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    Quote from Dapablo

    Says the white boyor its absolutely nothing like that at all.

    YAWNNNNNNNN got over it! and stop proving my point....:calmdown: :harhar:
    RACIST!...surely my colour has nothing to do with it...and why is racism always only AGAINST black people?.....I was forced from my home country due to racism...

    People need to lighten up and have a laugh at's all to's like alot of people just sit around waiting for a WORD to be said to that they can make an ISSUE.

    Quote from crap muppet

    Could be I suppose. Only its got the advantage that you only have to pay it once ;)

    Well it still works out about the same price as the lowest council tax payment per year..;)...which most people have to pay!

    I have sex everyday..sometimes 2 or 3 times a day..but I dont have please shag as much as u like ...just be responsible.
    I cannot possibly say how I would re-act if I got someone pregnant...could I....hence I and partner take precautions.
    and by all means claim benefits I would....but I would not complain about it every chance I got.
    I would consider myself lucky that I got anything......and so should u guys and girls.
    I love the way u all gang up and attack me and put words in my mouth whenever I share my views with u.....anyways
    PLUR Kwaai.

    Quote from Atomik

    The question asked was how you would feel if your partner had an unplanned pregnancy. You claimed it wouldn't happen to you because you understand reproduction. I'm pointing out that accidents happen, not claiming that every pregnancy in the country is unplanned. You seem incapable of following a simple line or rational discussion!

    once again u have put words in my mouth....I didnt say it wouldn't happen to me...I said and I quote "If I did well then that would be on my own I am big and ugly enough to know how the reproductive system works"

    Quote from Sthenno

    May I point out that I am not actually a single mum, and am therefore neither ‘making excuses’ ‘moaning’ nor ‘wasting time’. I do however have enough faith in the common decency of human nature to think that a large majority of the parents who have to go through the difficulties of raising their children on paltry benefits barely enough to keep them fed and clothed are only doing so because they have no other choice, not because they are ‘lazy’.

    I did not call anyone lazy...and if u look u will see that I did not quote anyone when making the above post so as not to point fingers or cause this type of confusion.:rolleyes:
    I am on loads of forums but I have never had so many words put in my mouth before....

    Quote from Atomik

    Never heard of a snapped condom? :rolleyes:

    Like, for example, claiming benefits until you were in a position to be able to work? :rolleyes:

    man thats a lot of snapped condoms...
    as for claiming all means go for it..but like the article said...are is a large % of single parents that dont go back to work after their kinds have grown being on benefits for 16 years makes someone difficult to in my mind it would be in the single parents best interest to at least work a few hours/day here and there to help maintain his/hers ablity to be employed.

    Quote from Atomik

    Badly. Maybe we should go back to workhouses. :rolleyes:

    As a society, we did. It's called "the benefits system". :rolleyes:

    thats not a long term solution...hence the benefit cut.:rolleyes:
    I didnt say that single mums should go back to the I said I work with a lot of single mums.....and it aint no workhouse.

    Quote from Hedgewitch

    if you got your beloved pregnant accidentally would you views change any? not all pregnancys are planned.

    If I did well then that would be on my own I am big and ugly enough to know how the reproductive system works.( and I would spen my time trying to come up with solutions to the problems I would face rather than just putting my hands up in the air. ....I would love to have a child, I simply cant afford it at the mo.

    excuse after did people survive before benefits?...u could use internet shopping..and maybe get the kids to help u around the house..which could olny be a good thing IMO.
    Why not try find solutions to the problems rather than spending all the time trying to find new problems and moaning about them.

    Quote from Sthenno

    What I mean is, do you think it would be acceptable for an 11 year old child to be left alone while their only parent went out to work?

    I think the age was 13 that was why not cut it to 13 then, and it's like u said they get home between 3- 4pm...I am sure u could get a job that would allow u to get home at 4 ish or 3 ish...I can work flexi time ...and alot of mothers I work with do to.....there must be at least 300-400 at a guess that work in my building alone.
    I think one of the main problem is looking for excuses all the time.

    Quote from phil

    And a stitch in time saves the whale or whatever it is. Fuck me, have i walked into a 1950's classic saying appreciation meeting by accident :eek: :D

    well they didnt become classic sayings for

    Quote from phil

    I feel that is is due largly to lack of education and self respect. More choice in the direction of their own life

    u can take a horse to water but u cannot make it drink...I think is the saying.
    "It seems you’re suggesting a nation of latchkey kids would be a better solution?"...not sure what u mean...?
    but if people want or need more money...they should have to work for it....the goverenment cant provide everybody with everything....I think the benefits is this country are amazing, and that all the parents are very lucky to be helped out so much. Try living in Africa or India.

    Quote from Sthenno

    Do you think it becomes cheaper to raise a child once they reach the age of 11?

    No I dont but I feel that if the child is older they will not need 24/7 attention...thus giving u a chance to work more and become more self suffcient.

    hence when the addiction takes over and u just cant help ur self...
    I think casino's are a very bad idea.

    I would also just like to point out that 1000000's of people work and bring up kids on a day to day bases..
    cutting the age to 11 ...when I child is going to school and is able to be alot more independant in IMO is a good idea.

    Quote from Coyote


    Get a better job ya slacker! :harhar:

    I have a pretty good job thank you.:harhar:
    Slacker..hmmm is that derogatory term.?
    and hey at least I work....I would never bring a child into this world (and I really do want to)...unless I could provide for it on my own. I dont want to be the underdog.

    all I said was that I dont consider single parents to be under dogs...the ones I know would take offense to that name....
    and that I didn't see the new cut as a bad idea.
    I didn't say I knew what is was like ....I just said that single parents I know do pretty well for themselves.

    argumentative behaviour =debating the other angles of the thread...
    I am not a single parent.....but like I said I know people that are.

    yeah I think so too...but I have been blocked from 2 threads and I have been banned for "debating"

    1 : a loser or predicted loser in a struggle or contest
    2 : a victim of injustice or persecution
    still dont seem them as underdogs....but each there own.

    "In October Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton pledged a "new deal" for two-parent families, saying they had been largely invisible because all the help had been focused on lone parents. "....VERY good point.IMO.

    Quote from Atomik

    Well I dunno about you, but the thought of being blown apart by a bomb shits me right up. It'd take a huge amount of courage for me to overcome that fear and actually do it.

    but if your beliefs where different u might feel differently about do it.

    Quote from Coyote

    Mostly its greed that destroys lives, wanting big gains is what leads most to gambling (although I do agree that some are desperate folks who see no other source of money for bills etc).

    The ones who run the places are putrifying devils gourging on human souls mostly though :(

    Maybe in in the beginning...but gambling is a serious addiction...

    I too fail to see.