it can learn from human behaviour, thus accelerating Alexas vocabulary and its understanding of human linguistics.

    and Yes it can listen into you too.

    Wow both the dog and the jumping human type robot are freaky.

    Ive just finished watching 4 seasons of Marvel Agents of Shield ( pretty good)

    and some of the technologies they show on that are going to become main stream soon.

    Just a shame that all these technologies will be made for war or to make some rich fat bastard fat cat richer.

    All I can do is pray for this planet and some divine intervention.

    Alexa has her / his / its place.

    I recently went to visit a very "old" friend of mine who must be in his 80's now possibly older.

    Hes blind and loves all these gadgets. His wife has a sat nav that he thinks is brilliant because they can both travel anywhere now without having to worry about where they are going or if they will get lost.

    Hes also got an Alexa or as he calls her Alexi.... and it can dial people on the phone for him, it can turn on his favourite Jimmy Shand tunes when he requests. He just loves it.

    I you are paranoid about having one of these machines dont be.... You are already being tracked, listened into and constantly monitored with your mobile.

    The best advice i can give (As the daughter of an ex communications military personnel )

    If you have a secret you dont want to share with anyone or are plotting to overthrow the government, then have your conversations in a field with the absense of any modern technology.

    If you dont have any secrets or plots then i can assure you that your conversations and your naked body are of no interest to intelligence agents.

    Merry Christmas one and all.

    If you dont like Christmas then make it your own this year by celebrating it in a way that is more suited to you.

    Christmas comes around every year so You grumpy ones had better get used to it.

    Reinvent your Christmas and make it a good one. :-)

    I rented country cottage some years back which had three old barns in various stages of dilapidation.

    I was fed up looking out my kitchen window at the mess of the roof

    so i advertised the slates stating buyer uplift.

    The National trust decided they wanted them and came and removed the lot and paid me £950 quid for them. :-)

    In fairness though i did spend some of the money on some new tin to replace the roof i sold off.

    Oh yes there are many robots out there already capable of lots of destruction.

    But the idea of something that looks so human is unnerving to say the least.

    Dont like it one bit.

    I was reading somewhere that scientists believe that artificial inteligence has become more aggressive over this last 5 years.

    I cant believe how fast things are changing... and want no part in it.

    Might have to look into settling in the Sayan mountains Siberia along with the old beleivers like Agafia Lykova. It would be safe there apart from the bears, snow leopards and extreme weather conditions. ha ha!

    Sophia the Saudi Arabian Robot to be given citizenship.

    I dont watch or keep up with news much these days as I dont like what i hear.

    But recently few days ago I saw a clip of the first human like robot being interviewed.

    (released 2015.... jings im behind the times)

    It scared me to be honest and very reminiscent of the films like Artificial Intelligence and I robot starring Will Smith.

    What do you think?

    Great technological advance? or

    The end of human civilization?

    Let me just get one thing straight here Paul.

    I understand fully what veganism is about

    Indeed my reasons were two fold -

    1.) wanting to better my health and

    2) also my regard for environment animals and ethics.

    I didnt just have a wee go at being vegan for a while because of current fads trends or crazes and i was certainly not doing it for any vanity reasons either.

    But i do understand your point Paul and im just making my point very clear too.

    I am glad you are seeking proper medical help for it.

    For years i beleived in alternative medicine. I thought it was the be all and end all. Until.... I read an intesting article about one orthodox Oncologists take on alternative medicine.

    It changed my mind and really made me see things from both sides. I will try and find the article to share.

    Basically this oncologist was saying how heartbreaking it is when he discusses treatment plans with a cancer patient, only to find that the patient has no faith in modern medicine and turns to alternative treatments instead.

    The he went on to say what was even more distressing to him is when the patient comes back a few months later ( health deteriorating) only to discover that the alternative treatments didnt work and now patient wants a second chance at modern medicine.... but by then all the oncologist can say is sorry its too late.

    I still think alternative medicine has its place but its important to have the balance of both medical advice and intervention as well as alternative.

    Ive got to find the article..... ( i shall go seek it out)

    I've met people who've stayed vegan in spite of quite severe food intolerances, including nut allergies, coeliac disease and IBS - even with restrictive diets such as low fodmap.

    Hi Paul,

    Thats great and Good luck to those who remained vegan. I found being and staying vegan very difficult given the number of foods im allergic or intolerant too.

    I would have to educate myself on more recipes before i begin that journey again, because I really struggled to find ingredients and food that I could live and thrive on.

    Yes Nomadic Rt I am dodgy with strawberries too. They turn my face into a ball of fire, a red hot rash. As do blackcurrants.

    Redcurrants close my throat up, Shame because I love berries. I can eat cherries though. Most bizzarre.

    Fucidin is routinely given to patients who have infection in their eczema or psoriasis too so i reckon you will be ok otherwise they would have given more invasive treatments.

    For two years i had been suffering from chronic severe pain, severe itchy skin 24/7 with flakes falling off. Sleepless nights and a pretty bad temper too ( I dont do ill or sleep deprived too well )

    I tried vegetarian diet, washing in rain water, drinking bottled water.

    I had allergy tests that revealed I was allergic to my family dog, so rehomed him and still no better so that was a load of shit.

    I saw three consultants who said it was hives, then psoriasis and this and that. None of these guys had a clue.

    I was put on a course of steroids that ballooned my weight for a short time till i worked it off again.

    Then I went vegan last year, which was when i discovered a few things....

    I found out that i was dairy intolerant and also allergic to potatoes, tomatoes, paprika ( all relatives of the nightshade family) Yes I still smoke tobacco (which is also a nightshade plant ) but so far the smoking doesnt seem to cause me any chronic pain or rash.

    So i came off dairy and stopped eating nightshades and Wham im back to normal health. No chronic pain, no rash or severe itch. IM BETTER YIPPEEE.

    I am back to eating meat again as my diet is already limited i couldnt stay vegan.

    But would like to thank the vegan world for inspiring this change because had i not tried illiminating foods from my diet i would still be in pain.<3

    The optimist says " The glass is half full "
    The pessimist says " The glass is half empty "
    The engineer says "The glass is twice as big as it needs to be "

    The optimist says "The glass i half full"
    the pessimist says "The glass is half empty"
    The Scotsman says "Its just a vase ' unless its full o' Whisky"

    now now girls and boys.

    Anyway its a pitty innocent folk got killed .
    Not a very good terrorist is he.
    He was aiming fr the Politicians and missed.

    Perhaps the Irish could teach him a thing or two about terrorism

    - - - Updated - - -

    Its not just Guiness that they are good at making

    I need someone to come and cut my grass. Irn a few shirts shels suits and silk tops... put the rubbish oot. Walk the dog, clean the manky kitchen cupboards.
    I will pay ya..
    £3 Per hour

    I think that all those that are suffering in Africa, Syria, Haiti, and other places like that, are reincarnations of bad people like the nazis that caused so much suffering of other people. When people think they can get away with murder, they must take the class from the other side to learn the lesson. I also think there are a lot of reincarnated Americans the committed genocide on 100 million Native Americans that are also paying off their Karma.


    Infact your input is so disrespectful to all the people suffering around the world that you are now faced with me disrespecting you.
    Now theres Karma...
    hey ive changed my mind I beleive in karma right now lol.