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    I would love to be able to dive.

    Not just, the various types of dive that come with the teaching package, from the poolside, diving from a high board or spring board.

    So few pools have a diving pit or someone trained to the right level now in Scotland.

    I learned to swim age 3 in a local outdoor pool. Wouldn't go in the 'deep' indoor pool so Dad chucked me in. I could swim a mile by the time I was 7.

    Mum's two brags about me, that and I have stayed married 🙄

    Did the competitive stuff with the local club, I was good at distance rather than speed.

    Local pool/club couldn't get rid of me so they employed me and put me through my Level 2 teachers.

    I added to them over the years.

    Did synchro coaching, adult & child, aquafit, pool plant, swimming coaches to level 2( different from the teaching qual) and joined the water polo team at uni.

    Taught for myself for over 10 years in 9 different pools and worked for 3 different councils.

    Yeah, I swim.

    My house!!!! 8o

    Today was bloody hairy.

    I have delt with human seizures far better.

    I phoned my husband and panicked at him whilst trying to video with the mobile, he thinks it is bollocks.

    then I just sobbed down the phon at the vet and Daisy bloody blinked, then she moved and ran and hid.

    She is sleeping after being hauled to the vets and having fur shaved of her neck and blood taken.

    Daisy had a seizure, it wasn't the first but it was the longest.

    She has had absences, I was pretty sure before but not many, then she had one tonic seizure and I was the only witness. There were mutterings from husband parties about hysterical owners. She takes them in her sleep and she looks frozen but her eyes are wide and her jaws her clenched. Worryingly because it seems to be a tonic seizure it affects her breathing.

    Waiting on the results of a blood test that was extracted from one very very unhappy dog just now.

    Vet says I have to keep a diary; as they aren't frequent no meds.

    vet mentioned that this may be the reason she became a rescue dog, she had seen it happen before. Dog has infrequent seizures and is put up for rescue as owners don't want the hassle/cost. New owners only find out when dog seizes.

    Going to make black bean burgers.. we need cheering up here.

    There seem to be rather a lot of posts that contain 'in my opinion...', 'as far as I'm concerned...' regarding the properties of cannabis - absorption, dosage related side effects etc.

    I see Paul has introduced a new icon on the far right, as far as I'm concerned it fits the bill.

    Happy to provide the research.

    I agree with Marshy,open invite, turn up if you want,no rsvp required then you wont slight anyone for not inviting any of them and if they dont arrive well that's not your problem.

    Alternatively go on a short cruise, :) the ship will usually arrange an impromptu birthday party.They did for the mother of a friend of mine who's birthday occurred while they were away and cost nothing extra and there was no family agro over not being invited.

    Ah, I have a cruise issue.

    My mother took me on a cruise once.

    There was an age limit on the main swimming pool, so I was stuck in a toddler pool with my 2 mile badge while my mother sunbathed.

    I got lobster like sunburn.

    Post Traumatic (cruise)Ship Disorder ..... me..

    If I had the money I would send them all tickets and room bookings for the same hotel in Amsterdam.

    No explanation.

    The buggers would show up then and no-one would check to see if anyone else was coming.

    But short of winning the lottery, your way looks like a good one Marshlander.

    in my neck of the woods ,we call weekend drivers ,sunday drivers ,worse at the weekends ? maybee ,i think allot of poor mortorway driving is down to people in a hurry ,rush ,rush ,rush ,as for drugs slowing down you reaction time , the same could be said for ageing drivers , so weather you are 20 yrs old ,or 60 yrs old .everybody must have quicker or slower reaction times than others .but the law cannot really discriminate against older drivers for having the reaction time on par with a tortoise,then you have the driving whilst using a mobile phone issue ,which is banned ,but i ask the question ,is using a mobile whilst driving ,any worse than changing the radio station ,or changing a cd ? ,soo are driverless cars the future ? to make the roads a safer place for motorists

    If you are teaching/coaching someone in a sporting skill you give them a secondary task to do to see if they really 'own' the skill.

    Andy Murray can probably ace serves to the baseline 9 times out of 10 whilst singing 'flower of scotland' for example.

    Driving is a complex motor skill. Swimming is a complex motor skill.

    If you will excuse me here I will revert to swimming for my examples as I'm too much of a control freak to drive. I also know I stand to loose my licence on medical grounds someday, what is the point if all it amounts to is pulling over when the aura starts, to call my husband and sit watching freaking tinsel until he gets there.... but I digress.

    When teaching swimming, I'd get kids to sing. If they could do a specific kick and sing (their choice), my work was done on that part of the stroke. Plus they liked it and it was a good way of assessing fitness.

    This being established, that a secondary task effects the primary task, depending on the level of complexity of both tasks, the level of competency the individual has at both tasks, any stress inposed on the individual by the performance of either or both tasks, how cognitively invested the individual has to be in either or both tasks.....

    Gender and age are really interesting - feel free to look up the research on driving yourself.

    I left psychology for pharmacology... thats what I'm interested in....adding some form of intoxicant into the mix, well....your just waiting for everything to go BANG, or is that CRASH.

    Changing the radio or a CD is a relatively simple motor skill, unless you start to go into choosing CDs. Better to get the passenger to do it. You did miss a good one though, having a conversation with a passenger, especially an argument. Conversation appears to affect driving skill regardless of whether it is in person or remote, with the effect increasing with the complexity of the conversation.…abs/pii/S1369847805000471

    My husband covers the Highlands mainly, please identify a motorway up here. Bad driving is bad driving it doesnt matter what type of road it is on. Bad driving isn't caused by the type of roads it is caused by bad drivers.

    Incidentally, my husband is 60 this year, in your opinion will his reaction times automacically slow to that of a tortoise? Age is just a number? Yeah well it is a set of numbers that a lot of people seem to have stereotypical pictures and ideas about.

    Driverless cars -…science-technology-tapper…03-11e8-aaca-4574d7dabfb6

    Yeah, there is a comment regarding driverless cars, hacking and terrorism - makes you think.

    All I know is my husband's current mercedes van has many 'features', it does stuff for him. As a driver he detests these.

    In his mind it makes for less skilled drivers, who rely on their cars to 'drive'. One example was a lady in a supermarket car park who asked my husand to park the car for her as it was her mothers and had no parking guide.

    Husband drives huge distances as part of his work as an engineer.

    He's driven in a variety of jobs over the years. He has his advanced drivers and various other weirdy licences that he had to do with the police when he was driving for a chemical company and counldn't crash and had to radio for escorts through built up areas.

    He says that the standard of driving deteriorates dramatically at the weekend. His job depends on a clean licence. So often he comes in from working the weekend especially and says, 'Well, only one person tried to kill me today', or plays me a video of what some idiot did on the road.

    You could argue that my drugs slow down my reaction times very slightly, yet I can drive if I have one clear year, the argument being that I live in a steady state of the dosage and have adapted to being 'drugged up' over the years.

    My drugs are also not psychoactive, they don't have an effect on my decision making process.

    I can never blame bad dating decisions in my past on anticonvulsants.

    Cannabis and alcohol affect your decision making and your reaction times. If you deny that and you drive under the influence of either - driving being the single most dangerous thing that most of us participate in every day, actively or passively as a passenger - you are on a timeline to a death, either yours or someone elses.

    The question is simply when.…abs/pii/S0001457509000918…1080/09595230412331289482

    I'm not getting into the legalisation debate again, all drugs do harm, no one has invented the perfect drug - they all have side effects. If you think they don't you are dellusional.

    I'm not a party person.

    I really wish I was.

    We got married because Josh wanted to but did it on the cheap, with the minimum number of people there to make it legal.

    Josh wants a party for his 60th, no idea what to do. Half the freaking family don't talk to each other.

    Pre maggie the social housing system seemed fairly adequate.

    When I was a kid it was council housing.

    When the hell did it become social housing?

    Appears to just be words

    First time I ever heard someone use that term in conversation was in an art group; she was moaning about the 'noisy children in the social housing and their plastic toys.'

    I never went back. I can still remember being a noisy kid.

    Stepson tried the software and notebooks with coloured pages. He never mentioned the overlays.

    Husband mainly used avoidance and then found I would happily fill out paperwork if he did day to day numeracy related crap for me.

    We make a good team.

    Ah no I have no problem with figures and numbers or dyslexia, but all I am saying is I have witnessed folk who say they have and have dyslexia and when it comes to counting money and selling stuff involving scales and reading road signs, these things mysteriously fade away.

    I intended it that way round, not that you had the developmental disability relating to numeracy.

    Regards the 'mysteriously fade away'. It's called developing coping mechanisms.

    Actually, from your description of what you seem to think is covered by dyslexia, it may not be any wonder that these folks can do this.

    Happy birthday ? wow 20! You look amazing for your age! ?

    Thank you Lightbringer! You fairly live up to your username.

    between your comment, my poxy neuros letter and the week I got where my tinnitus was really good around my birthday (its gone back to shite now), being 20....has good points.

    Ah there we go then, learn something everyday, so I must have seen people with Dyscalculia soon sharpen up when it comes to money and selling party goodies.

    I gather this is something that happened to you personally and not some issue you have with all of us with dyscalculia. You do realise that there are a fair amount of people who say they have dyscalculia are lacking in numerical skills or have maths anxiety?

    i've been tested. :insane: I hope you didn't get financially stung.

    About why i dont bother with birthdays DM,plus so many have passed by ive lost the sense of excitement (if thats what youre supposed to feel.)

    Last birthday i celebrated was my 21st,the following year i didnt get to due to the run up to the Falklands.

    Ive not celebrated any since though i get the ritualised assault of cards and stuff,despite instructions and protests to the contrary on the basis of waste and commercial profiteering.

    Like Christmas they tend to invoke more family stress than theyre intended to.

    Who needs it/them.

    Precisely, my parents had a newsagents. We sold commercialism under the guise of valentines cards, easter, christmas, birthdays etc....

    Put me right off.

    This year it was just that wow factor, my husband never does anything lavish for my birthday.

    This is much the same season that my husband and I don't cycle together either. He is a far better cyclist than I am. I get nervous on the roads, I'm not a driver and I'd far rather cycle for pleasure. I'd never dare touch one of his bikes no matter how much I get hacked off.

    Once my stepson went out with my husband and pushed him to do a 3 day trip in one day. he never moaned about me again.