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    My favourite scrimp isn't a vegetarian friendly one sadly...

    I like to boil down the bones and bits left over from my sunday roast along with the carrot and parsnip and whatever other pealings and tops and tails to make stock rather than using stock cubes.

    I also compost everything I can to then grow vegetables and herbs in again, getting the most out of what I consume.

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    i think the phrase you are looking for is...samhain blessings;) ya grumpy old toad:rolleyes:

    Sounds good to me, happy samhain utterly doesn't ring true... though i'm not really sure it requires any special greeting at all, just to be happy that time continues :)

    It should worry everyone. My favourite piece of news of the week was the release of a report which "finally laid to rest the final arguements against global warming" - Tony Blair. It's possibly the most ridiculous statement i've ever heard any politician ever make, since the turn of the century no peer reviews papers have ever come up with any evidence supporting a case against global warming!

    The problem for most people is they don't think they can help or they feel like it's too much of an inconvenience to bother with. All it's about is making them see that it'll be a lot more inconvenient when their house is under water and so's all the farm land.

    Venison Stew, with homemade rye bread followed by wholemeal parsnip cake.
    Or thick vegetable soup with british winter veg and the stock left over from the most recent roast dinner :)

    Big heavy breads are the best thing about winter though.


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    that's amazing

    That's incredible! I'm gunna have to dig out my pics of sunset from Beltaine at Ogmore.

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    When I worked for a large high street chain last year, it was company policy to keep doors open, even in the middle of winter.

    I've seen this policy in operation too and the same again when I worked for a caterers/cafe. Energy efficency is a secondary concern when there's money to be made in the short term.

    Who needs to save the planet for tomorrow or your children when you can drive a fast car and buy a big house today!?

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    :) my my my... you ARE cynical. It will prob' more like rampant bird related disease or infectios diseases such as aids.

    All ofcourse orchestrated by ou 'freindly allies'. ;)

    Bah, conspiracy theories. I don't think our fraternal capitalist allies are trying to bring about the destruction of the world (though there are some evangelical fanctions who believe that the faster the world is wrecked the sooner the rapture will come about), or there's some new world order controlling their actions or whatever.

    Nature might be trying to kill us off, but that's the extent of it.

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    I don't have a easy answer for this one.

    I shouldn't worry too much about answering this question. Eventually someone's (probably our friendly allies) going to start a war that answer this one for us. I'm just hoping I don't die.

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    My freinds think i am a bit 'soft and obstinate' .. but fuck um. ;)

    I think my friends just think i'm giving them a hard time!

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    Big Brother comes to town.. and you get a back lash from a large majority of the people that embrace the more 'greener' issues. If that is not to much of as generalisation :rolleyes:

    I figured that I'd get the Big Brother thing, in truth my main concern is the protection of the environment and so the ensurance that our species may still be alive in some serious way into the next century.

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    Well i don't quite have a cynical attitude to this goverment ..

    I'd love to be less of a cynic about the administration. I'm very pro-governance, i think it's extremely important in a large, complex, modern society. I just think that the way we run government now doesn't benefit the people quite as much as it is intended to.

    Through the course of my life I've watched a stupendous number of public services be sold off and downsized and i've seen no benefit to us. The ones that shock me the most are things that should never be privatised (Like DERA becoming QinetiQ).

    Big talk, with no real action. All government facilites should have energy saving policies in operation and the only two i can think of off the top of my head that do are MoD Abbeywood and the WAG Merthyr site (though the latter is totally messed up)

    For our present level of technology, if you were to roll out good standards of living with ideal consumption and recycling and confortable living conditions then you're have to have a population of about 2.5billion, we haven't had a population that size since the 1930s. The simple truth of the matter is, we're making the world very top heavy in ecological terms, there are too many consumers exploiting the environment, we all need to be fed, clothed and shelter. You can't ensure equality in these things with such large numbers of people without utterly destroying the natural environment. This is evidenced by what developed nations are doing to the planet to ensure their "quality of life".

    I'd prefer to see the wealth of the world decreased. That is to say the very wealth would be made much less wealthy, there is only so much money you need after all.

    Too true. The things is, most people don't seem to get to the stage of even thinking about how their every day actions effect anything in the larger scheme of things. My housemates keep asking me what we're going to use our compost for, why don't we just chuck the waste in the bin. And i keep fishing things out of the bin that should go to recycling :frust:

    Legislation may be the only way to really bring about effective change. But I don't think there's the political will to make the decisions that are required.

    The main problem with our political system is the only thing it's about is getting re-elected. So all policies are short term, who care's what happens in 10 years? This government probably won't be in power then so it won't be their problem, let someone else deal with it. Right?

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    Atomic... this is the kinda attitude the majority of people have. It does matter what the individual does. If every or a large proportion of people, just did the tiny things. As a whole it would make a BIG difference.

    I can agree i think this 'test' is not that accurate, but i also think it indicates a trend. I think some have had a result that suggests more about their 'bad habits' than they would like to admit. I CAN SAY THIS CUZ MY 'FOOTPRINT' IS OF one PLANET :angel: . Over one, pushing onto two maybe three [planets] is saying something about you that is uncomftable.

    However, if there less people then the resource and ecological overshoot would be cut down. So more "planets" would be okay... though it's always better to have a low impact even if you are able to have a higher one.

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    Seriously dude... that stuff doesn't matter a damn. Look outside at the streetlights, shop lights, shop doors left wide open in winter blasting heat into the street, energy wasted producing shit we throw away five minutes later, energy wasted moving goods half way around the world that could be made down the street. People ain't gonna change a thing by turning off a few lights. The real desire for change has to come from above.

    You don't have to tell me, especially on the subject of "local" produce in supermarkets. Why would I want my fresh Welsh beef shipped to france for slaughter, to germany for packaging and then superchilled for a week or two while it sits in storage at Tesco's megadepot somewhere in England? I wouldn't, so I stroll down the road once a week to buy my food from the farmers market.

    We live in a society entrenched in laziness and comfort and taking things for granted. All i'm saying is, if you start thinking about saving energy and the future of the planet then maybe (and i know this is a little optimistic) you'll start wondering what else you can do to help.

    It's just about raising awareness. Though i'll admit, i'm not exactly sure what my reasoning is behind trying to raise awareness here :insane:

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    .... or to lull you into a false sense of security that you can change the world by making a few superficial changes in your lifestyle.

    True. But if everyone in this country decided to make even superficial changes to their lifestyle then that would begin the process of helping. Most people don't care to the point at which they leave all their lights on and all their electrical equipment on standby... though i doubt that's the case of anyone here. So i suppose it's a bit pointless in this place...

    Nice :D

    I totally agree.

    People who care or even think about the every day effect of their lives on the planet at large are in the minority. This is evidenced in no small way by our continued ability to buy incadecant lightbulbs - why in a world where we have energy saving bulbs that last between 8 and 12 times as normal ones and use about a 6th of the power, though cost 5 times as much can we still do this. It's simple maths, but people won't even put their hands in their pockets to help their own electricity bills!

    We're getting better, but not quickly enough. Even government buildings don't employ energy saving technologies as standard as the government won't pay out for them. They should be leading by examplem but they're not.

    perhaps it's giving us a little to much credit to say that nature know's what's going on. the life of our civilization is but a blinking of her eye and a rapid (in her terms) immune responce will probably wipe us out as if we were a common cold.

    we are truly insignificant.

    No, it's not really. But it's a useful tool to make you think about the issues involved in generating your footprint. If a few people stop, take the time to do this quiz and it makes them re-evalute what they waste and use then that's more valuable then any level of accurancy in the number it churns out at the end.

    FOOD 1.2
    MOBILITY 0.1
    SHELTER 0.6




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    No problem, i was just responding to your sweeping statement.

    ''politboro that knows nothing of the plight of the people or our impending doom..''

    Ofcourse they know and are aware... and more than likely know more than you and mos' def' more than me.:)

    Sorry, I'm not actually a raving looney... well, i suppose that depends of the context :P. I often forget that my favoured form of satyr doesn't come over well in electronic form :o though if I said I thought the establishment had our best interests at heart I wouldn't be being exactly truthful.

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    The worrying thing is that Britain could be one of teh few places that will not experience global warming if the polar icecaps continue to melt. The arguement goes that if this colder water moves south at sufficient volume if will force the warmer salty current of the Gulf Stream onto the sea bed so it won't affect surface temperatures on land. So think how cold other countries on this latitude get in winter (Canada, Russia) and stock up on thermal undies! :panic:

    Even if the Gulf Stream collapses we will still suffer effects of climate change, the GS only transfers one fifth of the energy to the poles that is transmitted by the atmosphere. We might be better off in terms of biodiversity, in that the limitation of temperature change would mean less migration of species (which because of roads and cities being everywhere will result in the loss of many species when they come to barriers they cannot cross). But the Earth system is a global one, so we will most likely see changes in rainfall patterns, ocean surface currents, fish stock distributions and many other things besides.

    Basically I work with Sustainability, and my background's Env GeoSci and Ecology.

    You are quite right about the extremely complex nature of the climate system and the forcings that are operating of it and I completely agree with you. However, I prefer to aire on the side of caution when it comes to this kind of thing.

    The permafrost is melting, all you have to do is look at the drunken forests in the worlds boreal regions or see the methane bubbling out of freshly formed siberian lakes to come to that conclusion. Arctic winter ice cover has reduced 30% since 1970. These high latitude regions are showing us the effects that will begin to occur in more southerly regions as the warming process progresses.

    The North Atlantic Ocillation has been responsible for a lot of fuss in the last few years, it's what's brought about the scare of the gulf stream collapsing IMO. The increased rainfall on N Europe has melt more fresh water coming into the the N Atlantic, which has given the appearance of higher rates of arctic melting than is in fact the case. So when (or if) the oscillation switches back, which it hasn't done for about 30 years, we may have some rest bite and pressure will be taken off the gulf stream - though that'll probably result in increased Western European and sub polar warming! *gets a head ache just thinking about it*

    It's not all doom and gloom though. As ice cover at the poles has decreased, cloud cover has increased, for some reason, this seems to be ofsetting the loss of ice in reflecting sunlight into space :)

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    I'd imagine they know more about it than you do... :whistle:

    Some people that work for the government might know more about it than i do. But I am an environmental scientist, so i do know quite a lot about this situation and government policy towards it.

    Cheers for the info though :)

    Ah well, could be worse. We could also be ruled by a ruthless politboro that knows nothing of the plight of the people or our impending doom and we could all be subject to leading lives where we're subject to innumerable forms of external control... oh wait...

    I reckon we're going to have some problems in the coming year, and if not 2007 then definately 2008. It's been unnaturally warm up until this week in October, record breaking temperatures I believe.

    I've heard many concerning reports of new growth happening. Plants will be wasting energy in advance of winter that they should be using next spring. This will almost certainly have dire consequences, maybe not for next years growing season, but if the trend continues and spring onset's earlier and winter later again next year then the 08 growing season may be desasterously effected!

    Major effects are already being seen in Siberian and Alaskan Boreal forests, where the warming is already far adavnced on that which we're feeling in more temperate climate zones! :eek: Panic!!!

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    any problems in going barefoot?

    Like ticks and mites so close to so much bracken!

    I used to be incapacitated, still making my way through life but not really touching anything around me. My mental state had created a bubble around me from which i could not escape and into which no one else could penetrate.
    I did it to myself initially, as a way of protecting myself (long story) but after years of reinforcement it meant that those I wanted to be close to me and wanted to be close themselves couldn't get in. This was torturous and destructive.
    Sadly through my healing process I have lost one that I cared deeply for, but I have now broken down many of my walls and I feel lifes embrace with renewed joy. I think, or atleast hope, that my experience has not been a wasted one, and my rebirth (though i don't like to use the word due to it christian conitations) has given me the fresh, untainted eyes of a child, with their joy, but also with the knowledge and ability to appreciate what i see that i have gained through my life.

    For all who are low, there is hope.

    I'm really, really late coming into this one and it's my first post here so here goes...

    IMO in the beginning there was only energy, before the universe was cool enough for matter to form. In this time all of what was to become life was one single, unified being. As the universe grew and cooled, energy became matter and in so doing caused that single universal being to be separated into an uncountable number of parts.

    These parts are still irrevocably connected and part of the same being, but to maintain themselves and the universal Gaia they caused what we now consider to be organic chemistry to form. Life predisposes itself to exist. When the living universe broke up it segmented into a pyramidal structure, with more complex patterns of energy at the top, occurring less frequently to simple patterns at the base, occurring in incredible numbers.

    So simple life evolved to become more complex life, so that more complex beings could support the higher patterns. When the whole pyramid was filled the universe was at full health. Bursts of evolution and slowings in it's pace reflect gaps appearing in the pyramid which need to be filled or the reverse.

    Our soul, or spirit is an eternal fragment of a much greater being. When we die another like us will take our place and use our essense to survive and ensure the continuation of the living universe.

    That's what i think anyway...