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    Quote from Father of Ethan


    The roaches is a nice place and does a few music festies.
    On the canal and does good food.

    We started the FREE festival with the help of the Roaches to be correct.
    I may be djing it this year!

    Quote from Naeni

    If thats how you treat people trying to help I despair at what happens to your enemies :rolleyes:

    it was a local council truck ffs they wernt helping by evicting the kids in the first place.
    we syphon the car parks at festivals as well :P

    Quote from campertess

    Its no wonder the scheme got scraped then is it :mad:

    No the buss was bought by us out of our own cash it died so it got scraped.
    As for syhoning the tank of a welfare van the local council were evicting us anyway so why not nick there deisil? We'd already nicked the bin wagons battrys.

    Did I say you wasnt living a nomadic lifestyle? Carry on doing what your doing. I'm doing something totaly diffrent. I'm off to Stormys site where people have a better idea of whats going on.

    Who said I was hard as nails? I was in a more liberal pub ask father of ethen what the Roaches Lock is like. I was there to ask about the Moz Fest they run on there land.
    If any of you actualy ever live full time on site you'll soon become 'hard' and come out of your idealist bubbles. If your trying to get core plugs back in 24 hrs b4 an eviction or tessie camper will be impounded and crushed leving you on the streets. You may think of the 'hard' advice posted on here.
    There has been loads of good advice on here posted by ex travlers and yet you weekenders dont listen.

    We had the Skhool Bus but it got scraped. You can send off to FFT and they can get you packs sent out for home education. There usualy made up of topics relating to the Travling comunity.
    On larger sites you ocasionly get a welfare bus coming down to help out. This is good coz while there not looking you can syphon the deisil tank.

    Quote from stuoolong

    :D Well our door policy is similar to BGG but tbh possibly stricter on random sound systems....especially if they are diesel powered! :rtfm:

    See my comments on the 9 Ladies thread for our thoughts on Spesh and it's drinkers!

    We're not against music and partying, not at all...but we want to promote sustainable technology and positive futures, so all partying has to be renewable driven and not pissing of neighbours....the site is only a few hundred metres from the nearest houses.....(these are people who have complained in the past about nakedness at NGG :omg:

    I'm a Stella drinker coz its even better than Brew! In fact Vodka is the best. Ah well as long as we know were not welcome thats all that counts!

    :insane: Irony is one makes huge amounts of palution the other fights it

    Quote from hazy daisy

    I would have loved to go to this but its the British Superbikes at Croft, my local track and I can't miss those. Maybe next year

    Quote from stuoolong

    How will you convince the people on the gate that with one body, you are two people? :eek:

    I'm joking I dont pay for festivals at all its against my principles. Went to the BGG in 96 and the organisers agreed to let our wee convoy in for nothing coz we had been getting hastle off the police nr Stonehenge. They then banned us coz we caused loads of hastle with a sound system! Ffs it was only 1.5KW and everyone knows hippys like acid techno and special brew:happydanc

    Long shot but as i've just acidently deleted some numbers on my phone if this code; SQ-DS UP NORTH means anything can they pm me 'Ls' number?

    why not give your fridge and oven names? they do things why discriminate?

    all pubs have idiots in them, its the age we live in.

    Thats realy good Stormy but can you please wait till I've pulled all the peaces of Peter Pint Pot out of the side of my head?

    I have a disk cutter called 'Bedford killer' & a gass axe called 'transit trasher'

    Naming lumps of metal seems abit silly! Well hippys arnt exacly rational are they!

    why do people give there vans silly names? in all my time on the road i never hered anyone do this well apart from 'weekenders' at festivals.

    sounds totaly daft.

    Quote from starinthesky

    whoa! didnt realise how big the others are!
    however as i cant even drive yet..think id be better off starting out with something small :D

    But that bus is only a tiny thing, wait till you see the realy big ones.

    Quote from johnnyz

    hello everyone ihave got a j2 bus same as one shonn by st ardust where could i buy a oil pump any help much appreciated paece love to all

    is it the 220 engine?

    Quote from vern

    I think that's the name Stardust has given to her bus, and not the model of bus. I found the badge saying "Embassy" on the sides of mine a bit of a give away.

    Was going to say there not Bella Vegas. There deffo Bedford Embacys.

    What did you call yours Vern? :mrgreen: lol