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    Ahh, a big breath of fresh air! So delighted to see you back Paul, and as our community multiplies quicker than at any time since the 1960s, I hope your amazing site does the same.

    Whether living in a vehicle, storm drain, yurt, bricks and sticks, bender or whatever, it’s great to know there are many like-minded souls around.

    Wishing everyone peace, love and trust.

    Now get your hair cut!

    Is the EU our enemy? Not in the traditional sense, but in any group designed to equalise and impose uniformity on its members the better off ones are going to pay, and the less well off are going to receive.

    The EU was fast becoming an out-of-control superstate similar to the Soviet Union, and I don't think many of us subscribe to that system.

    Those nations who over-contributed were becoming increasingly worried at the endless tide of migrants arriving into EU countries, and wondering where this Euro project was headed.

    There were some excellent aspects to being 'in', but I think people felt those were outweighed by the downsides. In any case, I can't think of anything positive we cannot retain from our involvement in the experiment.

    The unimaginable waste perpetrated by the EU bureaucracy would have built so many hospitals and helped so many of the less fortunate, but instead money was just being piled onto the gravy train, poured into suit pockets of the gravy commuters.

    I'm very much an 'outsider'. I don't readily join groups, except perhaps ones aimed at 'outsiders'! I think that fact contributed a great deal to my voting 'out'. I'm just not a naturally gregarious person, and would rather work alone and live alone.
    I don't like over-regulated, interfering, nanny state type systems of government, and to a large degree it was in protest at the meddlesome nature of the EU that I voted 'out'.
    The whole Euro project reminded me of an addict: He's fine without the drug; then he tries the drug; he likes the apparent effect; he gradually sinks more and more of his property and his life into it, and if he doesn't get help he eventually dies.

    It will be some time before we find out if the Euro-experiment destroyed our individuality, but I'm hoping that when Europeans come here they will not feel our country is part of an homogenised mass. What is the point in travel if there is no variation? As our fantastic French neighbours so succinctly put it, 'Vive La Difference!'.

    I wept all day.

    Well, not really, but I did enjoy the wedding music.

    Actually it was such a nice day to listen to the utterly delightful music they played at the welding that it sent me on a Youtube binge of listening pleasure.

    Chanson De Matin by Elgar and Elin Manahan-Thomas singing Eternal Source Of Light Divine were so beautiful they brought me to tears.

    Man is capable of such great evil and depravity, but at the other extreme of the spectrum are these two pieces of music.

    I hope you too have something similarly beautiful to cherish today.

    Have signed and shared.
    Thank you for the email Paul. It is because of creeping state control like this that we see so few travellers nowadays.
    Everybody has equal access to this planet (or should), and a few 'suits' in climate-controlled offices can not be allowed to progress with this sort of shit without feeling more nervous than those whose harmless ways of life they seek to destroy.
    I had thought of Brighton as a progressive place on the whole, but it seems as though the traffic warden mentality is still thriving in the small minds of a few jobsworths.

    Samjosh, if you are safe and happy that is ALL that counts. Life is short, and humans try their best to make life as tricky as possible, so fight the trend and be happy with your efforts. Most people cannot and will not make their own home and go travelling in it, so you are in the top few thousand people in the country.
    If you need to change your layout etc as you go along it will be easier if it isn't a fabulously constructed showpiece, and anyway it's a home, not an engineering masterclass.
    Can't wait to see your pictures mate. Good luck with everything. [panic]

    Lionheart, do you wanna sell the washstand?

    Hi Subgenre. The washstand is part of my gypsy and traveller collection, but you can buy them made to order from PJ Stainless Products of Bilston, Cumbria. They make superb water cans, churns, buckets, wash stands etc for travellers and gypsies. They have a stall at the Epsom Derby, usually with a big black HIAB sticking up in the air so you can find them amongst the hundreds of stalls. Their stuff is thick grade stainless steel, not like the far eastern imports, and is made for every day use by travellers. It is really beautiful quality. I've bought a lot of stuff from them, and it all looks like new still after years of use. Can't recommend them highly enough. Epsom Derby starts in a few days I think. It's a big day in the gypsy calendar and you'll see hundreds of traveller's caravans there, and bare knuckle fights, find-the-lady card sharps etc. Hope this helps.

    Try PJ Stainless Products of Bilston, West Midlands. WV14 8SE 01902 401053
    I have bought from them and the quality is beautiful. I have a small collection of their old style quality but extremely shiny, heavy gauge stainless buckets, gypsy wash stands, churns and their amazing gypsy water cans. I met them at their large metalworks stall at Epsom Races Derby Day, the one all the gypsies and travellers go to. They generally have a lorry with a big black hiab sticking up in the air so you can see where they are amongst the many stalls and sideshows.
    I have a collection of water cans and gypsy paraphernalia, and PJ's stuff is old school quality, like my old William Murdoch cans from many decades ago. For anyone wanting any gypsy traveller stuff, Epsom Derby is great.
    I have a saved search on Ebay for gypsy water cans, so am notified of any that come up for auction.

    PS Theirs is the final page advert on the website RomanyGypsyTrailers, well worth looking at if you love old stainless caravans, flash trailers etc.

    This thread is terrific BHD, and I can't wait for each instalment to arrive. Thank you so much for photographing it and sharing it all. The workmanship and thought going into it all is absolutely top notch.
    By the way, I was racking my withered brains to remember where I'd seen your name before, and the Vickers stuff jogged it. I think to recall you selling some stainless steel gypsy wash stands a few years ago, and I bought one of them. I still have it, and it's never seen action, so is in great. nick. I have a small collection of water cans too, another wash stand and a few s/s gypsy buckets. Hope you managed to keep a few bits of stainless for your truck when it's all done. It would really suit a couple of Wm. Murdoch cans and a bucket or two. :)

    Do check that you have enough room in the over cab section for a mattress and other insulation before you plan your bed up there. Also in the warm weather it can be very stuffy, so some sort of vent is a blessing. Good luck and keep us updated as you progress!

    Lidl have a little light on sale this week that has various coloured LEDs in it, and they flash for various lengths of time and combinations to mimic the light from a tv. It's about £8 I think, and looks to be a sound investment to deter druggies breaking into your van. It needs a 9v input, so you'd need to get a little transformer from 12 down to 9. I couldn't find the link for it on Lidl's site but here's the one from Aldi:

    Hi Rich and Kirsty, have the tiles around the burner behaved themselves nicely? No cracking of tile or grout or anything? Seems like such a nice way to finish that area behind, and very similar to the tiles in older Buccaneer and Roma travellers' trailers.

    That's excellent. There are few things as nice as seeing the smoke from a real fire trailing up on a misty morning. Best of luck with everything.

    Beautiful caravans, Lord Munsterlands. They're so incredibly well made and engineered, it's not really a surprise they are so well insulated. Thanks for that Sideshow.

    I had a Roma traveller's trailer with a proper fire in it and when the owner of the farm I was staying on saw the smoke for the first time he panicked and asked me not to use it. He reckoned the sparks might set fire to hay in the nearby barn, and that his insurance may not cover that. Maybe it might be a good idea to find out if it will be ok to have a burner in the works yard before you do anything.

    It's great to witness the evolution of your new home Raffi.
    I was just thinking about the pallet wood issue, and if it had been treated with some horrible chemicals wouldn't they be sealed in by simply whacking a quick coat of varnish on them? You could have the matt or silk finish stuff if you don't want a shine. Every time I've seen pallet wood used in a fit-out it looks absolutely tremendous.

    Ben Fogle's mum is the stunningly lovely Julia Foster. I remember as a boy of about ten swooning (yes, that's right, swooning!) when she came on the old black and white valve telly. I just couldn't imagine anything more beautiful in the whole world. Even just hearing her voice left me flushed.
    Next series bring your mum along too Benny boy, you well-spoken young hitchhiker type fellow.

    Travellers have always and still today go calling to ask for work in their particular field, whether it be UPVC fascias, gutter cleaning, roof de-mossing, pressure washing, tarmac laying, tree-felling and hedge-trimming, rubbish clearance, selling things like bark chips, potting compost, lucky heather, Christmas holly wreaths, even three piece suites. I bet you could think of ten things off the top of your head that you could do, like car cleaning, decorating, repairs, garden tidying etc etc. Older people especially may be very pleased of your help, and possibly a bit of company too. Also in better off areas people with plenty of money really don't want to do jobs that they could pay someone else to do. My advice is to just go knocking doors and asking if people have any jobs they need doing on their house. They will likely say no to start with, but once you relax them by chatting it is always surprising how things crop up that they would like doing now they feel a little safer with you.
    If you are friendly, open and honest you can make a living just by presenting yourself to people, clean, tidy and respectful, and not pushy but chatty and open.
    Good luck with it Ben.

    Too good to be true.

    Reminds me of these little catalogues that turn up sporadically on my doormat, in a plastic bag with a separate slip saying they'll collect your order or just the catalogue on Thursday. In reality the poor soul who delivered the catalogue pays as much as 40p each for them, and so is desperate for an order or the catalogue to be left outside. I've seen several friends invest borrowed money in 'starter packs' and lost it all.
    These companies prey on peoples dreams of easy money ("the bloke at the seminar said he was well on his way to a six figure income"), and from my observation of them it is perfectly apparent that the entire scam is based on selling hundreds of those little catalogues to poor little young mums, people fed up with their poorly paid jobs who have believed the 'own business, Porsche coming soon' bogwash and anyone desperate to escape the poverty trap. It is the most cynical, unethical, despicable way of making money imaginable, and I'd love to hear of the downfall of these vile scammers.

    If the business involves you outlaying money on little catalogues and starter packs then give it a wide berth; they are scamming YOU, and your time and money are far more important than to be wasted fattening the few inscrutable, cynical rogues at the top.

    I installed a Federal Signal PA300 American police siren behind the driver's seat of my van, but in such a way that I can access the controls or grab the microphone with my left hand, should it be necessary to shout advice (for example) at somebody. The speaker is underneath the van. I've had some real fun with the PA and with the whoop-whoop siren (though obviously never in the UK), and it's interesting how quickly a driver, on an important call to his broker perhaps, can throw his i-phone at his passenger foot-well when an earpiercing 100 watt siren goes off right behind him. The dangerously weaving vehicle suddenly heads in a straight line, as if by magic, and safety is restored.

    I bought a couple of sirens privately through ebay, and the chap who sold them said he keeps trying to sell his collection but ebay remove the siren listings within an hour or two every time in the UK. Search ebay for police sirens internationally though, and quite a few are sold in America, Poland etc, which can be posted overseas.

    There is a business (in West Sussex I think) called Emergency Vehicle Solutions which sells all the light bars, beacons, sirens etc, and they may be able to advise on their legality in your particular country. Here is one of their sirens:


    I notice that you can buy good copies of the American police car siren/PAs from Chinese factories through AliExpress, like this one for example:…01527_4,searchweb201560_9

    I've bought many items through AliExpress and though delivery from China can take from a few days to three weeks, the service and products have always been good value.

    If you want to hear the sounds of a particular siren you can generally find the specific model on Youtube, though many Chinese sellers also have a little video with their advertisement, like the one above.
    Here is my Federal Signal one:

    You can also buy blue and red light sets (which have a very pleasing range of flash patterns) on ebay or AliExpress, though obviously one would never consider installing such items, even if it were only for fun. You could fit them inside though.

    Hey, be careful out there.