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    Just add a fuel marking dye! Dye it black so if pulled your done for contaminated fuel not using red smaller fine! Also how about using thinned engine oil instead!

    Due to change of circumstances both financial, time and other stuff it is with much regret that I am offering my ldv camper on version for sale

    My family and I go to a lot of music festivals and bought the camper as a project to do up over a number of months.

    Bull it proof 2.5 Diesel engine as used in transit apparently its a banana non turbo

    135k loads of history

    It has no mot and failed on welding, a few other bits. including kng pin (grease nipple changed and re greased now). Welding has now been done.

    it has fitted and working fridge, two ring hob and oven.

    It has split charging unit and zig unit fitted but nothing wired up to zig unit. Needs a leisure battery.

    Starts first time every time and being an ldv driving is an adventure in itself.

    It was white and has now had self done re spray using rustoleum which is like a smooth Hammerite. Looks okay but not in any way a show stopper lol

    With a little bit of time and not a lot of money this can be back on the road and used for the summer.

    Will it pass the mot as is....honest answer... I don't know but everything on the fail sheet has been done apart form headlight adjustment, one rear tyre (although spare is good) and rearwheel bearing that mot fail,states is rough. However don't think it should have failed on that anyway.

    It registered as a motor caravan with dvla so cheaper insurance and only a class four mot required.

    I know Vinnie , Bogwoppit will tell you i got in the way sitting round drinking tea as she built him ?????

    Yep he hopefully will be bak on the road soon! Not needed to touch fridge, oven or cooker just painted up the lower panelling. Notice he kept his name! Lol

    The paint job is okay but not in any way brilliant.... It's rustoleum a kind of smooth Hammerite that I sprayed using an earlex spray station and a 1mm tip. Coverage was really good and whole van took three quarters of a 2.5 later tin thinned it with standard thinners. Could really do with another coat then flat ting back to shine but time is against me!!

    Finished by cutting and fitting low matching table to end of chair by wheel arch so a lot tidier now. Also sprayed front bumper and grill gloss black to match ones I sprayed up already. Just a couple is trim bits to stick on and refitted the roof air vent as sealant had perished so all in a good day in the sun :)

    Oh and finished floor off too...forgot about that lol

    They look propery comfy. Are they as comfy as they look!? Bizarrely, I think I also responded to that 'offered' post! Damn you! :pp Heheheheee.
    Be sure to keep the thread updated with your progress :) Did you have any success with the awning?

    They are really comy both as seats and as a single bed ! I landed lucky as responded within about a minute of chap posting on freecycle, but took him a good week to reply so thought they had gone

    Yeah cheers the awning is good and will be used for day tripping but still after a gazebo for festivals to house the three monsters (my three kids) as always getting drowned out in tents

    van1 002.jpg

    Have just bought this swb LDV Convoy to convert to a camper. I really wanted a Pilot, but couldn't find one near enough and I prefer the agricultural construction of the Convoy anyway.

    Am just working through the various small faults I've come across before I start the creative part of building the interior. That's a tidy job you've made of the minibus!

    I really like the ldv and know exactly what you mean about the attraction of being almost agricultural.

    Can't take all the credit as bogwoppit did the conversion. I just carried it on a bit.

    Oh and find a friendly welder lol.

    Still got bit to do Reuben, but got my seat idea after seeing how you used ones are a set of four office reception ones from deaf blind uk courtesy of freecycle...also will be fitting matching table at end of last seat to tidy it up a bit.


    Just got minor bits to do now.....front bumper sprayed....... Wipers back on, hook up leisure battery, finish floor, permanently fit seats.... Hang purple netting (light curtains) oh and black out rear windows if I have enough tint left

    Should have a few spare hours tomorrow

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and clean it ! As just realised you can mega zoom on pictures lol

    Bought Vinnie a while back and after a bit of work he is nearly ready for mot. In the pics there is one the day after I drove him back the rest are kind of work completed to date..... I built the wooden bench seating that pulls out width wise but changed my mind and put in seating today.....


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    Looking for seating cushions from a caravan to fit onto my built bench seating in my ldv convoy (vinnie)

    Anything local ish to peterborough cambs.