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    Actually, I am a member of a clique too.

    My family.

    Snowypanda 'forums are different'

    I know a certain neurological forum...but this may be a good point to step away from the keyboard and seek the christmas day 'afters' alcohol....

    Clique - a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them

    Club - an association or organisation dedicated to a particular interest or activity

    Just being antsy.....

    Christmas tree is still in a box in the attic with the rest of the kit.

    Josh put lights up last year around our mirror above the fireplace - that was it.

    Actually, the BOX is in the attic - god knows what is in it.

    The cat is the only one who ever goes in there frequently, she could have been selling off the decorations to the neighbouring moggies for years - why I don't know.

    Not a fan.

    I still don't like discussing my experiences as a mature student aged 46 to 49, some of the events were so utterly toxic. I would try to be friendly and just be ignored or talked over - being more forceful often resulted in being given the cold shoulder in a more definite manner.

    I tried discussing the matter (LOL!!!), being forceful, pleasant, discussing it with the lecturer (grow pointier elbows one said).

    We are social animals and thrive on social relationships. Cliques are the antithesis of social relationships.

    They will always happen because social relationships do, it is a bit like trying to eradicate Tories from politics....

    Nice idea....but..

    :P I was going to wish you a belated happy birthday (belated happy birthday by the way...), then you reminded me that I have to survive the madding hordes at the sales for my husband's birthday on the 28th.

    No idea what I will have missed yet, but there will be something....

    Aw no...


    I don't think Daisy does this because she in her way loves or does not me.

    OK, 'love' or whatever aside, I list our last dog Bill as one of the 3 that I credit with saving me when I was put on levetiracetam.

    My husband,Daisy and Libby, and the forum helped me get through this the crap that has gone on since October. I will let everyone know when the medical profession start to do something helpful.

    Given that these days a lot of humans don't seem to have any adequate definition for 'love', attachment issues that result in problems forming social relationships - it is a wonder that we can relate to others of out own species let alone another species; or perhaps this is why companion animals are so popular - we appear to be increasingly more dysfunctional but don't ask me, ask a psychologist/psychiatrist, they are the ones making the bucks.

    Dogs are the ones that are good at bonding with other species.

    Has anyone read 'In defence of dogs' by John Bradshaw or 'The Dogs Mind' by Bruce Fogle?

    It isn't up to me to impose my definition of love on Daisy or Libby or any animal that have lived with us.

    I love them and every other other animal that we have ever owned with my definition of the word.

    I am so much happier for the fact that they share/shared their lives with us.

    Basically, yes I was upset to lose my bracelet. I was more upset that the tinnitus app disturbed Daisy.

    I've learned to sleep without it except on really bad nights.

    On that note - just who does the reference to Pavlov allude to?

    Same here Duckman. I need loads of custard with the tiniest amount of xmas pud. Or cake.

    I'm not a fan of pudding or the dark heavy Christmas cake. If you don't like a heavier christmas cake it might be worth trying this - it also tastes nice as an alcoholic fruit cake for any occasion - it isn't dark.

    It is worth finding the pineapple and green glace cherries and I use vodka for preference. You can get nice citrus vodkas that make this cake special.

    There is never any of this left over.

    Australian White Christmas Cake .


    350g (12oz) dried apricots

    200g glace pineapple

    200g glace cherries

    200g sultanas

    125g mixed chopped peel

    100g glace ginger

    45ml dry sherry (or vodka)

    250g unsalted butter

    250g caster sugar

    5 medium eggs, beaten

    300g self-raising flour

    40g desiccated coconut

    Finely grated zest of 1 lemon

    100g blanched almonds, chopped


    Roughly chop the apricots, pineapple and cherries. Place into a large bowl with the sultanas, mixed peel and ginger. Stir in the dry sherry/vodka. Cover the bowl and leave to soak overnight. Preheat the oven to 170C, 325F, Gas Mark 4. Grease and line a 23cm (9 inch) round deep cake tin. Place the butter in a large mixing bowl and beat until softened. Add the sugar and beat until the mixture turns pale and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs Fold the flour into the mixture

    Stir in the coconut, lemon zest and chopped almonds, then add the soaked fruits and stir well. Pour the mixture into the lined tin and spread evenly Make a slight hollow in the top of the cake with the back of a spoon to ensure the cake rises evenly. Place in the centre of the oven and bake for approx 30 mins, then lower the temperature to 150C, 300F, Gas Mark 2. Cover the top of the cake with loose foil and bake for a further 1 to 1 ¼ hours, or until the cake is firm to the touch. Cool in the tin for approx 1 hour, then turn out onto a cooling rack.

    Enjoy. 8o Next to Delia's Carrot Cake and Beetroot and dark choc, it is one of our faves.

    I know someone else with epilepsy. She went to university because she felt her diagnosis was holding her back in the job market and and a degree would help.

    Her assessor advised that with a university education someone with epilepsy could take up a position where they could complete simple instructions without supervision, say working in a kitchen.

    Hang on - she's doing/did biomedical science. Also one of my stepsons girlfriends is a chef - from talking to her anyone with a stress trigger should probably avoid this environment.

    I took a seizure at my assessment. The assessor wrote that it was a certain type and lasted for a certain time. My husband started to time the seizure when it began, he never saw the assessor check a watch - his timings are different.

    The seizure was described to my neurologist who gave her best diagnosis of the seizure. It didn't match the assessors.

    I know who I would go with if I had to choose between a consultant neuro or an atos assessor.

    Thing is the assessor stuck to her stupid guns. No matter what was written, by anyone senior to her, she put this in which sounded dumber and dumber as it went along.

    I won at appeal. However the tribunal had an error in one bit. The DWP had to send it back for correction in order to pay everything out.

    This was back in November. Just over a week ago I found out the request for the correction hadn't been made.

    I now know the correction has been made as I have been notified.

    I'm waiting to be notified that the monies will be issued as the Lords of Hell have been informed of the correction too...

    I guess they are clearing a backlog... well when they get back from their Christmas jollies....

    It is a war of attrition and you are given less information on how to proceed as you go on.

    Luckily, I'm good at all the admin stuff and I like forms, but what a monstrous process for many and it is made to be very very confrontational. I tried to elaborate on some answers and I was basically told to shut up, answer the question yes or no or the interview would be terminated.

    My condition and many others don't 'do' yes or no.

    This is why I think everyone should sign Paul's petition to have assessments on camera. Video record all PIP, ESA and DLA medical assessments

    I wonder if the harpie would have been as vehement on camera and I wonder if she would have stuck to her guns about the seizure - which could have been shown to a neuro.

    Mind you, it probably wouldn't have happened because I doubt that the assessor would have not bothered and got sniffy about our request to cover up the flashing router if she were on camera....

    I have known a couple of guys who were life models.

    One met the artist at a gym - I don't know if she was shopping for male 'form'.

    The other answered an add at uni.

    One of them turned up years later at his dentist only to recognise ah.....himself...on the wall in his younger days.

    When I was in my teens I modelled for the adult evening classes - very much fully dressed.

    I was 'paid' in art tuition and free food. I think some of the pictures may have gone a long way to the 'poor body image'.

    your own hound doesnt love you!!!;(If its hierarchy ,who then is top dog,the one who dares steal from" top dog" ,or the one who "lets "her by not biting her tail when things are discovered?Our hound does not steal ,he manipulates us with various tactics though.watching him run through his routine is very funny at times.As he had a cough and got a lot of extra attention recently,we have noticed it now occurs after all else has been tried to gain things he wants.^^

    I don't think Daisy does this because she in her way loves or does not me.

    She takes the items when I am asleep or out of the house. Daisy never steals my things from under my nose.

    Tell me Cricket, what sort of 'Top Dog' disciplines for something that by the time I find things in Daisy's stash, or realise they are missing and check her various hidey places - she has probably forgotten taking them and wouldn't understand why she was being punished.

    The little things of mine are all taken surreptitiously.

    For anything that she wants, well - she is a Labrador cross, she just sits in front of you and uses the death ray with those eyes.

    Sounds like doggy love, got to have your sniff near, to me.:) melting down the bracelet and flogging it is what i meant re offsetting the cost of a new adornment.You have clearly mixed with more eloquent,sophisticated and moral males than I have as it never even crossed your mind,whereas poor me would consider the hound last.^^

    Oh I know what you mean.

    If the man was my ex fiance, then I would be ringing around the 'We buy and sell Gold and Silver' as the bangle is pretty distinctive.

    Since I'm with Josh, yeah, we have our ups and downs but on something like this he has ransacked the house for me to help try and find it.

    I don't think it is a 'love' thing. I think it may have something to do with pack hierarchy.

    Hey at least she doesn't chew


    Not half as confused as we are...

    She is our dog and we have no idea why she does it.

    If it was a temporary thing and she hadn't been spade a phantom pregnancy had been suggested.

    Some items seem to be more 'valuable' than others. They are better hidden.

    At the moment I have a tinnitus noise app to help me sleep. Daisy really dislikes the noise.

    I have it on as low as possible so that she doesn't get disturbed and upset.

    I woke up once to the noise of her staring at the phone and growling at it. The thing is only meant tto play for an hour and go off. I don't know why it kept playing.

    My bangle was on the table next to the phone playing the app.

    Trying to stop it annoying her would give Daisy another reason.

    We will probably turn it up digging the veg plot.

    why is daisy the suspect?maybe husband buried it in the garden...or weighed it in to offset the cost of the new matching ring if silver or gold...platinum?Daisy has no motive for the vanishing but another being has already voiced antagonism toward gone bracelet.8)

    Ever since we got Daisy she has stolen small items of my clothing/that I have handled and either hid them in her basket or under the bed or buried the stuff outside.

    I've lost a lovely wooden ring my husband bought me when we met, found another wooden ring in bits, my pens, underwear....:D...small stuff. Stuff I handle, touch or wear.

    Daisy is strongly suspect.

    Also I was the one that picked the present, if it went missing originally how could that be done to offset the cost.

    Daisy simply has a general thing about small stuff that belongs to me - it isn't an antagonism. It's dog weirdness.

    Well I have beaten the Tesco barstewards and got my shopping delivered.

    My stepson is texting religio/philisophical jokes about Christmas and thanks for the presents.

    Also I have just bought my own present, because my husband had no idea what to get me and after he complained about a bracelet I have had for 10 years digging into him - he made me take it off. No idea why after all this time.

    However the bracelet has gone. It was only ever on the bedside cabinet. Daisy, me and husband in room. Not a clue. Daisy has taken rings, that have never been found again, or found destroyed and all sorts of small stuff of mine.

    A bangle is a bit larger but then my wrists are tiny.

    She has probably buried it in the garden to get back at me for usurping her as she tends to get kicked off the bed now.

    I hope I like the present I chose for me. I picked the matching ring, if I'd chosen the missing bangle my husband would have found out what I paid for it on our Orkney holiday

    Well I have all my shopping. I had to hack away at some of the ice on the freezer to get it in.

    Migraine/tinnitus got worse putting it away and to make matters worse I felt seriously bad sick etc. after the stress of the last two days.

    However husband is treating me with kid gloves and it winds me up too.

    Drinking Baileys and watching TV as my other half has taken advantage of the wine order.

    Wishing the rest of you stress free and happier holidays. :xwink:

    Fingers crossed I have my shopping.

    My bank released the earmarked funds for Tesco in the hope that Tesco could request the money with the authorisation code without issue this time.

    Tesco thought the transaction had failed due to lack of funds:wall:

    I've eventually got through to them and I got 'no slots' repeatedly.

    Even if my order could be placed.

    However...The manager of our local store is standing by to take payment between 5 -6. After that shopping gets delivered.

    Thanks to a lady called Milena, who I'm sure only did this black magic because she was amazed that I could pronounce her surname.

    Given that my husband was deprived due to the shopping fracas I did warn Milena to warn the store manager..... I didn't mention that he would e walking Daisy and we are running low on dog food.

    That should have come last night too....:eek:

    I've just explained it all to a lady who actually sounds like she has heard it all before.

    She tried to give me a delivery slot for tomorrow, I realised that all the Christmassy stuff I picked will be going from the order.

    Said I wanted the order today.

    I could have easily had it yesterday if tesco had considered the option that THEY were frigging wrong.

    Today and then I never go into their store again.

    Can I ask, this was definitely about this time, about a year back?

    I think the computer glitches increase exponentially with throughput.

    I mean Tesco isn't exactly run on the same software as NASA and the more throughput the more human error potential too...

    Yep, what agrieves me is at no point was there any possibility that I may actually be RIGHT. Even when I came back from my own bank as they asked me.

    We needed milk this morning after last nights fiasco.

    I MADE my husband get it from the corner shop. I know the bottles.

    I'm raging. If this fails to pan out we have not a fat lot of food in the house. My husband isn't very good at shopping.

    This wasn't just for Christmas it was to restock what with me coming back.

    I'm not sure I want this shopping now it might choke me....