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    I think everyone who has breastfed goes through times when they think they are not producing enough milk but they are. Squeeze your nipple after and I bet milk still comes out. 10% loss is normal so 12% isn't huge but still, I'm glad he's thriving. I'm at 13 months bf'ing now and it's been the most difficult but rewarding thing I have ever done! He will start going longer & longer between feeds & once you get to about 4 months it is soooo much easier when you're out and about and they need feeding, my friends who just ff all find it harder having to worry about bottles etc and not being able to soothe like I can. You can always pick up to exclusively bf'ing later, maybe once he's on solids and doesn't need as much. Just cut down the formula gradually and your milk will increase, no pressure to do it now. I hit rock bottom at times during the first year but looking back I miss it all now. Take care xo

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    Well done!! That is exactly what I plan on doing. Willow is teething big time so she's crying enough already haha! But once she is better I'm going to hold back on picking her up so fast when she cries and take it from there xx

    Thank you so much. I'm much more relaxed, milk supply is back up and we're both happier! I can't tell you how heartbroken I have been at being forced to quit so the reassurance is lovely xxx

    I'm bf'ing my 8 month old who is also having 3x meals a day. I've been told by HV & Dr to include as much dairy in her diet as possible and fish. Now I'm a strict vegan but my partner eats meat (can't help who you love ha!). So I hate given her dairy but is it 'best' at this age?! Of course she will want to be vegan later I'm sure ;) and meat is VERY limited at the mo & always will be in my house. What do vegans do usually? xx

    Thank you that's great. The lady was fantastic on the phone and she said not to even put Willow through the upset of being monitored (blood work etc) but just keep an eye on her weight. My dr won't entertain ptu because of the risks to me. He is adamant that at 8months she should be weaned regardless. Thanks for the help. I see the consultant on the 20th so I'll carry on and hope that he has a better attitude! Breastfeeding has been the most amazing experience and Willow still very much wants to bfeed but feeling like I could be harming her by letting her feed has been driving me crazy :) Thanks again xx

    hello lovely...
    i'm an nhs trained peer supporter and was going to suggest you spoke to the lady you spoke too :hug:
    doctors say stop because pharma companies won't pay for the effort to run trials on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Its alot easier to tell women to stop.
    The BF Network lady knows her stuff pharmacologically and wouldn't have said it was ok if there was any doubt in her mind. I've actually met her and have phoned her a few times myself.
    You're definately NOT being selfish to ignore the doctors advice.
    This is from the drugs in breatmilk information pack published by Wendy Jones PhD MRPharmS and The Breastfeeding Network March 2012:

    Hello guys! I wonder if you can help. I have graves disease but it had been in remission for 15yrs. Since having Willow 8 months ago I am hyperthyroid again, dr has put me on lowest possible dose of Cabimizole (10mg) and 60mg Propranolol. I see the specialist on the 20th but my dr is adamant I have to stop bf'ing. I spoke to bf'ing network pharmacist who advised carry on. Which I have. Needless to say I am worried about the effect on my baby but devastated about stopping! I'm confused if I'm being selfish ignoring my doctors advice. thoughts??