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    Were you next door to the blacksmith?

    That wasn't us. We were between the Circus stage and the Kaplick Solar Stage on the left as you walked in to the arena from the camp site... If you bought a cup of chai there; it probably came from us :)

    That was wicked. Just got home after a long drive from the site.

    Will be back next year for sure.

    Big thanks to those of you who came checked out the Nomadic Cinema :)

    I'm going to be at Alchemy for the first time this year :)
    Heard lots of really good things about it and have friends who go every year so I'm looking forward to this.

    I'll be helping out in the Nomadic Cinema; come check it out :)

    Glad I stumbled upon this thread. There's some really nice things being made; I really like the scarf' Beachcomber; my gf would love it and I love the little Viking hat :D

    I don't know if these would qualify as crafts as I dabble in digital art (I guess); but here's a couple of bit's I've been working on over the summer:


    This was a project I did with a very talented sculptor called Piers Mason. He created a beautiful sculpture (unfortunately not seen in the video) with a light source inside it. It was set up so that sensors in the room picked up movement which in turn would start the audio of starling murmeration, and the movement of the light source inside of the sculpture.
    It was on display at ONCA gallery in Brighton over the summer.

    I really wish the sculpture was visible. It was beautiful, I think it's for sale for like £2k or something.

    Another ongoing project is a musical fountain that I initially made for my final project of my first year at university. The pic is of the prototype that was displayed at Brighton Mini Makers Faire this year as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. It's going to be re-built far larger for a final installation in a year or so.

    The idea is to use the kinetic energy of water and gravity to create generative digital music.