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    Geese would be better for clearing land. Chickens shouldn't be kept on long grass as it can impact their crop. If keeping hens you should always strim the grass first.

    Like neyni I rarely post here anymore, however I saw this and felt I needed to. Firstly massive hugs and support for you, your situation doesn't sound easy, even without the learning challenges Edgar has.

    I wonder though, even with his visual impairment, if you could connect through music and sound? There are some amazing baby sensory ideas out there-some classes but loads you can do at home too. Communicate through touch, sound. You saw you don't know if he is aware of your pressence? Then create something he only associates with you-whether that be certain music, a certain touch etc. Then he will know. Also this will all assist with his development and maybe help you feel like you are helping him, rather than just 'babysitting' him which is how your post sounded to me. It may help to have a plan, structured activities. Its so hard when children with learning difficulties cry and there is nothing you can do. Its not you, its the condition. Holding him close allows him to know someone is there, and it will be helping, even if it isn't obvious. Much love Paddy.

    I wouldn't do this. Chickens can get very stressed very easily and something like traveling even once can really lower their immune system. Chickens are creatures of routine and like things to be exactely the same every day. I would think it would be cruel to travel with them and I would imagine that they would get sick a lot and not be very happy.

    I'm sorry you have been having such a hard time, it can be really difficult. I wonder whether you would find it useful to talk your feelings through with someone? The national breastfeeding phoneline or the BFN phonelines are run by supporters who are well trained in talking and debriefing mum's experiences, and would not try to convince you to re start feeding, but rather be a supportive listening experience for you, if you feel it would be beneficial?

    Practically, if you are getting very full and sore, then I would suggest expressing. Because you were feeding lots and then just stopped it can mean that you do get engorgement and increase the risk of mastitis. If you expressed a few times during the day and gradually cut it down you may find you are more comfortable and its easier for you.

    I'm glad that you have made a decision you are happy with and are feeling better about things. She is beautiful.

    Personally the nappies that did our ds from birth till 3 were bumgenius. They are brilliant. Expensive initially-although buying second hand may help with that, but we bought 12 and they have been used every day for 3 years without any problems :)

    Uma x

    At the end of the day, the mum and the baby being happy is what matters. If you need to express and let Dad do some of the night feeds then that can work, there is no reason why it wouldn't, as long as you have the right information. I would strongly recommend phoning one of the helplines (Breastfeeding Network, or National Breastfeeding Helpline) and talking all these things through with someone in real time, who has completed training.

    Every mum, every baby and every family situation is different and you need to do what is right for you all. Some babies sleep through very quickly and the mums milk certainly does not dry up. Others feed all the time. There is a lot of anecdotal advise in this thread, and not all of it is evidence based information, for that I suggest you phone one of the phone lines.

    I thought something like that happened. :)

    I would always say though that some hens need more calcium than others so even if there is calcium in the food, (and a lot of foods don't contain it, especially the mash, so do check), they will still need an extra source. We have one hen who needs an awful lot more calcium than the other two so we supplement their water with calcium also, and it stops her getting problems and becoming ill.

    No, you were right. The shell in the mixed grit *is* for their calcium intake and for making shells for their eggs. The tiny stones/grit is for digestion. The suggestion that if they were free ranging then they would pick up tiny bits of grit themselves for digestion but you would still need to provide oyster shells or another source of calcium for them. You can buy just oyster shell instead of mixed grit, which is where I think the confusion in this thread has come from.

    You will need to provide both. Grit/small stones for digestion and oyster shell or something similar for calcium.

    *edited to add, it is vital they get a good source of calcium as if not there are some very serious problems which could occur which are very nasty for the chickens. They can go egg bound or eggs can break inside them causing septic peritonitis which is not nice at all. It sounds as though you are quite a new keeper of chickens, the omlet forum or poultry pages are a very good source of good information. I would suggest reading a few of the posts there rather than relying on a hippy forum for you chickens wellbeing, as when something goes wrong in birds it tends to happen quickly.*

    Hi Weecab,

    Sorry to hear about this, I am glad you are taking it in your stride :)

    With regards to herbs for cancer, I would strongly recommend actually seeing a medical herbalist as there are a lot of different timours and cancers and different herbs will have different actions on them. Also some of them can have side effects and interactions so it would be best to talk to someone who is properly trained and get a thourough medical assessment with them. The national institute of medical herbalists (NIMH) will have a list of herbalists in your area.

    Uma x

    Personally, I think a more approachable (as Sarah said) and mainstream name would be better. A lot of women think about using Doulas but are put off by the 'hippy', Earthmother image of it. Something along the lines of your name or Birth Choices or something plain, and accessable would probably be the best thing for the business. But it depends who you are aiming your sevices at really and what you want to get out of the business.

    Having worked with a lot of mothers I certainly know that a number of them would be put off by anything too fluffy and not straightforward, and in some cases it would be best not to go into your own feelings/thoughts surrounding birth unless they mentioned it first, as this can put off a lot of people, imo.

    Hi Arlia,

    This does happen to some mums during pregnancy, although the lack of milk when you are trying to express doesn't necessarily mean that all your milk is gone. He may still be getting some, but is more efficient than expressing. Some mums find that if their milk does temporarily reduce due to pregnancy hormones that their nurslings are still happy to feed even if they are not getting much, as it is also about comfort and closeness as well as the milk itself. If you are still happy for him to be feeding then there is no need to worry, and your milk will increase as the pregnancy goes on.
    Are you thinking about tandem feeding once your baby has been born? If you are considering it I wonder if you would find it useful to talk with another mum who has been in that situation?If so pm me and I can perhaps try to sort that out for you. Also if you would find it useful to talk all of this through with someone then the BfN breastfeeding helpline is 0300 100 0210. And the person you talk to could also put you in touch with another mum and supporter who has been in your position, if you would find that helpful.

    N x

    Hey sweets, have you talked to your mum yet? As I can package them up and send them to you if you still want them?


    Uma x

    Ok, I put them on last night and the bottom bit measired about 4 inches or so from the ground, but it depends where you wear the top of them-on your hips or higher up. I have rather short legs. But because the material is so heavy (think curtain heavy) it doesn't droop if you know what I mean, rather it goes up in the middle when you walk. I think the only time it might be on the floor is if you were squatting.

    Hope this makes sense!

    They have elasticated bits at the ankle so I don't think it would. I am 5'5 and they don't drag with me-how tall are you? :)

    Uma x

    Handmade trousers from etsy. Unworn and very beautiful. Free size as they have a jersey waistband with a drawstring. Heavy good quality material. I would like £25 posted please.