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    Interesting link, I have read about that study before and how it has been debunked. Funny how it was reported. Another study that was debunked was this one

    Turns out he manipulated the data, giving prompts and he never reported that those that increased the shocks knew it was all a set up.

    The link I put in is actually the debunk link. Do you ever read anything? Also it wasnt completely debunked the theory is sound; only certain aspects of the original report and paper, regarding the bystanders and attack.

    You know it is funny if they have completely debunked Stanley Milgram because his experiment relating to obedience to authority figures is still being taught as one of the most important experiments of its time; along with Zimbardo's conformity experiment. There were ethical questions. But please, as I have already gone through both with people who have doctorates in psychology, leave it out mate unless for once you really do know what you are talking about.

    Sorry mods.

    Zeb I know what you mean I look away from ambulances too, Ive been in the back so often I just feel. 'Oh heck there goes another poor beggar'

    mydogsinspace you are so right there about the mental health patients. I went out with someone who had schizophrenia long before I started studying this and there were times he could be charming and really amazing company and then other times, other times we just got stared at and I used to hate people for it.

    Sorry if that sounds like the title of a paper it's a bad habit.

    Pal of mine I went to school with tagged me in on this on facebook. She know's this drives me nut's.
    I used to work as a lifeguard and swimming teacher and whilst working for local councils and as a self employed teacher I always kept up my NPLQ which has a huge chunk of first aid.
    I cant imagine standing by when someone is in trouble. Yes I have heard the stories of 'fake' illnesses, but I' still offer to go and fetch or phone for help if I though helping directly was too risky and could make me a casualty too.

    Ive lain there with a broken leg whilst people walked past within sight. I ve woken up from seizures and seen the crowds oggling like I am some sort of side show freak their for 10 minutes entertainment, not a human being with a neurological condition.

    Ive studied the bystander effect and the murder of Kitty Genovese, http://bps-research-digest.blo…ry-of-kitty-genovese.html if anyone is interested but I still get riled despite what I know.

    This link my friend Tanya sent me, please watch. I realise that the 'victims' are actors, but the people ignoring them are not playing roles.

    With some people i honestly think the only thing that will stop them from standing and staring is if they are put in the victims position themselves.

    i remember listening to a joiner who worked of our house tell me about his exploits getting people out of cars, rescuing friends from this and that and how he kept up his first aid; then when we found my neighbour with no vitals, me kneeling over my neighbour doing compressions and rescue breaths while he had a fag and watched me and the whole incident waiting for the ambulance to come.:curse:…6913157711&type=2&theater

    Thanks alantl, everyone assumes I have diabetes because one thing guaranteed to help if I am getting to the stage where I am wandering about the supermarket with one eye shut or my eyes half shut thinking 'ohfuckgetmeoutofherenow' is to get something that my body can easily convert to energy. They put me on medication which means I loose weight very easily because I have (and everyone in the forum who struggles with their weight will now hate me) no hunger pangs. Unfortunately you are supposed to eat regularly when you have E. I spent 20 years on medication which meant I struggled to loose weight wandering between 10 and 9 stone. Now it is a fight to stay above 8, yet if I go bellow that, I know you reach a point where you are plagued by infections and start passing out (fainting not seizing). But by god in this stupid world you get LOADS of compliments of women. All the men in our rifle club thought I was seriously ill and looked dreadful, including my own husband. Which only goes to tally with the results of many psychological survey on women and body image over the last 20 years. We are nuts as a gender. We have an unhealthy idea of a good figure, I've been there.
    AHHH...sorry bit of topic there...

    A coffee table that Ive just finished waxing, all reclaimed timber, nice and characterful:)

    Actchully both tables are gorgeous. Any chance of the dimensions of both and do you deliver tables as well as mirrors? I know it sounds cheeky but nasty poxy husbands work dont let him use van for personal stuff yet tax him on it. Do you have prices for both too or a link to prices?

    I'm miles away from you. We have been looking to replace a HUGE table. Could I ask what the dimensions of the first table pictured are please and if it has sold do you have another like it?

    I'm feeling pretty good after two great days following one inexplicable shit day with my epilepsy. No seizure, but thats the thing, there doesnt need to be - you can just not feel 'right' and that ranges from a vague odd feeling that is hard to articulate to having to lie down because the sensory input is too much.

    To make matters worse it doesnt always 'get better' I had a whole friday of it. Thought I was going to have to cancel my dental check up 10 minutes after confirming it and then sat down talked myself down managed to go and yeeehah I was fine, walking down the road at the surgery; decided I must be fine went to the supermarket; hahahaha! Stupid!
    Just legged it out.
    No idea why Friday was so bad, havent been that bad in over a year.
    Really happy that I'm feeling better again, was a bit worried on saturday but now it seems just to have been an off day.

    Ah....we were up testing out new cat crunchies. Soreee.

    Not a euphamism for some altered mind state, actually online while Libby was munching.....

    Score the monochrome mog and me!:D the dog to be asleep.

    BSc(Hons) Psychology. Then Ive got the postgrad stuff:wall:

    Ach its fun. I should have done it years ago but I listened to my mother who told me I was wasting my time. Now she likes the idea of her daughter being 'Dr.'

    Parents! - I could make a joke but given the subject I'm studying I'm too spoiled for choice in that particular field!

    Cracking shoulder mounts Meg. I never could do them.

    Saw someone try it in class before they were ready and they thought they had it but came crashing down from the top of the pole onto their thoracic vertebrae; communal empathic 'yeouch' from all in the room.

    I could never do shoulder mounts without thinking of that so I dont think I gave it my all.

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Maybe we should ask Paul to put a secret time limit on it or make it like an e-bay auction with a published time limit for some fun (particularly if it is 3:26:05 on a Monday morning to see who is the dedicated one?)[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    It isMine!

    Sorry had to add this, If we made it like an ebay auction no one in the Highlands would get any of the posts!

    I'll take my medicine now.

    I'm always reading something. OK, researching.

    This week it is the joys of pathalogical gambling and the effect on the neuroendocrine system.

    Next week it will be revising developmental psychology.

    I'll likely have another 7 or 8 years of this in order to qualify.

    Reading something that isnt related to the course is a bit of a luxury.

    I just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat.

    Hey ayami, guess your not going down the politicians route then. Youre just going for pure advoidance of the question then
    Ive brought up sum good points as replies to ur statments are you just ignoring them
    Go answer them

    Yeah, you avoided all of mine.

    Answer pyke13's questions.

    Yup I'm still here, I just got sick of someone who cant answer a straight question.

    One last thing could you define the 'lie' that I am being sold just so I realise what an idiot I'm being please?

    It matters because I believe that Scottish people deservebetter. They are being sold a lie andhopefully they will be able to see through it.

    Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage are both as bad as each other.

    And what do you think we deserve? David Cameron?

    Incedentally have you ever thought of going into politics yourself? Ive noticed you have dodged quite a few questions I have asked you.

    Scotlandis part of the UK, I don’t believe that Scotland leaving the UK is purely adecision the Scots should be allowed to decide on. I believe everyone in the UK should get avote too.
    Asfor freedom, I doubt you will have more freedom in a post-independent Scotlandthan I will have in Southampton. Whatdifference will it make to someone unemployed and living in a council house inGlasgow? Will it magic up a job forthem? Does the capitalist system care ifScotland is part of the UK or an independent country? Will it end austerity? No...and neither will staying in the UK endit either. So it depends what you arevoting for, but I really think Salmond is hood-winking the people ofScotland. He really...sorry I’m laughinghere...thinks that the problems facing Scottish people are caused by...wait forit! Being governed by Westminster andnot by Edinburgh! LOL. Seriously, Scottish people deserve better andmost of them know that their problems are not caused by Westminster and won’tbe solved by a Scottish parliament. Comeon, does anyone, North or South of the border really believe the same?
    Scotlandwill be independent will keep the same monarch, same currency, samecentral bank, same membership of the EU, and the same membership of Nato. They will keep the same BBC too and the Bankof England will determine bank rates for an independent Scotland and Englishtrade performance will still determine the sterling exchange rates, not theperiphery performance of an independent Scotland. Oh and Salmond has agreed to pay part of the UKnational debt, I wonder how much though?

    One thing I would support if Scotland got it’s independence is for theShetland islands to go for some sort of Channel Islands/Isle of Man role andclaim the oil!LOL, they would be very wealthy indeed and could turnthemselves into a tax haven.

    How would you like it if I could make decisions about how you lived? I dont know you. I dont what your life is like in Southampton. Scotland is a very different culturally we are different historically and we were once a separate nation so much for 'Scotland is part of the UK' this isnt something that has been so since the beginning of time 'bought and sold for English gold' by the acts in 1706 and 1707.

    Why should England, wales and Northern Ireland tell the Scot's how to live we would then be in a minority. How is that system of voting going to work?
    We lost the last referendum not because there wasnt a majority but because of the imposed 40% rule. To be honest I just dont get it. I have already said that we are aware independence isnt the answer to austerity but still you harp on about it, please get of the austerity bandwagon.

    I wasnt independence simply because I am tired of getting a political party that dont know my country and that I didnt vote for.

    You have slagged Alex Salmond off plenty but I bet you cant pull up any examples of the policies his party have instigated to that are hugely beneficial even in small ways.

    I really am at a loss as to why the subject seems to bother you so much.

    I myself feel for Alantl with his comment:
    'Scotland leaving the Union gives me the heebie- jeebies.....for the simple reason it'll almost certainly mean that the rest of the U.K. will be left with a permanent Conservative dominated, note I didn't say majority, government.........which,surely, regardless of any political viewpoint is not good for a democratic nation'

    I know; I so loathe David Cameron and his nasty party.

    Given that you are in Southampton I don't know what you are getting so het up about.

    Of course Salmond can't single handedly beat the problem of austerity. Quote the part where I suggested he was going to save us all from this.

    Never have I suggested he is the magic answer to a worldwide economic crisis which started with a corrupt and greedy banking system and was sustained because the same system kept requiring to be bailed out.

    Growth isnt working; the political parties all look at miniscule percent growth as a success, blips, bubbles anything, they grasp at straws. I remember reading a book by Ben Goldacre saying we were going into a recession in 2008. Is it the same one?

    I think this is worth a read The End of Growth by Richard Heinberg


    However I think I would rather live in a country with his party and or whatever develops from the snp post successful referendum than Camerons austerity cut england/wales/NI.

    Gaffe prone....he is nowhere near as masterful as the Clegg/Cameron combo.

    Incidentally in case you reply with more links how much time have you spent in Scotland? Have you actually spoken to the natives about why we want/or dont want in some cases independence? Or do you just like to lecture from afar. I suspect you know as much about Scotland as I do about Southampton, suffice to say I swum around there as a kid when I competed and I know most big towns with pools.

    Regards the referendum...

    Some people have to fight and die for freedom all we have to do is vote, we are so lucky that we have that and some of us are even scared of the 'what if'.....the 'what if' is if you vote no Cameron or the Labour imitation of him will get in - remember Tony Blair :vomit:

    I don't know about this 'Social Housing'. The only time I have ever used a real person use the term in a sentence was at an art class which I didnt fit into (I'm practising for Forensic art, possible option after Psychology, my paintings were too gruesome). Idiot woman complaining about the 'Children in the social housing leaving their plastic toys all over the place.' Eh?! When I was a kid we didnt have social housing - there were council houses you ticked on the form that you didnt want certain estates if you really didnt want to go there but in all honesty most of us us really knew it wasnt the estates it wasnt even streets in the the estates it came down to people in certain houses.
    As a kid in the town I grew up my parents had a house in a rather well to do area (I later found out the house and business they ran were given to them for free by my grandmother) most of my friends were down by the shop they ran in the centre of town or at the town pool where the council estate my mother disliked was. When my best friend was a single mum and got a house in that estate however much it is decried her house was so much nicer and warmer than all of my first 3 private rented flats as a student.
    All my experience of 'social housing' (hate that made up phrase) is through my friend. She is back at the same estate, this time in a flat after loosing her job and house thanks to her ex-fiance. It's a lovely flat despite some neighbour issues.
    Thing is she can call the council and report things broken and things are fixed....granted not always immediately but they do pretty good from what she says.
    I lived in numerous private lets as a student in Edinburgh. You got used to not calling in faults, nothing got fixed and getting your deposit back :pp

    Ever since the huge influx of reality TV my interest in television has gone right out of the window. As a student I had no time for TV and didn't own one, consequently when I moved to a job in radio I didnt miss it when my first flat didnt have a TV. The second flat did and it was only ever turned on for the 'X- Files'. :D I have never been much of a fan of TV. I prefer radio, hence the job, music or books. Now that I'm studying again I'm normally too busy even if someone offered to pay for our licence and a Sky box we would both turn it down. My husband would need the living room fitted with a loop system to hear the damn thing properly. No point.

    Glorified gogglebox :eek:

    I have one of those little trailers. I got it for my business since I cant drive. I then got a larger trailer which Daisy will happily sit in. It has a rain cover but it is basicaly a large plastic box with two wheels. Great workhorse more than a camping trailer. I would recommend the lighter ones for camping any day.