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    Well I have a beginners vegan group on facebook and i have gathered quite an archive of information and helpful hints. So if you want to know more or are seeking help there is a group there to help you.

    If you have specific things you want to know I can offer you any help that I know :)

    Hi Ambercatgoddess - thanks for that! :)

    Oh and welcome to UKH. :hippy:

    Your welcome and it is funny you should mention second life. That is where I roleplay Vampire The Masquerade as the leader of The Followers Of Set. I love to build in second life. So cool plus I met my other half on SL :) IT is a great place to meet people from all over the world.

    Squonk - you know I tried antidepressants earlier this year and ended up in a terrible mess. I've got a mild brain injury. I literally felt like my system had been poisoned. So I think that if you are in an altered place in any way whether hormonally or via injury, you are terribly sensitive to these drugs. Also, it all knocks your confidence quite a bit, so that you start, as you say, to live very differently. However, I'm guessing that you are missed by your ex friends and if you weren't well, we can't all be Missus Lifeandsoul all the time eh. If you ever have the opportunity to link with one of your new online friends, do so in a safe way when you feel ready. You followed your heart and the right destiny for you and the depth of feeling in your post speaks that you've still got that big heart, but just a bit hidden for now. Perhaps a happy small festival sitting with kind folk round a campfire would be the ticket. I've travelled alone to ones in the past and felt very chilled with it all. Hope I don't sound patronising but your post really moved me.

    Her post moved me as well but you responded so eloquently and well i cannot add much except to say that Squonk it is difficult sometimes to just admit things or open up about them. If you need an ear to listen i'm happy to lend it :) nice to meet you both :waves:

    A good thread. I have to spend quite a lot of time on my own and find it hard at times. Although it is nice other times. Since 23 or so never been too crazy on nights out. Seems to be endless drunken idiots with little to say. Thats normal in kmost UK towns and cities I guess. There does not seem to be a great deal of nightlife based around alternative/spiritual/ambient/chill/ creative etc etc. I think whilst many people can see them as "alternative" there are lots of sub sets (we are individuals afterall) and people make their own microcosms and have their own ways of being likes dislikes and habits. Anything not 100pct straight work, car, family, religious, consumerism, drink, (which we all do to varying degrees) appears like a threat or plain weird to so called "normal" folk.

    I don't go out of my way to look weird or OTT. Look pretty normal bloke (I think) but it's what is in your own head that makes the difference. Indoors feels safer and more comfortable, thats quite sad but true, a shame our socities normal activity of a night is rather limited. I went to a forest night show which was illuminated with lots of colourful lighting and lazers, I enjoyed it surprisingly. I am often a cynic and when I actually get out I enjoy myself most of the time. Soemtimes you do need to give yourself a kick up the backside even if only to make the indoors "chilling out" :whistle:even more of a treat.

    As a rule I prefer nature visits, hills, forests, fields, in the day and chill time in evening/night with great music playing and online entertainment.

    So do you live anywhere near Plymouth? Your post took most of the words right out of my mouth. :D

    since moving to the isle of wight ive found that a good majority of folk would rather go on the piss and end up in a nightclub rather than staying in with a film/going to a quiet pub/general chilling. i reject the few offers of going out on the lash because i prefer staying in drawing or just relaxing.. i don't mind being the quiet type, in fact i enjoy my solitude :) but when it gets bought up that i don't like going out and doing 'what normal folk do' it gets pretty darn annoying. i have found one person on wight who has similar ideals/likes/hobbies/views of life, and we are going on nearly 2 years :p

    god bless the internet for being the solution to socialising with like-minded folk :p

    You are just fine like that. People can say what they like but so long as you are happy then it should be ok :)

    My phone is not a smart phone. I only text and almost rarely call anyone on mine. What i need is a texting phone and that is all. I don't want internet or anything else on it. They do look at you like you are odd when you tell them this kind of thing. I read about people waiting in line for days for the latest Iphone and that just sounds like a whole bunch of crazy I do not understand at all.:eek:

    Well coming from america i can tell you that most people i know from there have to be kind of reminded to eat fruit and veggies. Not all of course but i was just talking to a friend from there and she forgets to drink water too..sigh. But they do have packages of cubed potatoes and cut up vegetables too.

    I know about this and this is why i do not consume dairy anymore. This travesty happens to organic cows too and personally I would rather not be a calf. Milk is for baby cows plainly put. Not for us. Proven fact we do not actually need to drink milk from cows or any other source. We are usually weaned before 15 at least lol.

    I went vegetarian some time ago and then went in the military where there was no chance at a choice logically. I ate without looking most of the time and left feeling sick. It was not fun at all. I grew up on a small farm in a rural area and we had chickens, geese,turkeys,guineas and cats dogs and birds. We ate the eggs but we never ate the birds. I watched one egg as it hatched and i was young and did not understand biology and so the bird became attached to me. Followed me everywhere. I grew to love my chicken and yet when my mother went to the store and made dinner when i ate chicken I did not connect the dots as a child. I protected and loved some while I ate others. Funny how what can be seen as normal can involve a whole lot of suffering.

    So fast forward to time we went vegan March 2012. I was not a happy kitty at this point because I was usually queen of the kitchen and could cook almost anything i put my mind to. Yet here I was being forced into brand new territory. It was uncomfortable. I said I would go vegan on one condition. That my toast taste like toast with butter and my tea taste the same. The next day my other half came home and made tea and toast and it was just about perfect so for the good of the animals I said yes. Walked into that kitchen made chocolate scones and voila vegan kitty began her journey.

    Now I run a vegan beginners group on facebook and have helped many people transition from being a vegetarian to becoming a vegan. My mother is making the change and that gives me a really big smile when I think of it. I am just so happy now, we both are. Then we learned of the health benefits and I will say that so long as you consume many greens and fruits, nuts seeds beans and water among herbs and I lost forty more pounds. That is epic for me because I was in a wheelchair and almost weighed 300lbs at one point. I was so sick it was really bad. Back surgeries 8 of them and then told i would never walk again. Well because I lived in health insurance and no help I taught myself to walk again. This after a neurosurgeon said I would not walk again.

    So now I am at about 194 pounds and this last bump of weight loss was because of the food I eat now. I am still losing and while I may be sick going vegan is a choice I will not ever regret making. The lighter footstep upon our mother is the greatest thing as well. We are all connected and knowing that one being suffers because i want cheese? No I cannot do that. Knowing that a calf is being turned into veal or being killed because I want dairy..because that makes him a by product? No i just cannot do that.

    :chef:I am also buddhist and the way I see the world now there is nothing that I do that does not effect everything and everyone around me. I am here and now in the present and I know that choosing an act of compassion any chance that you can is an act of good for all. Being kind and choosing peaceful means to sustain yourself..this is a worthy choice.

    I was on another board and fibro came up and people misunderstood what i typed and thought i was being rude. Im glad you don't think so. When you have what some call mind fog you forget what you have said sometimes or you get irritable and you don't mean to. GP's sometimes I wonder if they even listen to us at all.

    They don't have a clue here it seems. I waited a year and two months to be seen by the *pain clinic* they told me that what they offer is more meditation based. Get in a circle type thing to alleviate pain. They said they offer nothing in the way of direct pain relief. I am already meditating and will go but i need more than this. I have mentioned this to the GP's and a rheumatologist and so on. I have cocodamol and amitriptaline and i am still in pain. Still wake up moving and feeling like an old lady. Woke up in so much pain I was crying but this seems to be good enough for my GP's. So I switched surgeries and will hope now. My last surgery i tried every doctor there and they did not help.

    Well I live here and don't drink and we have little to no social life because of this. That is what people seem to want to do here as well. Work all week drink the weekend away. But they seem to do that during the week. It would be nice to meet others who want to talk or maybe get away from the typical forms of entertainment.

    Since moving here I wanted to find a few lady friends but no luck yet. I don't feel I have much in common. Can you talk to your friends about maybe a quieter gathering? I'm not sure so just suggesting. Being friends they should at least hear you out.

    I shave my legs to my knees and under my arms. I also pluck my eyebrows and pluck and facial hair i'd rather not see. These are my own personal preferences. On another woman hair under her arm is not something i prefer. I do not think it is ugly or anything like that. For men i like less hair and a smaller male. Long hair can be really nice on a man i have to say :clap:

    Thank you for posting this about gaia house. My partner and i are Buddhist and excited about this as well. We are going to go and walk and hopefully find a place near where we live for the time being to go meditate and get away from so many people that look at us like we are odd if we do it in public. LOL.:angel::clap:

    I was hoping i could edit that post but i cant seem to get it to allow me to do that. I did not mean to sound so negative but living with this stuff is not fun and it puts me into a bad frame of mind sometimes. So please forgive me if i came across as negative. It is bad enough that you are diagnosed with this and I know how bad it can get. IF I can be of any helpful support let me know.

    Gabapentin and pregabelin did not help even though i wished it had :cheshire:

    [quote='jayk489','']I really wouldn't count on 'someboody' to have noticed that anything to do with nutrition, given that we still serve coke by the pint and have a MacDonalds on every street corner....

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    I agree with you

    I have fibro and am on that pill and essentially i take it before bed to try and sleep. To have a fibro center? I here its been one GP after another treating me like im stupid. It sucks because it is in your head it doesn't exist to them and they talk down to you. I wish you luck with it i honestly do and hope that you can find some help. I have had this for years and it is hard to deal with.