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    it may well be due to a ( fairly ) recent change in contract law.. ( nondisclosure of modifications )... Insurance companies can no longer Willy nilly null and void contracts due to the nondisclosure of irrelevant ( to the claim) modifications... the nondisclosed item now has to either have been the cause of the claim or had made a significant impact / was contributing factor ...for example they could argue that the shiny new alloys ( undisclosed) made the vehicle more desirable to a thief ( in a theft claim )... but they would be irrelevant in a RTA or a fire claim

    my take on it is that living vans are now ( due to new EU directives that are changing the way vehicles are categorised for mot purposes ie .. no longer on body type but on EU vehicle category ) is that as the amendment states living vans will no longer be 'N ' category ( goods vehicle ) but become ' M1 ' ( passenger vehicle ).. as it states ( in the manual guide ) .. if the v5 states M1 or ' living van ' .. well it actually says anything else on the v5 that can be used to determine the vehicle use...or if nothing is stated its up to the testers discretion to decide if it meets the requirements of the description.. ie it has 'some living accommodation + load carrying capacity...i was planning on having a big garage anyway = my load carrying capacity...but as you say exactly what I carry will determine the other things .. tacho o licence ECT...i will be getting in touch with dvsa technical for clarification...

    yes the definition is a vehicle with living accommodation that also has a load carrying capacity..they used to be classed as commercial now it seems they are m1 ( passenger vehicle with 8 seats or less ).. and so class 4 mot... this helps me as I was gonna have a massive garage ( load carrying capacity ) on my truck anyway.. but now i dont have to jump through all the hoops to get ' motorcaravan ' on my v5... as i dont need it to get the class 4 MOT...

    yup .. having just looked into it a bit more it seems if you only have 1,000 subscribers but have 1 million clicks then it raises alarm bells !!.. ah well it was just a thought = easy life an all that :)

    ok so a friend of mine ( well fb aquaintence really ).. has a utube account / channel .. he recently asked for subscribers as utube have made him need 1,000 subscribers before they will pay him for ( advert clicks )...this has been achieved so all is good now :) .. my query to anyone out there that understands all the technical side of things is this.. once you have a channel and the 1.000 required subscribers.. what's stopping you ( as in = me ).. going on utube ( not signed in ) and just spend all day clicking on the adverts = thus creating revenue ?.. i understand that apparently you need about 2 million clicks to earn $2,000 bucks ( US ).. and utube take 45 %...but when all said and done .. it's an easy job !.. you need to let the advert run for a minimum of 30 secs to collect payment.. but if you had 2 or 3 laptops running.. it's gotta be better than trying to mine bit-coins !!... is this scenario at possible ?.. or am i dreaming again ?

    how big a van are you looking for ?.. my american ford van is lez exempt / compliant..( ive checked on the website ).. even though it has a 7.3 litre v8 diesel.. but alas my other trucks are not :(

    geeezze .. it's been a long time comeing pop=up..!!.. tbh .. i am really supprised at the size of the vehicle you have actually bought in the end.... ( allready knowing your driving licence entitlements ) |"!!!!!.. good on you though !!.. ex ambulances are the thats a 4x4 ??? good on you.. !!.#

    not my cup 0f tea.. but i'm not a merc man.. a few quieries .... 5.5t but only 1.5t payload ???.... 4t empty ?.. that seems a lot for a small truck.. driven a lot of 7.5t's and they generally have a 3-3,5t payload.. so thats 4-4,5t unlaiden.. don't know why this is so heavy ?..4 litre engine about 25 mpg..milage is very low ( if genuine ).. i see some 609d's are rated at 7.5t ?..same 4 liter engine.. personally i'd be looking for a volve fl4 or fl6... only because scania don't make anything small .. lol.. i jumped in a 5 yr old volvo the other day and it had 1.2 million kms on the clock !!

    iv'e got a yank tank ford econoline e350.. v8 diesel... used to get 18mpg on a long run up to scotland or 22 when using 100 % straight veggie oil.. since put a high top roof on it now down to 13 -15 mpg on diesel.. dunno about the veggie as i ain't put none in lately.. last time was when diesel was £1.40 a litre and veggi was £1... new from asda....round town figure are a bit harder to work out.. probly ( pre high top ).. about 12mpg... and post about 10 mpg.. but not really sure just a guess...:insane:.. but there didn't seem to be any difference if i was pulling a trailer or not....

    one thing to remember when buying horse boxes is that a lot of the time the body has been put on a previously commercially used chasis cab....if you can find one that was a bespoke made horse box from new then it will be a better buy...:insane:

    re .. failed for having air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror... i think now for 3 yrs i have been given an advisory for haveing my lucky chinese coin dangling from the mirrror.. every time it says in the advisory it was removed by the tester !!.. ( i now take it off prior to testing :) ).. :insane:

    what's next?... the ultimate au natural campsite.. sleep as nature intended with unlimited views of the stars... sleeping bag provided..45 euros per person per night.. yes that is it ( a sleeping bag ).. lol....:insane:

    i don't know the price of renting a yurt.. but i would have thought 50 euros a night is a tad optomistic ! ( you could book into a hotel for far less than that ! ).. personnally i would have thought 10 euros a night ( per person ) is a more realistic sum..( but i do tend to use ( over ) prudence when formulating any business plan.. as said i have no idea what other yurt owners charge so i may well be completely off the mark...:insane:

    the ' old school ' ( now done away ) with marriage tax allowance was an extra tax allowance ie.. you could earn more money as a couple than the 2 individual allowance put together..before paying tax.. this ' new ' one is as wulfie and jules say.. it's a tranferable ( unused ) allowance.. which is only benificial if one partner is on a low income ( doesn't earn enough to pay tax ).. and the other partner pays tax.. the unsed bit can be transfered to the partner who pays tax thereby effectively allowing that partner to earn more money before tax is due ....

    i just had to pay the taxman £492 ( for year ending 2014 ).. wondered wher the money went ?... now i know .. lol @ rumpusmany..

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    i just had to pay the taxman £492 ( for year ending 2014 ).. wondered where the money went ?... now i know .. lol @ rumpusmany..