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    Quote from Hydroxic Acid Boy

    I'm a few days away from four months off the weed and tobacco. I've given up for longer in the past and started again but in the past the time that I always slipped was when I was having a drink with smoking friends in the pub. That'll all change a month from today when smoking will finally be banned in pubs and clubs. That's gonna be such a great help. I'm 38 years old (young) today and feel the best that I have done in years. I wouldn't feel like this if I was still puffing away. I'd be dreading the day they ban it in pubs. Now I'm embracing it. Bring it on.:happydanc

    Yeah I'm looking forward to it because I won't be tempted at all if I don't have to sit there watching other people smoke around me too!!


    Myspace and facebook are alright but not good if he wants to mingle with proper sound people.

    There's gotta be some place out there, the whole net can't be full of idiots :(

    I used to go on a chat room way back when, i met some really cool people on there but luckily grew out of chat rooms :P

    good luck!

    Quote from shibari.surfer

    Stick with it? Dont give up on quitting:) If you do fall off the wagon every now and then, dont bother beating yourself up but get back up and try again. When you are tempted try to remind yourself of why you want to stop Health, money, not smelling like an old ash tray... whatever.
    Cravings pass and their intensity diminishes with time. Try to look at what triggers these cravings. Alcohol, breaks at work, finishing a meal... those all used to be triggers for me. They can be hard things to avoid but just realising that 'this is just a craving, brought on because I've spent years smoking after a meal -but now i dont and the craving will pass' kind of thing can help.
    Realise that having a fag does nothing to help the craving - it just puts it off for an hour or so. Then that craving is back, looking to be satisfied one more time -till the next one...

    I smoked for 30+ years and tried quite a few times to stop. I dont think that the physical side of stopping smoking is very hard but psychologically it can be very difficult. You almost need to re educate yourself to see how horrible a thing it is to do to yourself.

    And dont talk about 'giving up' it implies that youre going to be losing something where as actually you gain far more from stopping smoking:hippy:

    :D Thanks, makes sense to keep trying anyway. Besides, I'm pretty sure the cravings will happen less and less as time goes on!

    Quote from shibari.surfer

    what is it that you are having trouble with? How far along with it are you? In the 'thinking of giving up' stage? or 'given up but temp slipped back' or...
    It's not always easy but do stick with it -the benefits of not smoking are huge:)

    Well I have not had for like, say 4 weeks or something, and then I get cravings suddenly (especially around people who smoke) and think "oh just one won't hurt" but one turns into getting a pack and argh... vicious cycle.

    Any advice for giving up? Or being able to?

    I've never been able to bring myself to... probably a good thing I guess!
    I just can't stand the sight of my own blood.

    But :bighug:for those who need it.

    Good luck, give it a go! I've always wanted to do that, and though I love drawing, I don't think I'd be able to do it without some idea of how to do it in the first place :(

    Quote from Naeni

    We're all doomed! :down::(:death::rip::sos:

    nobody else I know except peoples on this forum gives two hoots about this kind of thing :(

    I think I can agree with that!

    So many people I've known don't give a damn about it.... I know I've only just joined the forum but this kind of thing worries me :(

    Quote from BGG_Owen

    Wow! Incredible pics guys.

    Where (what place) is that pic from? just out of curiousity! :)