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    I often tow an fj 1200 behind my 6.5t daf45 ex bt lorry and haven't had any probs .rear view camera makes life a lot easier and I'm paranoid about tie downs coming undone so gives some pieceof mind. I usually chain the trailer to the front bumper but remember if anyone wants to tow with a 7.5t you'll need a tacho

    gas weighs .5 kg per ltr so if you have like me a 13kg cylinder you can safely put in 26ltr of lpg from empty.your 3.9 kg takes 7.8 ltrs the pump will NOT switch off at 80% mark like on car tank because they have a float valve. If you do get one i would get the full brass versions as they cant cause a spark.

    a quick test for engine wear is to remove the oil filler cap whilst the engine is running if you get what looks like exhaust coming out this is either worn or not seating valves or worn rings allowing the crank case to pressurise. If there isn't anything (you will always feel a movement of air) then the engine is more than likely ok, hope this makes sense to you.

    Check all the unions are tight from your injectors to the injector pump etc. If they are it's probably an internal seal allowing the fuel to head back towards the tank had this with a vw t4 . I just lived with it cos it was an expensive fix.Although yours is french and they usually build things so they can be repaired so maybe cheaper.

    What about a wood unit to keep a propane bottle in(maybe up to 13kg). You could then bolt a camping 2 burner hob and grill that closes like a suite case . I reckon you'll still have enough room to fit a carver 1800 gas fire in front of the unit and that will keep you toasty just on tickover, and because it vents through the floor it's safe to use while asleep. Of course you have to be willing to cut a hole in the floor for the flue or i think they also made some that could vent through the roof . Just check ebay for truma carver caravan heaters.

    If the flue pipe gets too rusty inside it can also stop them cooling as well as they should.probably effects heat exchange.

    3 60 watt panels 1x 110 amp battery and controller.truma gas heater with vent through floor so no worries of killing yourself overnight and a gas caravan fridge (not the camping type there lethal carbon monoxide)elecy ones kill batteries. To charge a laptop use a step up transformer from maplins and away you go. This set up keeps me and the mrs in light. heat and tv no problem ex bt daf 45.