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    Some great advice to keep me going. I've just purchased the engine manual, so it should provide capacities, torque settings etc. Then I'll drop the oil and diesel, fresh filters and turn the crank if I can. Batteries better be charged too!

    As Twister has already noted, UK Hippy has a thriving (to my eyes at least) nomadic section with a strong bias - come - overlap with self - builds. This is the aspect of the forum that attracted me most, closely followed by the sustainability threads on solar energy etc. Everything else is pretty cool, and discussion seems lively enough, it's just that's what interests me the most at this time.

    I've never really classed myself as a Hippy, but I guess this forum as well as the tribal forum has helped me unlock this aspect and bring it more into focus. Without the wonderful folks on both forums, I probably wouldn't be on my current path.

    For the record, I invariably access forums via tapatalk, so I'm eternally grateful that you are tapatalk compatible. I find it easier and 'cleaner' to view threads without lengthy signatures and large avatars, that's not to say I don't like them (some are brilliant), I just like a clear thread.

    Keep up the good work! And thanks:)

    Thanks for the info Popuptoaster, do you know where I can source a manual and parts? Are there any recommended suppliers for Bedford spares and consumables such as filters etc?

    By a quirk of fate, I've managed to get my hands on a non-runner old (ex-Leicestershire) library van. I've included a few photos of what kind of cosmetic condition it's in, but mechanically there's not a lot of information or pics I can provide other than a quick snap of the engine bay :/

    The bus was purchased direct from thr council by the previous owner in 2003/4 and it was moved the their yard around the same time as it was running and taxed/tested. It then lay unused for four years and took about a month to get it going before it was moved to its current 'scrapyard' location.

    Internally it's in pretty good nick, although we had to remove a hell of a lot of polystyrene which had been stored in every nook and cranny. This is the scene that greeted me when I first got inside:

    After a bit of help, we got it cleaned out, swept, and removed the pinboards attached to almost every surface to reveal a rather promising interior.

    The plus sides is that it's done 84k miles, it's fitted with a Bedford 330 cubic inch engine (5.4litre) which is turbocharged :) and it has an Ebersbacher D4. The roof is fibreglass and the body is aluminium on 25mm plywood, which was built by G.C. Smith.

    The problem we have is that it hasn't moved in five years, so it's gonna take some hellish prep to get it sorted. I'm thinking of draining the tank of fuel and bleeding fuel back through the system before starting, but not being familiar with diesels I could do with any advice you guys have. I understand that the engine is a common lump used by the British Army and many Bedfords, including the TK?

    Any help would be very welcome!

    I love making jams, bread, pizza and infused liqueurs such as damson gin, blackberry whiskey etc, but my real regular 'make' is ale. From pale to Porter I do all-grain brewing using crushed malt, hops, water and yeast. That's it. Nothing else. I love every drop;

    I even grew three varieties of hops this year and they made for an excellent hoppy amber ale.