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    So if you are only wearing a mask to protect other people, what are you going to do if the government bring out a law which states that everyone must wear a mask anytime they go outside their homes, even in the great outdoors, when walking alone, working alone, or whatever?

    When there is no logical reason for wearing a mask, are you still going to wear one?

    Its the only way to get the message across to some people unfortunately

    stupid, very arrogant, woman on TV this morning saying that forcing people to wear a mask is an invasion of our human rights.

    And getting infected by some idiot who won't wear a mask isn't???

    Its relatively easy but nothing like as easy as it used to be

    Back in the 1970s you could open a bank account or get a driving licence in any name just by filling out a form (virtually, there were still checks) but everything now is on multiple data bases and all the data bases talk to each other

    Back in the 50s in East London families used to register fake births to claim the new family allowance when it first came in.

    I once knew a dyslexic devil worshipper who sold his soul to santa....😉

    Devil worshippers have by far the best meetings I am told

    Maybe we could affililiate?

    take part but keep your fingers crossed?

    There is no religious justification for Christmas at all being in December, it was as others have said overlaid onto the solstice but the tradition never died.

    Evergreen christmas trees? Holly? all pagan symbols of rebirth

    let’s hope they try to cancel Christmas :)

    Its looking increasingly likely. Great news for me the excesses of Christmas make me uncomfortable anyway. However, for many businesses it will be a disaster

    Just to give it a bump, there's an interesting little article here on the Black Vegan scene over in the States....

    Only ever known one Black Vegan over here, and that was years back. He used to work in a local meat processing and pie factory for awhile, and what he experienced there turned him vegan by the time he left....:vomit:

    I knew somebody who had a similar experience working in the Walls pie factory when it was in West London years ago

    Its more about the fear of senseless violence in cities. I know someone who ended up sleeping rough in South London. He got beaten up several times for no apparant motive by groups of young men for their own entertainment. Plus he knew a lot of people who

    faced violence every night,

    Thats why you see people sleeping out during the day in London, they are too frightened to sleep at night on their own.

    I got bitten by bugs nine days ago, they didnt go away, they got worserer... I'm now on strong antibiotics for Lyme disease, o the joy...

    Anyone else had this/ got this ?

    I didnt know much about this tick thing, and thought, it will go away, forever... I read up a bit, nope..not having it, I dont live in dare they be in West Yorks..

    Its very very very good you got a quick diagnosis

    It can be shit if left. Big Hug, stay safe

    Having lived / worked in the USA for a number of years I can tell you our police are not that bad.

    We may be critical but inept or overstretched is nothing compared to what happens in USA they are animals answerable to nobody because there no police complaints mechanisms in USA.

    Unless you can afford lawyers

    My advice in towns is don't stay anywhere more than one night, that way you never get noticed. My favourite stealth parkup would be an ordinary suburban street. Slip into a space among a row of parked cars about 9.30pm and be gone by 7am.

    99% of the residents of the road wont even know you have been there. Then go somewhere else and spend your day.

    Next night, same procedure different street, its when you are asleep that you are vunerable

    I can certainly see the "They are all out to get us" aspect showing up from time to time

    The nazis were into the occult and mysticism but I wouldn't call them hippies.

    it was more about controlling the minds of their own members

    New wheelchair...please!

    Yeah a bog standard, no frills, not even puncture proof tyres - cos if you're miles from home and alone lol - £2,500! I'd love one that rises so I could pick my own apples from my little tree!

    We asked on Nextdoor if anyone had a wheelchair for my MIL and a lady phoned up and said there is one here, if you take it away you can have it. We don't think it had ever been used. The lady's mother was waiting to come home from hospital but died before the work on the house was finished.

    No guarantees of course but its always worth an ask, you never know

    That doesnt mean across country past several (dozens) of nearer MOT stations and it still needs to be insured.Technically with no MOT or tax its not insured unless your insurance has specifically agreed to provide third party only cover.Good luck with that with a newly qualified driver and claiming for any accident or loss.

    And as the link says you can still be prosecuted for driving with serious faults.

    Back of a transporter is cheaper than a shed load of fines and fluffing your license out with lots of points.

    There is no obligation to go to the nearest MOT test station, as long as you are driving to a pre-booked appointment, and you can prove it, you are legal even if its 200 miles away.

    HOWEVER you are going to have the strength of character and the right sort of temperament to be able to argue that with a highly opinionated motorway traffic cop on a mission. I found the line "OK officer you are going to have to show me in writing where it says that because when I checked that with the AA legal dept before we left they said it was legal" usually worked.

    You are right though, its not worth it, back of a transporter every time

    I agree with almost everything you say except for the bit about the politicians. I believe that Blair and Brown were easily flattered and seduced by better and more manipulative players on the other side.

    Blair certainly was suckered by the adoration heaped on him by the Bush administration in the run up to GW2. He rolled over and took it up the a*** and they were laughing at him behind their hands. How many of our boys died as a result?

    I'm a Lidl and Aldi man. Very happy to shop there. Shopping for my mother and me I easily save £20-30 a week or more! and a lot of their products are better quality than Tesco, Sainsburys etc.

    Their meat is brilliant but don't eat hardly any meat ever, maybe chicken occasionally. Fish is top notch.

    The EU was working reasonably well until 2004 when ten countries were allowed to join. None of them even remotely met the conditions required for joining.

    Countries like Czech Rep, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Slovinia, Slovakia, Malta and Cyprus.

    They were mostly former Communist Block states from behind the old iron curtain with no money, no industries, no economy worth speaking about and in many cases very dodgy governments. They were bizarrely given full membership and voting rights from day one.

    Nobody has ever explained why they were allowed to join. I cannot make that point too strongly, there was no reason on earth for letting them join.

    Conspiracy theorist will point out that the land mass of the EU now almost exactly mirrors the landmass occupied by the Nazis in WW2. Virtually all the countries that joined in 2004 with the exception of Malta were occupied by the Hitler or his allies.

    Conspiracy? or spooky co-incidence? you tell me...…………..

    From that day on the playing field was not level, you cannot trade with trading partners who have no money. But they can draw down EU subsidies and vote against us.

    Brexit became inevitable from that time, the EU became dysfunctional and tried to hide the cracks that were appearing by becoming more and more heavy handed. Their treatment of Greece, Italy and to a lesser extent Spain financially was appalling. Were we to fall into difficulties how would we fare?

    This is the key point that never gets asked is why? It needs to come into the public debate because it is so significant, so pivotal to the debate and the future of the EU with or without us

    Has the EU been hijacked by strange and sinister forces or ideologies we thought were dead?

    On a slightly silly level, how can the naked rambler be put in jail for doing something that's totally legal on Brighton Beach?