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    New wheelchair...please!

    Yeah a bog standard, no frills, not even puncture proof tyres - cos if you're miles from home and alone lol - £2,500! I'd love one that rises so I could pick my own apples from my little tree!

    We asked on Nextdoor if anyone had a wheelchair for my MIL and a lady phoned up and said there is one here, if you take it away you can have it. We don't think it had ever been used. The lady's mother was waiting to come home from hospital but died before the work on the house was finished.

    No guarantees of course but its always worth an ask, you never know

    That doesnt mean across country past several (dozens) of nearer MOT stations and it still needs to be insured.Technically with no MOT or tax its not insured unless your insurance has specifically agreed to provide third party only cover.Good luck with that with a newly qualified driver and claiming for any accident or loss.

    And as the link says you can still be prosecuted for driving with serious faults.

    Back of a transporter is cheaper than a shed load of fines and fluffing your license out with lots of points.

    There is no obligation to go to the nearest MOT test station, as long as you are driving to a pre-booked appointment, and you can prove it, you are legal even if its 200 miles away.

    HOWEVER you are going to have the strength of character and the right sort of temperament to be able to argue that with a highly opinionated motorway traffic cop on a mission. I found the line "OK officer you are going to have to show me in writing where it says that because when I checked that with the AA legal dept before we left they said it was legal" usually worked.

    You are right though, its not worth it, back of a transporter every time

    I agree with almost everything you say except for the bit about the politicians. I believe that Blair and Brown were easily flattered and seduced by better and more manipulative players on the other side.

    Blair certainly was suckered by the adoration heaped on him by the Bush administration in the run up to GW2. He rolled over and took it up the a*** and they were laughing at him behind their hands. How many of our boys died as a result?

    I'm a Lidl and Aldi man. Very happy to shop there. Shopping for my mother and me I easily save £20-30 a week or more! and a lot of their products are better quality than Tesco, Sainsburys etc.

    Their meat is brilliant but don't eat hardly any meat ever, maybe chicken occasionally. Fish is top notch.

    The EU was working reasonably well until 2004 when ten countries were allowed to join. None of them even remotely met the conditions required for joining.

    Countries like Czech Rep, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Slovinia, Slovakia, Malta and Cyprus.

    They were mostly former Communist Block states from behind the old iron curtain with no money, no industries, no economy worth speaking about and in many cases very dodgy governments. They were bizarrely given full membership and voting rights from day one.

    Nobody has ever explained why they were allowed to join. I cannot make that point too strongly, there was no reason on earth for letting them join.

    Conspiracy theorist will point out that the land mass of the EU now almost exactly mirrors the landmass occupied by the Nazis in WW2. Virtually all the countries that joined in 2004 with the exception of Malta were occupied by the Hitler or his allies.

    Conspiracy? or spooky co-incidence? you tell me...…………..

    From that day on the playing field was not level, you cannot trade with trading partners who have no money. But they can draw down EU subsidies and vote against us.

    Brexit became inevitable from that time, the EU became dysfunctional and tried to hide the cracks that were appearing by becoming more and more heavy handed. Their treatment of Greece, Italy and to a lesser extent Spain financially was appalling. Were we to fall into difficulties how would we fare?

    This is the key point that never gets asked is why? It needs to come into the public debate because it is so significant, so pivotal to the debate and the future of the EU with or without us

    Has the EU been hijacked by strange and sinister forces or ideologies we thought were dead?

    On a slightly silly level, how can the naked rambler be put in jail for doing something that's totally legal on Brighton Beach?

    I am 64 and single. Most of the women of my age that I meet have a very clear vision of what they want. Many for the first time are in control of their lives and they are loving it. Good luck to them, its taken them a long time to get to where they want to be.

    Women can be what ever they aspire to be these days, wish and it will come true

    They do have a habit of scaring the shit out of you. My OH was told she had cancer over the phone while she was at work, by a doctors receptionist. Its gods truth, I wouldn't make that sort of crap up.

    "Oh hello, yes we have the results back and yes its cancer, can you come in and see the doctor Tuesday"

    Disgraceful but probably no worse than "I can't tell you"

    Everybody's head goes off into outer space, no easy way

    The same people, collectively. The same ideals, the same ambitions for a Federal Europe under German rule. But operating in the more undercover economic realm now, instead of the military one, in which they failed twice.

    It must be admitted, that since the EU started, they have done very well for themselves.

    Somebody described the EU as being like a game of monopoly, all the players start supposedly equal but as one player pulls forward of the others the game is effectively over because that's the way the game works. They build them self a monopoly and take over everything while the other players go under. Its inevitable

    It wasn't a "parkup" it was a squatter camp on wheels to be really accurate. The people who were there and the reasons they were there had nothing to do with lifestyle choices or preferences.

    Its not something that is going to go away because

    1) Private landlords have raised the bar considerably with regard to credit checks etc. If you have any bad history at all you might as well not bother

    2) If you get evicted for non payment of rent the councils are now saying you have made yourself intentionally homeless and they have no obligation to rehouse you. So catch 22 for a lot of people.

    All the vehicles on this road have been evicted and apparently there's signs up saying that camper vans are only allowed to park there for a maximum of 2 hours in every 24. If they can do this here what's stopping them doing it everywhere..…ouncil-orders-van-1638502

    I think the key statement in the report was that "most" of the van dwellers (allegedly) said it was not a lifestyle choice and the camp was the result of a housing shortage in Bristol

    Yes, this is what I hear from my in-laws over on your side of the Atlantic. (I'm a New Yorker but my man is from England). I think the Republican Party over here in the States is becoming a lot like UKIP, as far as the delusions and corruption, and it's disturbing.

    The EU is very dictatorial and wants always to impose its will over the masses, to the average Britt this is never going to set well .

    Not harking back but we fought wars to keep our independence. we are not going to just roll over and take it all up the **** now.

    They can go and whistle for it

    Lots of people on the cut these days trying to confront/ challenge the rules. What they don't realise is the rules keep the canal moving for genuine folk.

    Coming across aggressive mooring blockers and getting told to f**k off we are here and we are staying doesn't do anybody's karma a whole lot of good.

    I see the EU as rather like FIFA, bear with me for a moment before you say WTF? Do you remember the FIFA Scandal where it turned out that a select few were garnering huge fortunes and fought extremely hard to preserve their ivory castle? I find myself if the EU is a similar set up, a few hugely wealthy guys creaming off vast fortunes and giving precious little in return. They would fight hard to keep that grandiose scam going. Might be better if all the nations just stay "stuff it" and walk away. There can still be movement of people and trade without all their poxy agreements and made up terms and conditions. Folks have traded since, well, since folks started being around. No reason for that to stop.

    The divisions nasty politicians (in both the remain and brexit camps) have caused in the UK over the Brexit squabble are unforgivable.

    I'm just waiting for it to emerge that one of the "elite" at the top (replace e.l. with s.h. as appropriate) has got a parrot living in a flat all of its own at our expense.

    Brilliant post! and bang on the money.

    The European Central Bank is no more than the German Bundesbank with its name changed. Literally, they changed the name that's all when the EURO was introduced to administer the new Currency.

    Since the it has assumed powers it was never granted in its original conception. Typical EU style it has just taken over without waiting to be asked.

    You would have to be incredibly nieve, beyond nieve, not to see that it still operates solely and only in the interests of Germany and not the EU as a whole.

    You couldn't make it up!

    I don't believe the EU has ever been our friend, or any other member state's friend for that matter. Its treatment of Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal has been appalling, People talk about the European community. I don't get any sense of community what so ever. There is an Orwellian feel about the EU to me.

    I don't think they are our enemy - yet!

    But "Drunker than Juncker" is going to be, without a doubt. He's going to do everything in his power to screw up Brexit

    Bernie, would you mind sharing your sites?

    I basically did in my first post, all the sites I have tried are on there. YouGov is steady. Only the ones that pay cash online. no product testing or vouchers. You have to be careful these days because they do have checking software. lf you just rip through ticking any old box like in the old days it shows up and you quietly get dropped or at least sidelined. If however you do it seriously and become a trusted member you get a lot more work and its better paid

    It depends a lot on your profile, A divorced man in his 60s is not going to get as much work as a working mum with kids.