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    maybe i'm not committed enough.. .. .. .. but what's the reason for emphasizing the vegan option over the vegetarian option? - i guess in terms of animal suffering [or liberty] vegetarian-ism has its problems, so vegan would clearly be better, but it seems there's a strong health and vitality issue, along with the animal-liberty thing. Why not do the vegan thing when you have the capacity and let your standards slip a little when eating with non-vegan friends? cant see the health risk there outweighing the risk from air pollution, or a fatal accident, or an infection, or an undiagnosed condition, or death at the hands of some criminal.. .. .. like i say, personally i feel i lack commitment - but its tempered with a good sense of proportion i would argue.. .. .. eat what's there for you xx

    I'm a news addict, I have to have my morning fix, yet i come to the same conclusion every morning, its all doom and gloom. I have it on in the back ground in the morning now incase something important comes up, but i can't give it the attention I used to. It's simply too depressing. Now days I use online sources much more and try to keep an eye on the good stuff. 99% of the doom and gloom that comes through on mainstream news I can't do anything about, which add's the overwhelming sense of grey that the beeb are so good at painting. You get the odd good news story but know where near enough. I think the news should be split up, good stuff, bad stuff and the sport…SPORT! WHY IS SPORT ON THE NEWS!? At serious risk of a rant hear, i'll leave it there, lol.

    the one thing i like about mainstream news [and perhaps particularly the beeb] is the news presenters' attitude - like: all of this shit is happening around me, but i'll sit here, calm and measured, til i get to something so trivial as the half-time score.. .. ..

    our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.. .. [and you can fill in your own blanks from there on.. .]. up until the age of i cant remember exactly, we behaved like little heathens, and smacked-arses, or the threat of a smacked-arse, were the order of the day. dad did the bread-winner thing up at the nuclear plant on the edge of town, and mam wielded the wooden spoon, back at the ranch.. .. ..[and, on one occasion at least, at the PTA meeting, or so i'm told] - i think our heathen-ness must have flipped a switch in mams head, cos all of a sudden she caught religion - [CofE] - she rapidly progressed to being an evangelical devotee, so sundays we were packed off to the sally-army, then later, dragged along to the 'hands in the air' services at a 'fellowship group' [new life something or other, praise the lord, hallelujah].. .. ..

    later i found the religion of 'queer and proud of it' and that saw me through college and almost through university [well - the first time i got almost through the first semester, then the second time [different uni] right through the first year.. . along with the religion of pot - plus some other spurious indulgences].. .. which was when the shit hit the fan.. .. ..

    .. ... more recently, i lived in a buddhist community for a year or so, and praying was kinda mandatory [fuck: some of the sessions were hours long] - but there's only so much anyone can take, so i moved out, and into a relationship.

    the thing about praying [and i guess the question boils down to whether you believe in there being anyone to pray *to*] is that i see how the mechanics of doing it would work.. .. .. like, we make our own reality, and praying is a means to strengthen that reality [why have a deity if you cant pray to him/her/it?].. .. but along the buddhist-ish vein, i dont see the value of prayer.. .. .. i thought it was all supposed to be about self-reliance.. .. withdrawal from consumption.. .. withdrawal from desires.. .. accepting the shit hitting the fan and maintaining composure.. .. ..

    maybe i'm getting it all wrong [like the picture of the volcano i drew in juniors, which didnt show enough passion, so couldnt represent a proper volcano, properly, or so the teacher seemed to be saying].. .. .. but i'm on this thing now where peace-of-mind is everything and we dont need to be bothered about conscious actions.. .. so long as we maintain our peace-of-mind [not much room in there for praying].. .. .. now if i could just walk the walk, instead of so much talking the talk, in my head, i might actually be able to shed some light on the praying-thing question people have going on.. .. .

    Help required
    Should I make a head/ear warmer out of a velour leopard print t shirt or is that just wrong.

    not as wrong as "come-hither" speedo's on the door handles - not quite sure i have the right design in mind - would this be like a strip of fabric made into a ring - hence fitting on your head? - not for me, but can see how it would look attractive - and anyway - arent we set for a baltic winter? - [said he, sitting in the kitchen wearing fingerless gloves, a jacket, overcoat, scarf and a dutt - very appealing am sure - and no - no speedo's in sight]

    At the risk of making inappropriate remarks can I just mention that I am in awe! Thank you, mums, for what you endure for our babies. Ksx, best wishes to you for the strength and courage you need to get through this exhausting time. Amazing advice from the other contributors too.

    brave man! - :D - i'd decided NOT to comment then i saw yours - if youre gonna get it then i'll get it with ya - hahahha - though 'humbled' i reckon, rather than in awe - hope the little guy is doin well cxx

    i thought i heard that whoever the local council is, are usually quite 'helpful' in setting the guidelines - not so much "whaddaya want!" as "talk to us, we can discuss your ideas" - [although this isnt said from experience]

    hahahha - i just noticed who posted this originally: [doh] - hope my pm makes sense cx

    Sorry, I've just read LS's link from the Vegan Society and would just like to add that those sorts of beekeeping practices don't seem to be widespread, at least from what I've seen so far as a newbie.

    New queens are mass produced by specialist breeders under controlled conditions - virgin queens are artificially inseminated with sperm from crushed males. The queen often has her wings clipped off to prevent swarming -

    owe my god - how utterly bizarre [and how pitiful] - i never really looked into the why's and wherefore's of honey production before now - i always just felt instinctively it was like stealing - [although not like i havent pilfered anything in my life - far from it] - no disrespect to any bee-keepers/honey consumers: everyone makes their own decisions in life - and i'm certainly not knowledgeable on the subject, but it just seems like taking what's not given.. .. .. [perturbed face] xx

    and another perturbed face - reminds me i know of at least one very popular buddhist Geshe who reckons honey is 'pure' - how about *that* for a dilemma!

    My nephew so far so good, it seems he has blood clots so they are keeping a close eye on him. Ronnie very sore and not able to use his left arm much as it was on his back, just have to be careful the stitches don't tear. Specialist seeing him in four weeks with the results.

    i feel rude for continuing without addressing the last post.. .. - so sad - 4 hours ago you posted this -
    operation due at 2pm.. .. .. i hope by now you have had good newsxx

    I do think your spot on. I talk to the kids about what might happen if the national grid goes down, what would happen without electric. It's a fascinating discussion with them. Making them realise just how much runs on electric, about having no access to money, what would you use to trade etc?

    I do think van living does help hence when we chose a burner, we chose one with an oven! We know how to hunt, pretty good foraging and getting better. Mine have even practiced lighting a fire with a drill and bow saw method!

    Thankfully we are already in the countryside, no way would I want to be in a big town or city if it all went tits up. In this country I do think its more about survival techniques rather than prepping, we just dont have the disposable income to invest in mass storage of food etc.

    hear hear - prepp can equal the same as accumulating.. .. sometimes.. ..x

    wow - long-long threads here.. .. .. 4 D scum punks.. .. hmm.. .. Phelan - now i heard of you.. .. [eyes closed].. .. ..bloke? - compadre - fellow nooby - - - - wtf.. ..that if anything was to go majorly wrong in the uk then yeah you are very correct, the amount of people in the uk would make it absolutely hectic on a survival bases due to not having the same isolation factor of more vast country's such as america>>.
    4D rules .. .. imo.. ..
    if you also think that van living goes hand in hand with self sufficiency.>>
    phelan - about the small scale in the uk - wondered about a static raft - [land or sea - maybe as bridge] - like vehicles as the blocks + a binder or whatever.. .. ..] - perhaps seriously hectic, but pretty structurally good - rake off the wheels and you have - - - mooring points..O.. thanks - cheers for tha.. .. ..
    work ethic.. .. does van-living go hand in hand with self sufficiency.. .. and you think that an 'emergency' might arise in the uk.. .. - well my best advice would probably be do what ever you want out of the options that fit your situation.. .. and be cool with that.. ..x
    phelan - - that isolation factor - of vast countries.. .. we dont have it - here in th uk - ha - well the holiday-makers might move further south, ha har - over a few generations :D

    me - i struggle with some body hair and not with other body-hair - - i think its a balance thing: less is better in general [like flowers generally smell better than shite].. .. .. but end of the day, its all good <3

    'i' thinks i read up to post #7 and thought these are *not folks thoughts - rather more their *actions from which thoughts you may infer.. .. ..[does that even make sense?] - i thought this would be a very interesting intellectual thread.. har har.. .. .. .. ..
    butt.. .. returning to *your thoughts.. .. "why only women?.. .. ... ie. you had found this often.. .. only women allowed to cut off their hair.. .. well what if a woman cut off 'hair - rather than somebodie's 'hair.. .. .. [apologies] - What if women only [generally speaking], rather than "Why only women?" - - - -were the ones, who cut off the hair from a person - wouldnt that help in some way? - archetyping - stereotyping - division practically - or:::: did you want to know my actions? xx - or the short answer - dont worry about it ;)
    ; )
    thinking more about your question.. .. and my own thoughts.. ..[and co-incidences] - why should only women? - or another way - why do people criticise men who cut off their hair - cosmetically - these days - around here.....x
    and your answer; "confidence".. .. ..


    what a pleasure to see the scanned images - after reading through the turmoil-posts about 'lost book' - it was enlightening how even before it was clear exactly what the book was, it became an object of desire, just from reading about the struggle x