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    share a common set of morals, so you'll be more than welcome here :)

    I like that point and always try to do it but the life this time is brutal...
    I hope that i will find some informations about differend kind of hippies, I might find it interesting :)

    Poland,who mentioned Poland,I was referring to the west midlands :whistle:

    Good :) don't want to be racist but i got nothing to search at Poland and ppl r just too rude... And got no future there most off my life i been in England. Yhmm west midlands i like it in here but there is no places that you could feel free.

    Its always nice to hear from people from other countries and get to know a bit about them and where they come from. There are quite a few people from overseas or overland who post on here,and they often look at things a bit different,but have similar morals as most of us,I think it makes a far more interesting site when it is international.

    I know that this might be funny but i don't know nothing about Poland.xD
    I think that my style would look like yours. There is not much difference xD

    Hello My name is Przemek. Yhmm u probably would say it like ( shemek ) xD.
    I come from Poland, About 11 Years ago i have moved with my family to England, Finished High School, 2 years of College.
    I'm 20 years old now, I would like to join this Community because i Love Free Life From all this cities ... i know that we have 21st century but there must to be some places thats just perfect for ppl like ( Us? ), Meybe I'm not the perfect Hippy But i know that i want to be one !.

    Thanks For Reading :P