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    Sorry but I've learned from academia that you never trust any reference to blogs or the dreaded wikipedia. Anything cited would be wonderful Ayami. Yes austerity is a worldwide issue but I would prefer to take my chances with a government that I voted in and if they start to prop up a corrupt banking system rather than make decisions beneficial to my country at least I know my country and its people has the power to vote them out again.

    Alex Salmond actually was an economist, not a towel folder or speech writer like Yobsborne. Give the man credit love him, hate him or be indifferent to him he has held down a job and would seem to have a high degree of economy savvy from banking to oil.

    Apologies for using the party URL it was the easiest to find and had the least comical picture and out of date picture.

    Hey, another Highlander! :waves: Though I'm not quite in the same camp as you, being at the moment mostly anti-independence (and there are actually quite a few of us around - most of the people I know say they won't be voting Yes in the referendum). But don't imagine for a second that because I don't think independence is the right thing for Scotland, that I'm in favour of the current government in any way. I have the same opinion of the Tories as, I suspect, everyone else here (except Ayami, probably). But I don't trust that things will be any better if we become an independent country. The SNP are offering no real answers on anything, and every time a genuine concern is raised it's dismissed as 'scaremongering' (their very favourite word!). But what's touting it about that we're going to get 'punished' by Cameron if we vote No, if not scaremongering?

    Having said that though, I'm delighted that UKIP doesn't have any real popularity in Scotland. I'll be voting in the European elections this month, if only to add numbers to anyone but them.

    Well it's good to hear that you are at least anti-tory. I don't know what you want for Scotland but what I for Scotland is a system of government that isn't thrust upon us by Westminster and after I hope we have a successful referendum Scotland will be able to elect it's own government with functional powers, not powers as discussed, dictated and arranged with westminster; no toothless lion rampant this time. It needent be the SNP in power, the SNP are offering the foothold to elect them and the elect them out if you want and elect in the party Scotland chooses. Not a party foisted upon us by the westminster, made up mostly of inherited peers and millionaires who probably view Scotland as somewhere nice to come once a year to shoot, but its awfully cold and the accent is terribly hard to understand. If you vote no what chance do you have whatever way you vote of having your vote really count in the next general election? I mean Cameron wasnt even voted in as the magority this time.

    Scaremongering? Read your political history regarding what happened here after we won the last devolution referendum in 1979 but didnt get the 40% and same year in came Thatcher herself. And yes I am scared, really scared that people like you will vote no because they are too scared to vote yes and we will end up with another tory government thrust upon us by westminster that we did not vote for.

    How much? Pop it on kickstarter & I'll skip dinner to throw in a couple of quid.

    Cool, we have one candidate for Wales. Uh, I nominate my husband for our part of the highlands - I'll be his campaign secretary.....just like a real political party!

    Quote from gary;

    I think that the current electoral system is actually helping UKIP. They are outside parliment so they are not presumed to be corrupt, like the "mainstream" political parties. They can therefore tap into the public mood of distrust of politicians to gain votes. However, if you actually look at the record of their MEPs they are the most incompetent politicians, lining their pockets with expenses, hiring their wives and mistresses in their staff. If they had members of parliment they would soon lose some of their popularity..

    You may have a point there Gary. Currently if any of us felt so inclined as to raise the money to stand as 'hippy' candidates the disillusionment with the main parties is so rife.

    The reason UKIP arent getting quite such a warm welcome in Scotland is things are heating up here for September and most of us who were born here and lived our lives here and don't want to have decisions made for us by some idiot politician who couldnt find Stornoway on a map. We're to bothered about our own independence, sorry to be selfish; but whisky all round if we win and Cameron will annihilate us with as Thatcher did if we loose.

    Actually, I dont mean to pick holes but it was a hung parliament. The obnoxious Cameron/Clegg Coallition government was Clegg buddying up with Cameron and hoping not too many of us googled THIS video:

    Wouldn't waste a vote on either of them. Clegg could have made an alliance with Labour but chose (God sorry just hearing his voice on that video makes me sick) Cameron and the Tories instead. I dread what the nasty little weasles have in store if the Yes vote fails to get a majority. I have a nasty suspicion that he will follow in his mentor Thatchers footsteps and be out to crush the rebellious Scots.

    The point is Cameron got in despite the fact he didnt get a majority and he has wreaked havoc, he picked someone he could easily manipulate. (Nick Clegg is multi-lingual if he wanted to do a real job, he could. He certainly doesnt need the money but he has the skills.If it werent for the way he did the about turn on students and the fact he is another one with obnoxious amounts of money, you almost feel sorry for him after watching THAT video.)

    Oh mean the one in Westminster where no one has ever really had a job or any idea of what a real job is like and most of the cabinet inherited money; are millionaires, will support the corrupt banking system that supports them....went to eton then oxford or cambridge - that one?

    Anything they post through our door I give to Daisy. She has always liked to shred the junk mail before it goes on the fire.

    Had to post. We have AT LAST got an excellent Thai restaurant again - and it is a lot closer than the last on it is 5 mins down the road, AND it sells ingredients. Woo Hoo.
    Last night we had Mama's Tom Yum flavoured noodles with stir fried tender stem broccoli, sugar snap peas, baby corn, mushrooms, onion, peanuts Used the noodle water to make tom yum broth - YUM.

    I used to coach a guy who ran marathons barefoot (I coached him for swimming) It never occured to me until he pointed it out that I worked in my bare feet. I suppose I did for 10 years in the water. He was always on at me to try running barefoot and I was always chickening out.

    'Eight Below' - Cold, Injuries and the weather force a team of antarctic explorers and the to return to base; the decision is made to leave the sledge dogs and come back for them once the wounded are treated. Unfortunately the weather takes a turn for the worse and the story is about the dogs, who spend over 100 days alone there and the dog handler who is desperately looking for any way to get out to them. Seemingly it is based on a true story. Cried my eyes out.

    Sorry to jump on this thread. Ive never been diagnosed with depression but I have been prescribed anti-convulsive medication that lists depression among it's side effects.
    I really didnt notice it at first. Now more people say they noticed the changes in me. It was the dog in hyberbole that really struck home I remember I didnt care about the business I'd built up, or my OU course, I was certain my husband was better of without me and I definitely didn't care about me, I just didnt eat what was the point... but our dog Bill kept coming up to me for cuddles.
    In the end as it was a side effect and not depression itself after 16mths I managed to get a neurologist to change my meds. Seemingly the personality change was remarkable and instant.
    As I said I don't have depression I simply had an insight. It wasnt a pleasant one at all. All of you that do manage your lives with the condition have my admiration.

    Neurologist wrecked my appetite and sense of taste of taste with a new anti epileptic drug back at the end of 2011, one of thos be careful what you wish for moments. Up until then I was vegetarian. On that drug I tried eating anything to get a taste of food. All flavoursome recipies welcome! Tea was home made indian lentil soup, 2 caramel wafers because of the nippy git on my course (Its medicinal eaten for the tryptophan! :-)) and probably too much wine.