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    Exactly this!

    The van is rocking all over the place out in the Fens today. (But I quite like it... It's soothing in a weird sort of way!)

    Anybody else getting a bit battered!?

    yep, I am old enough to tell them to f... off but a lot of youngsters seem to be unable to handle it and like you say there have been some cases of suicide because of online abuse.

    Yes there are cases like this, but there are also many thousands of lives that have been saved by the support of online communities. They just don't receive the same attention.

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    well, that's people in the 21st century for you, there is no such thing as community anymore, I don't care what others might think, I know its true. if there ever was any "humanity" in human beings it was lost long ago.

    Sorry Hagrid, this just isn't true. The last house I lived in (only moved out 6 months ago) was on a long, straight, narrow road in the fens. Over the mile or so of road there were about 12 houses and I knew all but a couple of people by name.

    Everybody lived their independent lives, but helped everybody else wherever they could, whether it was sharing produce grown in their garden, giving leftover eggs from their chickens, lending tools and giving spare materials, helping each other with DIY jobs or popping in to check on each other if somebody was ill. It was like this from the day we moved in. No cash changed hands and nobody asked for anything in return for their kindness. I would chat with one or two of them most days and everybody always said hello, and gave a smile and a wave.

    I often found myself in a neighbour's garden, helping to cut a hedge, move garden waste or just help with lifting stuff that they were struggling with. We invited people in for a coffee whenever we could and visited neighbours on several occasions to share lunch/ dinner.

    The next door neighbour helped us remove an old tree stump with his tractor and some chain on our first day in the house (it would have taken me HOURS to dig out) and a few days later gave us a full sheet of corrugated metal to replace a missing piece on the side of our garage. He would also regularly pop with fresh flowers and was generous with bags of spuds.

    Another neighbour would often give us bags of weird and wonderful veggies. (Sometimes as I walked past with the dogs in the morning, and sometimes we'd just find a bag hanging on the front fence).

    It was the same until until we moved out two years later, when one neighbour took us out for dinner and insisted on paying for us, as a thank you for making the effort over the time we were there.

    With just a little bit of effort, communities can thrive.

    Humanity is definitely not lost! You reap what you sow.

    Just watched their video, it looks real good stuff that, made a note of the local phone number as there are no prices on the web site, cheers everybody. :thumbup:

    Buildbase sell it. It's about a £10 a tube in the store, but absolutely worth it! I used it to stick brackets to my roof for 2 x 175w solar panels. I think the roof will rust through before the CT1 gives up.

    Make sure the surface is clean and that you have a bed of a couple of mm and it will pretty much stick anything to anything... Even under water.

    Sounds good dude, thank you! :) Do you use all of the 70l in one shower? I'm gonna talk to my old man about water pumps, and find out what an accumulator is.

    Depends how long you spend in the shower! If it's just a few minutes for a quick freshen up you should be okay.

    If you like a long drenching then you'll be filling up your tank and emptying your waste half way through your shower, as well as struggling with damp/ condensation... all.of which will not be fun! If that's the case, I agree that the only really sensible option is to shower else where. That said, however long you want to spend in there, good ventilation is essential.

    An accumulator is basically a little device that's fitted between the pump and the shower/taps, preventing pulsating water pressure and on / off cycling of the pump- this means a smoother flow of water, making for a happier water heater (the auto ignition is fired by the water flow) and longer pump life. Shurflo make one that screws directly to the pump- it's not the cheapest but it is effective and very easy to fit.

    I would suggest:

    A 70l water tank
    A Shurflo 20psi water pump with accumulator for decent and consistent pressure.
    Instant water heater (I chose a Cointra Optima 5l as it's small and decent quality- gets the water nice and hot) Will need a flue to the outside of the vehicle.
    Mixer shower (make sure it's compatible with an instant water heater)
    1.5mm PVC cladding for the shower walls

    Works well and pretty easy to fit :-)

    Not sure off the top of my head which Sikaflex would be best.

    I would use CT1 though- I rate it much more than Sikaflex. It's just as effective (if not more so), not as full of horrible chemicals, much less harmful if you get it on your hands and doesn't matter if it gets wet before it has cured.

    There was a superb van designed by a disabled chap on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. I think it was built on a trailer, and was brilliantly accessible with a very cheap but highly effective hoist system that allowed the user to access all areas of the space. Might be worth checking out if you haven't already seen it :-)

    Is there another spotted thread anywhere? I thought I remembered one but I can't find it?

    Anyway, a 13 plate white Peugeot, (with a small Seitz window on each side) pulled up next to me in Wickes car park in Grantham. I didn't knock as the cab curtain was closed and the blinds were down.

    Anybody we know?!

    Mine are mounted much like Rick's, except I have mine slightly higher to allow a bigger air gap underneath- in the hope that this will keep them cooler and increase efficiency.

    It also means I can get a spanner underneath to undo them if I need to- as once the brackets are Sikaflexed or CT1ed onto the roof... They aren't coming off!

    Be sure that the roof and the brackets are properly clean before sticking them down :-)

    Dreams about teeth falling are very common and are usually interpreted as a response to anxiety and fear of losing something important to you.

    As you dreads are so important to you, I wonder if it might be something similar?

    A quick web search comes up with loads of stuff about dreams of teeth falling out. Maybe have a look and see if any of it applies?