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    Small purple berries like tiny plums. Are they damson or sloe? Loadsa them at horsendon to

    Hi vanman,couldn't tell,would have to see a picture but I can tell you where damsons definately grow near you,Pitshanger park the side entrance on the Argyle road,you'll see them in the corner about half a dozen trees,I used to live round there and make Damson vodka from them.Also loads of good eating mushrooms in that park too.:)

    I have been in the same quandary for months now,LDV or Relay/boxer etc and have decided to go for a Relay,I like the look of the LDVs over the panel vans but I plan to be traveling in mine for at least a year and use it for a camper for the next 10 years so I'm going for a newer Relay ( I have my eye on an 08) with low mileage.
    Also I think the conversion of a relay would be easier for my needs,most ldvs seem to be minibuses with windows all round which I don't want,I would rather put in a couple of campervan windows that can open outward (seitz) but keep the back of the van windowless for better insulation.
    I think the Relays are a better drive as well,the Ldvs can be a bit cumbersome.

    I'm hoping to pick up mine on Sunday all being well,can't wait to get started.:)

    tried it last year in my living room,took about two hours to really give out some heat and then made the whole room stink of clogging candle wax.
    If you can cope with that it's fine but too smelly for me.

    Be careful when trying to butcher a deer at the side of a road,I heard of one guy who did this regularly,He saw a deer at the roadside and got his knives out to have himself a leg but when he started the beast kicked out and knocked him unconscious,turns out the deer was just stunned.
    The guy has a scar on his forehead of a hoof!

    They sell kits/equipment in some Tesco stores. The best place is ebay secondhand/freecycle, carboot sales or homebrew shops. I have 2 x demijons of homegrown red grape wine to rack off. Hope its good, but no-longer drinking myself, isn't making it a priority.

    Just had a look and they sell the kits but have stopped doing the equipment.
    The Damsons are nearly ready to go so will get some stuff from Wilkinsons and keep an eye out in charity shops etc for future batches to have a continuous supply.
    The abundance of free fruit in the hedgerows at this time of year should keep me busy.:)

    Honestly people, any drinks bottle will do. the 2L bottles you get water in the shops are great. like 15p for sainsburys basics water, then you have a brewing vessel and water :)

    Hi Detonator,just been told that if using a plastic container it has to be certain type as alcohol can dissolve some solvents and can be carconagenic and impart flavour,the same way jams/chutneys etc have to be in glass containers because of the acid/sugars etc,so maybe its best not to use water bottles.
    Saying that I smoke anyway so that wouldn't make a difference to me.:)

    my OH has got into homemade wine now - i got him the book 'booze for free' by andy hamilton and that's really good and interesting too.

    but i was going to ask the same q. as thingamajig - where is best to buy these things not online? buying pectolase for e.g. adds £4 because of p&p which is the cost of another tub of it, it seems silly. same with any of DJs p&p is a lot :S we got plastic ones that
    are foodgrade are these ok?

    Will have a look at that book,thanks
    I have just been told on another forum that they sell everything in Wilkinson :thumbup:

    I have been reading this thread with interest and its got me thinking as there are about six damson trees in the park opposite where I live so I thought I will have a go at making some wine.
    So I wondered if you guys could recommend a good recipe and a book on the subject etc.
    Also where do I get hold of some demijohns?,Household/hardware store,Boots etc,I cant find anything apart from online and do they have to be glass or can I use plastic?

    I've done a few market stalls over the years and I noticed girls accessories were popular,you can go from town to town and they don't cost much,about 30 quid for the day.Teenage girls like to spend their pocket money on bangles,hair bands etc and them pounds soon add up.
    It wouldn't cost much either,for £100 you could get yourself a well stocked stall and you get to sit down all day.
    It may be worth a punt,he who dares Rodders!:)

    Next summer, when I will have my shit together then I would be tempted,can't wait to leave the rat race.
    Work on the land,a few pigs,chickens etc,sounds like the dream
    Whats the plan,I presume you will rent out the rooms.If you're still looking then I will drop you a line,I am getting a camper next summer and buggering off! but would also be tempted to do something like this.
    Good luck!:)

    I had to do this with a new allotment, the council had given some land over due to demand.You say you only have a week so if you want to get planting soon it looks like the hard way ie Turfing the grass off with a spade and then double digging and getting well rotted manure or bags of expensive compost into the soil.Back breaking work but at least you know its done properly.
    How good is the soil,nice and dark or mid brown.Nice and dark and you don't have to worry about the manure etc so much.
    How big is the plot? If you're not used to this sort of graft,like I wasn't,you might only be able to do a few hours tops, so only a few square meters a day.
    I'm no expert on this but had to research it at the time and that was the best option for me to get instant results.
    The only other option I know and the far easier one, is to pay someone else to do it for you.:D
    Good luck!

    Hi the van looks great.
    I am thinking about getting a camper and hitting the road for the summer next year but I would rather convert my own or buy a conversion,the ready made ones are a bit pricey and I think a conversion has much more character.
    Do you mind me asking how much roughly the build costs including all the furnishings etc.
    If you don't want to divulge I understand.