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    Found this on my FB 'we care about your memories' tosh...

    Seemingly I posted it after one of Osborne's crappy budgets to cheer folk up.

    Made me laugh anyway...

    A man wakes up one morning in Alaska to find a bear on his roof.

    So he looks in the yellow pages and sure enough, there's an ad for "Bear Removers."

    He calls the number, and the bear remover says he'll be over in 30 minutes.
    The bear remover arrives, and gets out of his van.
    He's got a ladder, a baseball bat,... a shotgun and a mean old pit bull.
    "What are you going to do?" the homeowner asks.
    "I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I'm going to go up there and knock the bear off the roof with this baseball bat. When the bear falls off, the pit bull is trained to grab his testicles and not let go.
    The bear will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the >cage in the back of the van." He hands the shotgun to the homeowner.
    "What's the shotgun for?" asks the homeowner.

    "If the bear knocks ME off the roof, shoot the dog


    Yep, I like the way they identify 'trauma' in ways that you may not necessarily normally think of as being 'traumatic'.

    On reflection I think all this started after a visit to the dentist - he was very scared when he found out I have epilepsy. He kept asking if pain was a trigger.

    Afterwards one tooth felt odd and out of place - it still does. I assumed it was the cleaning as he had said my teeth were fine.

    This also coincided with the end of one of my drugs on the titration I was on. I have found out it has been used for types of tinnitus.

    I'm interested in the drugs because most of them, carbamazepine, gabapentine and retigabine are used for epilepsy and I have that anyway.

    Makes no difference to me.

    I can feel a very slight continuous vibration across my my face and just under my jaw and cheekbone where I originally got a lot of pain. When it is louder there is still pain. If I talk or move about it gets louder - if I sit quiet it calms right down.

    I've only met one doctor who didn't think I was mad or making it up - I think he referred me again in the hope that ENT would do the psychiatric referal...

    It also explains how the Tories got in again.... though I think this is meant to refer to the contents rather than the populous...

    Still have my Harris tweed jacket I bought when i was 20 when i lived in lived in London.It still fits fine.

    Ive still got my Italian and German suits that cost a fortune only ever been worn to weddings funerals and a couple of events in London.

    I dont wear but im not getting rid of them either as id never get anything like them again Id never afford them.Ill give them my lad when hes older.

    I have a lovely Harris tweed skirt suit. It's vintage. I bought it on ebay.

    Like a lot of vintage clothes it doesn't suffer from vanity sizing and hadn't got too many bids due to this.

    Luckily I'm a skinny bugger.

    I just took the skirt up a bit and made it less 'A' line. Looks great.

    I did have a hacking jacket for the Marches - cost a freaking fortune. It got too big when I got skinny and I hadn't ridden in years - sadly. I donated it to charity.

    Karma for the nice charity stuff I have picked up over the years.

    lol..ive had a sick baby explosively evacuate both ends when i was a just glad i didnt have a beard at the time..

    Had the explosive baby bit - I used to run adult and child classes. Luckily I didn't have a beard either....

    Feel a bit guilty, I've been post ictally very very rude to numerous paramedics when I'm to confused to answer the A&O3/4 but know I will be if they give me another 5 minutes.

    Beards must be very 'in' - I saw this on TV - they usually do womens hair stuff and thought of this thread:

    I don't know if any of you saw these, we tried to persuade my stepson to go, he has a very excellent beard and would have fitted right in...…n-of-scots-film-1-4534859…feature-film-in-scotland/

    Yep, Wulfie...

    We ate rather a lot of cranachan back then.....

    Stoats cranachan porridge is nice toasted for a change mixed in with the oatmeal - or the hedgerow stuff.

    Sitting testing a hypothesis and looking up drug titrations...

    If I'm right I'll have sussed something that 5 GP's and an ENT consultant didn't.

    Yay for me, doctor google and a bunch of scientific papers - pity it took 5 weeks, IF I'm right.

    Wish me luck....

    Best of luck Marshlander! Do you know anything about the research project?

    I know they were looking at safer analogs of retigabine for epilepsy and tinnitus. However, I don't know what stage they were at.

    Retigabine is a sort of last resort drug for epilepsy, due to a dose related side effect of blue pigmentation. I've no idea what the dosage for tinnitus is.

    I got sick of not being able to sleep and knowing the local ENT appointment will be a while. I tried looking up the symptoms that I had just considered too niggly to bother with. Then looking up the results of Dr Google in scientific papers.

    I found something that seems to match, it's highly unlikely that any doctor will believe me - I've kind of given up on GP's and the ENT consultant in Aberdeen was dreadful. I'm going to try my neurologist. At least she knows I whinged to her about a hoarse voice and sore throat when I last saw her and it's her job to know about nerves and muscles.

    Mind you if my theory is wrong, I'll just be listening to this while I wait for local ENT. Or asking you if there are any spaces on the research project...

    Really really hope the research project works out Marshlander. Please keep me updated.


    My Gran was a seamstress and my husband trained as a weaver straight out of school.

    I've seen 'properly finished' clothes. My Gran would spin in her grave at some of the clothes in shops today.

    Of course they aren't made to last any more. Clothes are made cheap and chuck away when next seasons range comes out.

    Most people are appalled at the price of quality clothes that are made to last - if you can find them, without having to advertise a brand on your sleeve - or another part of your anatomy.

    I try and get vintage clothes but without going to the hyped up vintage shops where the prices are hiked up and the 80's and 90's are considered 'vintage' - I lived then I know what the quality was like.

    My husband is sheer hell, especially about tweeds and cheap kilts.

    Most of my clothes are from charity shops or ebay. I get t-shirts, vest tops and underwear from high street but unless they are from shops that specialise (I have a tiny back so I cant buy bras out of most shops) I don't expect stuff to last.

    Today I am grateful for:

    My husband

    Daisy & Libby (dog and cat)

    A radio to mask this stupid ringing.

    A warm blanket and a comfy pillow, to catch up on the sleep I didn't get last night because of this stupid ringing.

    Biggest problem is getting a cat to wear a collar in the first place let alone keep it on....

    Er... yes

    A gadget I would like.........a cat collar that cats keep on.

    I didn't look at the research paper, I just watched the show I wonder how many 'participants did not complete the study due to non-compliance'.

    if you get the chance, do it. My mates cat has gone missing. The time when one of these could save a life. We have walked “like you say” where we know the cat goes, but do we really know? Talking to some office staff down the road. They told us that the cat cuts across their garden to go further than we ever thought. Apart from the fun of knowing how far they go and who else is feeding the animal. If they get hurt or go to ground, pin pointing their position saves time, worry and tears. It’s a shame you can’t hire one of these trackers for a week or so, just to get a idea where your cat has carved their territory.

    I do hope your friend finds their cat.

    Our cats have variously been shut in sheds, the nearby undertakers and garages. Libby tends to be the easiest to find. She has a very loud howly wail when she is distressed.

    That sound coming from an undertakers must have made a few people worried.

    I saw Smudge in the garage by sheer fluke. I was going up to a field to look for her when I saw her licking condensation of the window at the back of the garage.

    The woman was determined she wasn't there and wasn't going to let me in. In the end I showed her the paw prints on the window.

    The garage was a complete and utter tip, it took ages to find Smudge. I ended up luring her out with ham.

    Libby is back in. She dislikes wind, rain, thunder, snow, hail, sleet and too much sun.

    If any of these weather catastrophes occur, she wails until she gets in.

    We had a cat flap. I posted before, Daisy ate it.

    Sitting feeling lousy.

    Was cuddled up with the cat as I couldn't sleep.

    Libby decided she wanted out about 10 minutes ago.

    What sounded like hail came on about 5 minutes ago.

    Waiting for Libby to come back....

    Ive got friends up opposite Black Isle and friends a few miles from Bettyhill near Thurso...lucky you living such nice area.

    Yep, It was sort of an accident. I'd worked up here on contract for a year. Then about 2 months after I met my husband to be he went for a sales job covering Lothian & Borders. Thing is he got the job but got drunk with with one the managers who said the same role was going in the Highlands....

    I got a phone call.....

    The job lasted about 3 years, we've been together for 18. The vast majority of it up here.

    I do love Caithness and Sutherland. I keep trying to persuade Josh to move.

    Could you get any further away! You're over 6 hours from me :(

    Oh yep, where I used to train swimming teachers - Bettyhill. Up near Wick and Thurso way.

    I have been to Yorkshire, I spent 4 weeks training in South Yorkshire, Rotherham. We were put up in a bit of a crap hotel but the local takeaways were good.

    Went down as well for riding holidays, great food, great pub, great hacks - don't ask me where abouts exactly it was 20 years ago.

    I know I had to travel a while to get there and I lived in the Scottish Borders then:)

    I remember once when I was teaching swimming, I was had access to a private pool. They were pretty good about things as long as I opened up etc.

    The pool was also seasonal. The first day it opened one April it was really lovely, sunny, blue sky, when I went across midday on Monday to open up, get my stuff set up etc.

    By 4pm when the pool opened it was chucking it down with snow.

    Sorry to hear that RH.

    Yep, there are quite a few common drugs linked to ototoxicity.

    I was seriously freaking out about aspirin when I found out; I've taken quite a lot of it over the years for killer headaches.

    Never again.

    Also even though some epilepsy drugs are meant to help tinnitus, some have it as a rare side effect - some can do both (?!)

    Lots of drugs have conflicting side effects though - I know it seems dumb...

    I liked a comment on a comedy programme on the radio:

    Of all the americana we have to adopt we adopt the truly crappy things like Black Friday. When everybody gets up first and gets into a scuffle for a half price ipad.

    Why couldn't we adopt 'Thanksgiving' when everyone gets together with family and friends, eats lots of good food and enjoys themselves?

    Probably, never thought of that...

    I was given stuff to unblock my Eustachian tubes and I used it on both nostrils. The left ear got better not long after. It was the stuff that was making my nose bleed though.

    Maybe I should start using it the cough has started again too.

    Just been to the doctors.

    It isn't tinnitus. Well it is, in that tinnitus is the medical name for hearing sounds from within your body.

    After a lot of exasperated describing of how the sound changes and other weird stuff I can hear - that after questioning my husband I've realised, actually isn't normal (I only used to hear them a bit, they were bloody hellish when my ear was at it's worst - you don't want to know but it doesn't include my eyeballs moving...) I finally got a doctor to listen.

    Ah well I guess hearing all that is tinnitus, because they are sounds from within your body. Never thought about it like that....

    He said I have a build up of pressure behind each eardrum - hence the ringing.

    Normally sorted by your Eustachian tubes - but mines are truly dysfunctional and the grommets are both gone now. Also the whole thing has made me lose more weight which stuffs up Eustachian tube function even more.

    Been referred to the ENT clinic where they know me. :)

    Still no idea why I have had a sore throat for so long..... cough is back, it went away for a few weeks. Had so many doctors look down my throat and say it is fine.

    Seems to have stopped in my left ear now - touch wood.

    But right ear has been feeling sore and full, like there is something in it and popping more than normal.

    This was how the left ear started.

    Last night the right ear started to make a quiet noise, this morning it is slightly louder.

    I can't cope with another 5 weeks of this before it stops.

    Have a doctors appointment this afternoon. my husband was coming with me to try and make them listen to me, but he has a job in Peterhead. He is trying to get back in time.

    This feels like when I was on levetiracetam and I ended up with psychiatric side effects for a year because no doctor would listen and the neurologist was on sabbatical; side effects don't matter as long as you are controlled.