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    Lambing Lies


    This winter just gone, I noticed something odd in the fields as I was commuting to work on a bitter cold, icy morning through the countryside on the bus. In this one particular field in the land of nowhere I noticed, roughly about 30 sheep and their tiny, fresh newborn lambs... As I was staring at them all with oar, 'arring' and oohing' at them through the window.. I started to question... I thought little Spring lambs were born in the Spring?? They must have only been one week old! It was absolutely freezing outside, they didn't have any fay on them to keep them warm, they were so skinny and little! On my way home that evening, it was darker and even colder, I peered through the window and saw them huddled together in the hedges for warmth... My heart sank... I just wanted to take them all home, feed them, give them all love and warmth bed for the night.

    The next morning and evening they were all still there! Everyday for eight days solid they were there! I was doing loads of overtime at work and I was observing them for many weeks. From the first time I noticed them all that morning, eight solid days they were there, freezing their little bollocks off! During those eight days there was a massive storm, gale force winds, heavy rain. I couldn't sleep some nights, I was wide awake listening to the storm while thinking about them all out there...

    Something has to been done! Where's the fucking farmer?! Why are they being left in a field for over a week, maybe more?! With no fresh water or food?! Why isn't someone taking care of them?! Or at least checking on them every few days?! It's minus zero outside all day and night from November to April, what the fuck is going on?!

    I would come home from work most evenings and tell my partner about it. I started to write a letter to our local newspaper and hope that the farmer read it and pull his finger out. I planned to call the RSPCA and file in a complaint. My partner suggested I check out lambing regulations before I start kicking off, so I got onto google and googled lambing regulations. I searched many farming websites on facts about sheeping. The answers I got were that it's the norm to have young little lambs in the Winter, to be kept outside to fend for themselves and for days, sometimes weeks on end. I still wasn't convinced...

    Weeks after, I shared what I saw with my family and close friends. All of them said they were absolutely fine, they are animals and are used to being in the cold for days on end. I questioned them about Spring lambs being born in Spring, but they all thought I was being 'dramatic and silly'. I would travel back and fourth to my hometown visiting family and I would see more fields full of little baby lambs. I couldn't stop thinking that something wasn't right, I couldn't help but get upset and think about them all the time.

    As the months went by, I watched them grow and notice that some were missing and then suddenly one day they were gone... Still to this day I always think about them..

    On a gorgeous warm May afternoon, my partner and I attended VegFest in Bristol. As keen vegetarains, we had a thirst for more veggie knowledge, foods and hit the free sampling tent hard. Filling our faces with wonderful, meat free treats, meeting fellow veggies and gaining more knowledge and perspective.

    We passed the Vegan Society stand which was rammed with loads of Vegan flyers, posters, stickers etc. I was digging in and all of sudden I noticed a flyer with a gorgeous little lamb on it saying in big, bold letters, LAMBING LIES! The truth about lambing. I couldn't believe it! I freaked out, shouting to my partner across the tent, 'I knew it!! I knew it!'

    On the flyer were some facts -

    Lambs are born in mid-Winter

    Baby lambs who should be born in Spring are now often delivered in mid-Winter - to steal a march on the Spring lamb market!

    Lambs die from hunger and hypothermia

    Human manipulation that has brought this about and the mass deaths from hunger and hypothermia that result.

    Lambs are separated from their mothers

    Farmers, supermarkets, meat eaters and the meat industry ignore Viva!'s heart-rending, undercover footage of livestock markets such as Exeter - lambs separated from their mothers, shivering in the February cold; the mournful bleats of ewes calling for their babies and the shriller call of lambs replying to mothers they will never see again.

    Lambs are mutilated

    Horrible mutilations that are routine for many British lambs - tails amputated with a knife, hot iron or a tight rubber ring, causing part of the tail to slowly die. Then there's castration. Much of it is done without anesthetics!

    I felt so stupid as a vegetarian I should of guessed as soon as I saw them all in the field that those little lambs were all marked as meat before they were even born! I want to do something more, to help, to stop it from happening but I can't (but that's another story...) I must remember I am doing something, I am not eating them, so that's a start...

    As I was walking around VegFest, taking it all in. I decided that from this day forward (24th May 2015) I am a Vegan, no animal excluded. Lambs, cows, sheep, pigs, lambs, calves, chickens, eggs and fish I will NEVER consume again! In my eyes and in my heart, a cow is no different to a dog, a pig is no different to a cat.

    I am what I eat, bright, fresh and full of life! I will NEVER EVER eat an animal, a living being ever again!

    Two months today as I write this blog I still am a vegan and I am enjoying it greatly! I feel full of energy, my skin is glowing, I am saving animals from death and suffering every time I sit down to eat and I am saving the planet!

    I am going to strive to do more, sign petitions, attend protests, donate, volunteer, blog and vlog. My vegan journey has only just begun, I am very excited about the future and I am very grateful to having my eyes opened to the truth and becoming vegan.

    Check out the link below to find out more about Lambing Lies and what you can do...

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    I have tried all of Dr organic's defo & rock salt deo & still I stink only a few hours later!!
    I wash my pits every morning if I don't have a bath... I stink man!
    Personally I don't mean it but working with the public I am becoming so paranoid!
    I don't shave my pits.. But surely that's not causing my BO..

    Anyone got any herbal remedies or product reviews??

    Love, peace & enlightenment! X

    I have 2 in each ear and that's it. I had my nose pierced twice but both times it was rejected after a few weeks, I was young and didn't know at the time that noses don't take well to being pierced with a gun. I used to want loads more in my ears but I was a chef at the time so I couldn't get more done, the ones I have would have started to close up after taking the earrings out for a shift. I'd like more in my ears and my nose done again but I doubt I'll bother, I dont think I can be arsed tbh :D

    Noses don't take well to guns?? I just had my nose done again on the same side.. Last week, it's still slightly red & scabby on inside but not sore at all.. Will it be alright? I'll Google it! Xxx

    I love second hand stuff! Clothes, furniture, anything! I love it cos every item has a story to tel.... :-) I even find new stuff also. People get rid of some nice stuff!! I absolutely refuse to give my money to big shops! Fuck them! :-) Yes I would buy anything over anything new! :-)

    Awesome idea! I live in Bristol and there are many homeless to help!!

    Don't forget toilet paper and sanny towels for the ladies!! They are a must!

    Also tea bags!! As most cafes/resturants won't charge for hot water!! Some places do mind!!


    Love, peace and enlightenment!

    Cycling with my husband! Going to be an epic experience and one hell of a party when we arrive there!! Yayy!

    Or hope to have a car by then! Whatever happens, it's all going to be awesome! :waves:

    Great video! I am buzzing!!

    I watched Earthlings New year's day 2012 and it completely change my perceptive!

    I haven't eaten meat since!!

    It broke my heart seeing what really goes on.. My friends, family and everyone I meet I tell them to watch Earthlings, or try going veggie for at least a week!! I'm going to keep on at them!!

    We are all earthings!

    I am in this world, not part of it!

    Blessed be!

    Mixed seeds are great source of protein.. Figs and prunes for fibre.. Nuts are great too! Great source of zinc, iron and Vitamin B's.

    I've been a veggie now for coming up to 2 years! Yayy!! And my hubby and I race for the toilet every morning at least three times each! :panic:

    It's fantastic! I have never experienced anything like it! Our bodies are loving it! And our colons are having a proper clear out every day!

    Enjoy the spring cleans and check out Holland and Barrett for food and snacks!!