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    I wanted alloy chequer plate originally and went to get some of my mates dad but he said it would buckle due to having a lower melting point and gave me a sheet of staijobss instead. Would it not do the job being 8 inches in total from the wall?
    The flue will be minimum of a foot from the glass?
    There won't be any curtains however that's another question, if I had decorative curtains that I don't close ever well away from the burner but then curtains made from a fire blanket hidden behind the decor but could then be pulled across at night? Would they hold the heat or are they really not designed long term?
    Or has anyone used that fabric fireproof spray?

    I just wanted to run my log burner idea past you all before I fit it as you all seem more knowledgeable in this field than me:

    I'm fitting a 7kw burner into a static and I have laid 3 concrete slabs on the floor and then tiled clay terracotta tiles over them for the hearth. I have a sheet of stainless steel 2mm thick 6 inches behind the burner with a 2 inch air gap and an inch from the hearth up to the window where I will have single skin flue straight up to the roof and a section of twin wall as it passes through topped with a rain cowl.

    Is there anything anyone would change or just any general advice?

    Much appreciated