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    I was told about this when I was put on this drug back when I was about 11.…revention-programme-68307

    They did know then. A lot of us in our 40s and 50s who are/were on the drug were also told back in the early 80s and before.

    It seems to be younger people who have been affected. I've heard a couple of theories. One blames the medical profession and the other is just as valid but isnt voiced publicly.

    Everyone I know on the drug either got of it to have kids, switched to have kids, adopted or remained childless - that is from my age group.

    I remember being told, it was gory. The minute I had a serious boyfriend I was put on the pill.

    Everytime they have tried to take me off Epilim, there has been some freaking hassle. I couldn't put a child through the potential risks from the drug or the seizures and everytime I've tried to switch lo lamotrigine or keppra - the current safer options everything has gone tits up.

    I like kids. I spent decades working with them. I have 2 stepsons and 2 little grandkids. I can roll with it.

    anyone gives me stick about not being a mother, I just tell them about the teratogenicity of my drug.

    Usually shuts them up.

    It's dyscalculia.

    Constant Gardener could be useless at numbers without having dyscalculia, just as someone said they can't do long division. It may be some particular aspect or aspects of numeracy that CG finds suck. Dyscalculia has more to do with a persons basic number sense and you can have degrees/traits of it. It isn't black and white.

    I'm guessing your post wouldn't be quite so pc if you had written 'Yeah people with dyslexia, if they were stuck on an island and had to write 'HELP!' in the sand for the rescue party they would soon sharpen up I'll tell ya :whistle:

    My husband has dyslexia. I'm the one who went to extra maths classes all through uni to cope and still struggles. I can do maths for scientific equations, pharmacokinetics and logic - I'm shit at arithmetic. Though I can do times tables which the tester thought odd.

    Like Paul, I'm crap at ball games, I have mild dyspraxia which is a comorbidity of dyscalculia. I have terrible hand to eye co-ordination. When I was doing a gym instructors course we had to bounce a ball, 50 press ups if we dropped it. I just did continuous press ups. It was less embarassing.

    I can't legally drive - medically exempt and all that jazz. Or scuba dive - that sucks.

    No chance of that, because that would require being 'culturally offended on behalf of' anyone who can have genetically straight and fair hair, or just fair hair and lets face it that covers a range of colours from mouse to platinum.

    Not really an ethnicity or a minority. More a majority with a right to peroxide...


    I know where you are coming from I did my pool plant qualification with an instructor who had a good line in contamination stories.

    Then the pool I was teaching at was suspected in a leigonella scare.

    God don't.

    My husband went to India to do his Red Hat certification.

    He was told not to eat local food.

    He did. He was actually fine.

    He crammed and got room service before the test.

    He can't remember what he ate, just the vomiting and diarrhoea.

    He was so ill he was throwing up during his exam.

    He passed but he looked bloody awful and thin when he got home.

    I just like the video. The anatomy may be spot on if you are a unicorn...

    Dehydration from drugs or just not drinking enough water doesn't help if you have constipation.

    This has me in kinks.


    Listen, i'm finding this whole conversation very boring.

    I don't take pharmaceutical drugs and i have no intention of ever taking them.

    End of story. Toodlepip.

    Yep, the fact that you seem to have a set of strongly held values that you reiterate whilst damning those perceived as less honourable is boring.

    The fact that you cannot substantiate them when put into a hypothetical situation that challenges your beliefs is frankly mind boggling.

    As I said If you object to epilepsy I could give you other examples of medical conditions; however, you have dismissed this as 'boring', which is the normal response of someone who lacks the wit to validate their beliefs.

    I hope the continued rigours of life life allow your principles not to be challenged.

    Don't you worry about my limited imagination. I'm happy with it.

    No, i don't want your medical condition or to hear about anymore. Thanks for offering though.

    Pardon me for picking the chronic medical condition that springs to mind most readily.

    I note that when things got stickier you dodged the issue of whether you would take the drugs, which was the side issue we had been derailed onto, you simply made me out to be a bore regarding my own condition.

    No you don't want to have it or anything else where you were between a rock and well....pharmacology for options.

    I don't care about your imagination. There doesn't appear to be much of it to care about.

    You can't even come up with an answer to a question relevant to an issue which you appear to hold strong enough views on, respecting our fellow creatures.

    In fact you will readily condemn anyone based on supposition rather than making an effort to seek out evidence - I'm going by your own words.


    You're right, i don't have any 'statistics' on the comment i made, but i'm probably more right than wrong!

    I have no reason or want, to come up with any scientific paper.

    So far from your ability to dodge questions and make suppositions based on no evidence I'd say you should probably go into politics.

    You went through the menopause unmediated - Brava!

    Cancer?! what a limited imagination you have.

    Say for example you woke with idiopathic primary generalised epilepsy.

    The seizures that you take aren't frequent enough, they are generalised and idiopathic therefore surgery isn't an option.

    However, if they are uncontrolled the seizures and the sub-clinical discharges will affect your memory, attention, and cognition.

    Oh yeah and there is SUDEP.

    Would you like meds.....?

    And before you try and vegan keto your way out of this....

    Most people who are on diets or who have had surgery are still on meds to a degree but to far less a degree.

    Happy to find another medical condition if you don't want mine. I know lots.

    You commented on the paper in a critical fashion but gave no basis for your criticism e.g. another scientific paper, therefore your criticism of the age of my paper is unfounded.

    That's what happens.

    You have no stats you say, but you are ready to condemn other animal lovers in that video who have no doubt made some sort of personal sacrifice for their pets welfare as Fitzgerald's aren't a first stops for medical care but somewhere you are referred to.

    I'm with Professor Fitzpatrick. I don't care what those people eat, I don't care what you eat. You can't back up half of what you say.

    These developments are benefiting animals and will one day benefit us.

    You seem so sure of so much, but what you present as a basis for your certainty seems quite flimsy.

    Incidently, I know someone who refused treatment for cancer. I'm selfish enough to wish they had taken the drugs because I don't think anything could have been worse than what the fucking cancer did to Dad.

    I was given the generic of one of my meds once. The result got my script branded that day. (came round in front of a very worried GP, that is how I know)

    Whilst overcharging is a disgrace, they often do it - like Pfizer did if you recall - because they can.

    For most people the best form of treatment with a drug is a consistent supply. Although the active ingredients in generic and branded drugs are the same, the excipients will differ; this can cause differences in side effect severity and type as well as affecting the efficacy of the drug.

    When Pfizer and Flynn Pharma ripped off the NHS over Phenytoin they knew it was because the people on this drug can't be safely switched between generics and branded meds an it is a category 1 drug.


    A similar question to one that was put to Paul by ..I think it was AW....

    If the crunch came to it and you were in need of medical intervention from drugs, operative procedures - none of which we have without animal testing; would you point blank refuse?

    If you think Prof. Fitzpatrick's 'heart is in the right place', but 'all i could think about was how many of those people who love their dog, would go home and eat the flesh of another animal!' - a statistic that you do not know in truth.

    I apologise for raking out a scientific paper that was 'quite old'X/

    ... to be honest - come up with a more recent one on the same subject rather that be critical.

    Or possibly point out where the data had been surpassed by more recent work...

    ......or do you just assume that anything that isn't bang up to date has been surpassed.


    I hope this is more recent it is a piece written about a book by a bioethicist regarding our pet keeping habits. Maybe we should think a bit more about whether they are happy it seems.[]c2[p]ciqv5b2lx000e1ay6x85fwfnu[i]SlYUoq[z]m[d]D[r]

    And yeah, I like Noel Fitzpatrick's ethos. Making the comment regarding the video about lifestyle choices that people make is petty when holistically the trust is working towards something that is of mutual benefit.

    Rock on! You Prof. Fitzpatrick you did write a scientific paper about love.

    Pavlov was a nasty bastard. That's all the words i'll waste on him.

    Anyone with sense and compassion, and who has/had a 4 legged companion, knows that they are capable of the same feelings as a 2 legged animal; they just show it in a more natural way.

    All animals are different, with different personalities; but most are better than those who walk on 2 legs!

    Thank you for the quote. I'm aware of Ivan Pavlov. I'm also aware of the fact that Pavlov didn't win the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1904 for classical conditioning, which he discovered by accident.

    But why would any dog 'love' Pavlov - what I mean't was the thread title was a bit weird to start with? Or are we simply a comparison, such as Harlow's woolly 'mothers' versus the wire 'mothers'.....

    In response to your comment about him being a 'nasty bastard'; through the ages from 1904, this would mean that quite a few scientists will have been relegated to the 'nasty bastard' category...including Harlow.

    I suspect Pavlov is so often 'got wrong' - psychology books with cute pics of dogs, bells and food bowls. It can come as a shock when you realise it wasn't like that.

    I actually agree with Prof. Noel Fitzgerald that if you are going to test a drug on an animal test on a sick animal rather than generate disease in a healthy animal. The pharmaceutical industry needs to liaise with the veterinary industry, hell they already make their drugs!

    He made a comment that if you had a pet that was sick and you were offered a trial drug as a chance, what would you do?

    When Bill had cancer both my husband and I agree we would have tried the drug, he was only ten, he might still be here.

    This is worth a watch - I appreciate the man tends to be like Marmite. I love the stuff...and could make dubious suggestions.


    boring scientific paper....

    or ...


    Some of the spaces are amazing... the ice castle was not one of them...:shock:


    I like 'Shed and Buried'.

    The dumbest woman I ever met couldn't understand why her husband - who was the advance house buying party - picked the house purely based on the fact he could get under over and around his beloved landie in the massive garage.

    I truly get it. In my book whatever he missed he can build in the garage.:evil:

    I just wondered if anyone else had unusual medical conditions

    At the risk of having the whole forum think I'm falling apart....

    As well as my epilepsy, pretty much my whole life I would say I have had another medical condition. The prevalence is meant to be something like 0.3 to 6% of the population with varying degrees of severity. Some people never get diagnosed, it makes some peoples life hell.

    Mines kicked off when I started distance running. At school I used to walk on cross country runs. If I had to run, I do remember something like it. 'I can't run because my ears keep popping Miss' doesn't go down well.

    My last epilepsy drug may have exacerbated the condition and it may be why I'm getting the tinnitus at the moment as the drug had dehydrating effects and Patulous Eustachian tube syndrome does not like dehydration!

    Currently drinking loads....of water. Neurologist, last ENT and GP all neglected to consider this and all of them were told.

    Just wondering if anyone else has any unusual medical conditions. It took me 10 years to get a diagnosis and I did get the 'don't you think you could be imagining it?'

    It makes a more unusual reason for quitting running than shin splints.

    Not currently residing there...

    Or I wouldn't be waiting 5 months for a neurology referral, 3 months to see an ENT consultant and be picking my GP based on how easy they were on the eye because the one who wanted to see me for continuity just 'forgot' about a condition I'd been coming to his surgery with for 10 yrs and thought I diagnosed it on the internet.


    Well, if you had only said that that was the REAL inner you....…mpaignid=974966814&crdt=0

    If you go to the tip in grimsby in a van you get interrogated by the hitler on the gate, have to fill in a form with your name and address and cant dump half the stuff you took. Grimsby is consequently a shithole.

    If you go to the tip in louth, not only can you pretty much dump anything, the people there actually help you unload your van and speal to you! Louth consequently isnt a shithole.

    I complained about the forms relating to vans as we don't have a car, my husband is dyslexic and I'm not on hand to fill in each form.

    Pretty much... 'Yeah, so?'

    An online version of the cursed thing that you could fill in and print off would be helpful in some cases.

    But I filled one in over Christmas - guy on the gate never looked at it....

    What the heck is the point??!!