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    A few months ago i was visiting Rome and picked up on some hostlity toward Romanian gypsies.
    A tour guide who had lived in Rome for the last 20 years was one, i asked her if Italy had changed much in that time,she replied that in her view Rome was being ruined by an influx of Romanians who were the involved in criminal activity,she also said that a backlash was on its way.
    Another incident was when we visited a site in Rome which houses dozens of stray cats which are looked after by volunteers, the American lady i spoke to told me that cats were being 'abducted' by Romananian gypsies who were eating them and selling on the fur,i replied that i found it hard to believe that anyone would eat cats,and she replied that the Romanians were capable of anything!
    I'm not giving any creedance to these comments,i just thought they were interesting,and somewhat worrying in the light of these election results.

    I can totally empathise with the disillusionment with New Labour, i can remember well enough the Eighties & Nineties when it looked for so long as if we would never be rid of the Tories and the initial relief when they were finally slung out,but by 1997,the Labour party was no longer the party of Union rights,redistribution and public ownership,it was a kind of Tory lite led by those like Blair and Mandelson who had the aim of obliterating any traces of Socialism and establishing in Britain what exists in the USA,a political system giving a choice of two centre right parties, differentiated only by personalities rather than policy.
    So if this marks the end of New Labour,good riddance,but the return of a Tory government would be a disaster for all but the wealthy,what is needed is a left alternative to be built,until then its a case of bad and even worse.:wall:

    I don't claim benefits at present as i am working,but i have claimed income support in the past. What i want to say is how angry i get at some of my office colleagues attitudes to people on benefits.
    They seem to rate the unemployed somewhere just above peadophiles,going on about spongers,wasters etc and how they would love to cut their money to stop them 'living the life of reilly'.
    When i was on the dole i got £35 quid a week,i would love to have seen anyone living it up on that! It's incredible how selective some people are as to what angers them,issues like the Iraq war,the NHS,low pay,hardly get any reaction from these people,but mention someone on Incapacity or DLA and they start foaming at the mouth!
    Sad to say but there a hell of alot of these right wing Sun/Daily Mail reading morons about.
    OK Rant over!:mad:

    We live in a Semi-detached house,with a garden,we let our cat out a lot the only problem being the stray cats that abound round here,they tend to chase our cat who is quite timid.

    Just wondering are there many members here on Anti-depressants,if so which ones and do they feel they help?
    I'm on Prozac,have been for the past 5 years,to be honest i don't really think they help much,but im reluctant to come off them 1. because of the side effects of withdrawal and 2. because i am worried i would be much more depressed without them.
    My depression is reasonably low level,say 5 or 6 on a sliding scale of 1-10,but its been pretty constant since my mid teens.

    No, Britain isnt a police state, but this Labour governments attitude to civil liberties has been poor to say the least.
    The attempt to introduce 90 days detention without trial was a particular low point considering the 28 day limit in force at present is the longest in western europe and compares with 10 days in the United States.
    There is a strong paternalistic streak in new labour which coupled with their belief in the free market makes this Government light years away from the Labour party many of us supported in the past.

    I work and i pay tax,i have in the past been on the dole.
    I resent a lot of things in life,but people claiming the dole aint one of them.
    If some of them don't want to work ,good luck to them,they are welcome to my small contribution.I wouldnt wish my crap job on anyone.

    If he is hanged then i would put the death toll in Iraq in the following week between 500-1,000.
    If that dosen't matter to you,go for it!

    Im very much in two minds when it comes to the English.
    One the one hand my favourite musicians,authors actors and political figures are English.
    Some of the most beautiful places i have ever seen are in England,and indeed some of the most beautiful people i have ever met are English.
    On the other hand Englands historic role in Ireland is a disgrace,and the English have no right to claim the Six North Eastern counties of Ireland.
    So there you go mixed feelings,much the same as i would have over the USA i suppose, for different reasons.

    I have no problem remembering the many millions who died in the First world war,in fact they deserve to be commemorated without a doubt.
    I wouldnt wear a poppy because here in the North of Ireland that symbol is associated with one side of the divide here and unfortunatley is as much a mark of political allegiance as anything else.
    Remember them of course,very soon the First World War will have no living combatants left.