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    Thank you Lesley and I see you are In North of Scotland So am I. Between Aberdeen and Dundee...

    I just popped on for two ticks, I would love to stay longer but I have 101 different jobs to do before I set off for pastures new :-)

    If you do decide do buy the book I hope you enjoy.

    Take care xx

    Yeah me to ...

    Im planning to get a bigger van over the next few months.

    I have a bedford rascal at the moment but its only and good for kipping in for short festivals.

    Ive been invited to two events same weekend, a dance concert put on for charity apparently some big names Ive never heard of lol and I have also been invited to a pstrance gathering this summer solstice, might go, or might be at Dovedale but im a bit worried about Dovedale as everyones met one another there.

    Maybe I could do a few hours at each and spend the night at psytrance event Im no sure. Just have to see how money goes this month.

    One more thing Paul,

    I understand why you took a step back from running a sub culture forum like UKHIPPY. ( or at least I think I do)

    My guess is you were getting a lot of shit for it....

    The powers that be... silenced you by giving you everyday worries more than the average Joe.

    This is what they do to people who are vocal about politics or those who associate with others who are vocal.

    Ive seen it over and over again.

    Scary times we live in...

    They have censored the lot of us.

    So I guess its just keep our heads down and take the best bits from life where we can get them...

    I might start a dairy like Anne Frank.... You never know it might get be a best seller 100 years after my death. LOL

    Energy saving light bulbs are a false economy because the old light bulbs that were made lasted a hell of a lot longer then the stupid new ones. So effectively we are putting more in landfill than ever before.

    As for your plastic... OMG don't get me started on that one.... too late ( and she's off)

    All our plastic is taken to depots across the country, however its not used by big corporate companies because..... they find it cheaper to make new containers and bottles from brand new plastic rather than the costly alternative of separating out all different plastics and recycling them for our packaging.

    If only they were recycling all of it but...... I read an article ( I shall have to find that article to keep Paul happy that it has been sourced from a reputable journalist) !! If there is such a thing.

    The article went on to explain that all the waste goes to the lowest bidder and then it is shipped out to sea and dumped in our oceans .


    Boycott China? How exactly.

    Everything we buy is made in China - well almost everything.

    They make mosts things down to the lowest cost. They put all other countries out of business because everyone else just can not compete... oh and Thatcher sold all our industries off so we don't make anything of any use here in the UK anymore.

    We are doomed really aren't we?

    I feel sorry for my son 23 growing up in this shit fest.

    One of the reasons that people from out of town came to London and interfered with things they didn't understand is because that is exactly what Londoners have done in the provinces for decades. London centric policy requires London centric change.

    and I repeat:

    How inconvenienced are you going to be when the environment and Mother Nature decides to flood large plains of the Southern counties...?

    The only thing then is it will be too damn late.

    Paul and Happy fat. The protesters were not making a personal attack towards the working classes. They were merely trying to raise awareness and direct action for a planet that is sadly being ripped apart at the seams.

    How inconvenienced are you going to be when the environment and Mother Nature decides to flood large plains of the Southern counties...

    The only thing then is it will be too damn late.

    Cheers for contributing to the "turn a blind eye mentality " which is helping to fuck things up for our future generations.

    The pair of you should go back to your energy saving light bulbs, your separate bin buckets for plastic and your high and mighty vegan verbal diarrhoea "pish" and sit there and say .... you've done your bit.

    Jings you are both a big disappointment.

    There is a large awakening already happening globally. Environmental/ spiritual/ political awakening.

    Have faith the cavalry is coming from another planet. lol! ;-)

    I do hope so I so want to believe that friendly aliens will help us out.

    I have had some pretty weird spiritual stuff happening to me for the past year.

    I had a vision ( premonition / download) Call it what you will.

    It was of two large swathes of the population in two separate continents wiped out ( within seconds ) by something big and something that happens quick.

    I have no idea if the wipe out is environmental or warfare but its going to happen soon - my guesstimate is within the next year.

    Mozabique was not one of them, my premonition of a population wipe out was on a much bigger scale than that sadly.

    They annoy the piss out of me.

    If you're on the road in London during the day then there's every chance you need to be there for your livelihood -- obstructing ordinary working class people will alienate them against an otherwise really important cause.

    I can not believe you said this.... What good is a protest if all the protesters meet up in a flecking play park and have a picnic. The whole point of a demo or protest is to get it in to the public eye cause a big inconvenience just like the one being caused to OUR PLANET...

    You don't have kids do you Paul?

    Some of you lot are unbelievable ... these people are trying to protect our planet whilst you lot slag them off for their direct actions.

    WHAT ARE you DOING exactly?

    These people are risking a lot to do this, they risk their finances being fucked about with, they risk their necks and get arrested and all you lot can say is what an inconvenience.

    Protests are supposed to be an inconvenience. If they weren't nobody would take any notice.

    Some of the comments on here make me sick to share the same air space as you lot.

    Well its was 2013/14 I joined UKhippy which is now classified campers.

    It was on Ukhippy that I met a Oddballdave. We have been together for four years but decided to call it a day Today. We will always be good friends.

    I wish him well on his journey.

    A Facebook post went viral within the last 24 hours because a man drove a mini digger through an entrance of a Travel lodge that was being constructed by him and other contractors.

    Rumour has it that the lad that did the demolishing had not been paid £600 by his employers for the work he did.

    Apparently his bosses had not been paying him on time for a while.

    I cant get the facebook post to show on here but im sure you will see it on Facebook.

    The guy is a hero.

    Yes I wonder about this too - in both genders.

    Our society has lost the meaning of respect for one and other....

    There are a few select gentle people and they tend to hide very well.

    A wise old female friend said once

    "If you are looking for a lady or gentleman in your life you have to be a lady or gentleman yourself"

    You should do whatever you feel.... I understand why some people go stealth. But the world is full of all sorts. If we all drove white ford mondeos and played golf. what a fuck off boring world that would be.... Not sure if Golfers drive white mondeos ... they have never really been people on my radar.

    If you do it for you it will resonate with you... Some will love it, some will not.

    But those that don't like... well.... They don't matter.

    Im putting this out there on Youtube because Ive been guided by a higher source to spread the word.

    I know that I will get many onlookers thinking Im bat shit crazy however I hold my beliefs strongly and have faith from higher source that this is what I must do right now..

    I am making vlogs of my channeling and will be sharing the information that I receive from the higher source.

    I don't quite know where this channel will lead but I am going with what feels right for this point in time.

    If you are interested in having a look please do.