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    Flippin heck. Had some good crack on here...getting into Pykes ribs all the time we did.
    And had lots of phone calls at all all hours...both of us rambling on about fuck all... and about this forum etc.
    Dropped off somewhat over last 9 months or so and hadn`t heard a thing from him or about him until Mydogsinspace told me.
    Life eh...yer just never know whats round the corner do yer eh.
    Love yer Lloyd. xxx den

    This made me laugh of an unerving situation, speedos should be just worn by olympic athletes and thats that, not gay blokes fat blokes or german tourists. hrumph:rofl:

    Are my german children allowed to wear them...they apparently are good swimmers...but not tourists...nor gay (as yet)...and they arent fat....
    den (fat..)

    You... stupid boy...

    Silent Witness - Only just found that one out, must be from the late 80's to very early 90's

    You must tru and watch the Parody of it on the Catherine tate show...where she is a drunken Estate Agent.....hilarious....
    She open a full length cupboard on those fancy rollers y`know...and drunkenly slurs... Silent Witness.... (its an audio thing...doesnt worl well in written form!!)

    You only have to hear the way,when the interview has finished...and it pans to Pax in the studio...the way he say so simply and with much disdain..... "Russell Brand" .... that said everything you need to know.
    I stumbled across in when it was on...and tbh... it did make me watch/listen... and whilst doing so--couldnt quite make me mind up how to take him
    He did make some valid points...but he is so vain and smug I couldnt take it seriously.
    Paxo didnt for sure.... the glib look on his face, and his token "fight backs" were testimony of what he thought of Bland.

    At the risk of having a blindfold applied and being shot in front of a backdrop of afghan coats and the sweet waft of patchouli...let me say ...I`m not a hippie in terms of being massively green, if by testing on might have saved me sisters life...test away...and heres my Suzie Q to start with, I dont particulary consider me Carbon Hoofprint, I not really anti-establishment enough to actually protest about anything...yer getting me drift?
    BUT... I do love ...people.... and all that entails.
    And so, when i seen this announcement.... and the amount of jobs it would create--giving 1000s of families at least some form of security for a time in their lives... I immediately thought is was a fantactic thing.
    People talk of risk... well yes, I suppose there is risk. But life is a piggin risk isnt it?
    The risk here in Britain is pretty negligble imo and the benefits far outweigh any risks as far as I can see.
    One thing I did consider when the frog Chairman of EDF was saying "Zis vill bring millions ov ze pounds into ze british economy unt also bring zounsands ov ze jobbings to England" ** .... I thought...then why arent yer deein this in FRANCE eh?
    To me... its a balance... things are flipipn tough for everybody...not everybody can just "do what they like" ...the freedom of some is made possible in part to the encapture of the majority.
    Here where i live is a power station...bit of a monstrousity...but it did bring a lot of much needed employment to the town and I know it maybe flies in the face of "hippie principles" sort of...but I try to look at things from the everyday bloke in the street like.
    will i get a last request before being shot... a big fat joint... so i`ll feel nowt...and laugh at yers all....
    ** sorry--thats germqan isnt it...sorry---i`m just so used to doing german see....

    Yeah, I'm good today, apart from, rather indelicately put, but, I haven't been for a shit yet today and that is so not normal for me. Never mind, it's 5:30 pm so there's time enough yet.:D

    I can go a week or so without crimpin one off... the longest i`ve been without making a brown fish is...wait for it...wait for it..... twenty three days.... I`m much better now I`m older...and blow one out every other day.
    That record breaker....omg.... that was a ripper that one...i was cripppled by the end...and had to prop mesell against a wall like a pregnant woman and send the bairns off for Mam to collect me.
    Those days are gone like.
    But...foreign holidays... a shit...abroad? Nah--just nah. That was taken for read.... "Thats dad not having a poo for two weeks!"

    Interesting...but following your way... I`d never be happy... the thought that I would never fall in love again is somehow fundamentally wrong imo.
    You mention you were broken.... do we take it that was the breakup from a relationship?
    That would easily explain the notions you carry on with.
    Let me venture that you are still hurting...and whilst I`m not saying in any way or form that you are way off the mark or owt... i get the feeling your words are very much driven by what happened in your past.
    There`s enough people living a dream ...and focus their love on one person ie; a relationship.
    Its like your words are a cathartic outpouring....and as much as the basic sentiment is well founded.... (esp the drinking of gallons of beer and jammin!)...I just cant help feeling you are a wounded dog.

    dont no what facetious means but no money no food no heating an somebody banging on the back door when my mam was doing her best to bring us up i do know

    snap... and isnt it fair to say... back in those days...the notion of spirituality and emotions were a bit like...kept in check.


    I was being slighty facetious Grandad...but there is a bit of truth in how much more spiritual and romantic one can become etc when yer warm and full of bait and wine and no bailiffs are brayin on yer door like.

    The poverty that is highlighted in these figures is a concern, but poverty goes far beyond economics and finance. Of equal if not greater concern is the emotional, relational and spiritual poverty.

    emotional,relational and spiritual well-being is quite often directly proportional to the amount of money you have in yer pocket and how much Calor Gas is left in the cylinder.
    True that.

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    The poverty that is highlighted in these figures is a concern, but poverty goes far beyond economics and finance. Of equal if not greater concern is the emotional, relational and spiritual poverty.

    emotional,relational and spiritual well-being is quite often directly proportional to the amount of money you have in yer pocket and how much Calor Gas is left in the cylinder.
    True that.

    I`ve got 70p till next friday ,me calor gas has ran out and I`m going to McDonalds if i need to crimp one off cos i got nee paper left.... if it doesnt rain,I`ll busk.... I suppose I might be classed as in that poverty bracket?
    But---theres loads worse off that me I reckon.

    Well Megan.... you have the body for it and fair play to you for giving it a go...sure you will have been looking at all the vids that are about on the subject...and no doubt you`ll have heard of Jeyne Butterfly who is absolutuley fantastic.
    check this one out.... if you can get anywhere near to`ll be doing well.…0&list=PLA656EAE6F3F9C53A

    I`ll refrain from continuing the sexual innuendo--- cos I already had a go 5 mins after yer posted :whip:... I thank you

    DTHM.... I`ve had this sort of thing...and its a bugger isn`t it. All the things you mention are good things you`ve tried...and its very frustratting.
    First thing of course is : its not the dogs fault eh and lots of the above suggestions are the best you could get (although sorry like... hitting a dog on the nose...with a stick...nah...just nah).
    A lot of it depends on you...see me---i was way too soft, and i didnt persevere, I lost patience and tbh...I flippin gave up...I had two jack russells--they had me life.
    You can scour t`internet and theres loads of suggestions...and if you are prepared to pay, then Sarahs (I say`re the poet of my dreams..never change,never stop...I said Sarah....ffs den this stevie nicks infatuation will be your downfall man!!!) suggestion is a fine idea.
    Good Luck

    Hi. I`ve looked at the 3 examples... and what sprung to my mind was...yer get nowt fer nowt.... the last one on Evil Bay...notice how the seller has ZERO stars.
    Its like anything though eh... you got to be sensible...and carry out all the necessary precautions.
    It is the "wrong" time to be selling such vehichles eh...end of season etc...which is good for the likes of people on here.
    The Ebay one.... on the face of it---it just looks mint, and its got TIT and everything yer might need I suppose.
    When yopu look at other vans...which go for between 1-3k..y`know the type...much more "in keeping" with what a lot on here seem to be living in...they are of a different character eh.
    Depends what yer after...and what you plan in actually doing in it..... lots of motoring...or more static and just for living in. Big difference I would imagine.
    One thing I have noticed on here..... how high the % is of people living in vans down south compared to the North...theres a huge difference.
    Wonder if this is actual---or just co-incidence for this site. Interesting.
    Either of luck---just be careful.

    hello everybody and thanks to be so welcoming (not sure about this word) :)

    Its took yer a while to work that out Flo!
    Bon soir, j`mappele Grand Denini Troisieme Earl a Harte le pool. Mais oui!!
    Je suis ne a onze a j`morte.
    Avez vous un sandwich mes amiee?

    Thats Madrat fucked then :D

    TBH... within this thread...there are some facts...and there are some preferences..... some have been expressed in lingo that might be classed as inflammatory (that Madrattian...eee lad...he`s just a bugger.... a fat bellied bugger he is).
    I watched a health prog a month or two ago...rather ignorant of what exactly Type 2 Diabetes actual was.
    They were at a Rugby League Tournament... good choice as in general---they tend to be biggish types eh....over 250 people volunteered to be tested for XYZ...and bugger me.... the % of people who were medically overweight was shocking...and the number of people who had Type 2 and/or were in danger of getting it was huge.
    Fact is... Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle thing.... too much porkin and lashin.... simple as that.
    Mo Farrar aint gonna get Type 2.... but these Shot Putters mentioned here.... they are not particulary fit as such...they might be strong....but they are really fit.
    Anyway.... preferences..... there is nothing...nothing wrong whatsoever in preferring a thin person... just as nothing wrong with prefferring a fat person.
    Why is it then...its always the fatter people who complain?
    Yer hardly see thin people shouting the equivalent from the rooftops eh.
    Its prob right to say the vast majority of overweight/obese people dont want to be like that...then theres the frustrated/angry ones who have a packet of McCains on their shoulders.
    Within this thread...I repeat.... apart from the odd little poke (nowt really).... its been an open honest expression of feelings and opinions.... i can see no grounds for criticising whatsoever.