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    Olive bloody oil. Why I grabbed the plastic bottle of peanut butter and saved that, while a full bottle of olive oil slipped right past and shattered on top of my freshly scalded demi johns, I will never know.................... all last night and this morning I have been cleaning the bloody stuff up, my floor is no longer slippy, but I have yet to pull the cooker out and see how much is there :(

    That's not funny. That would really piss me off too. Sympathy :vgac::

    I love being barefoot and when I put shoes on, my feet feel all weird as if they're in prison. So now I can only wear soft shoes.

    I actually just love being naked, with the breeze around my nethers. I especially love being naked outside. I really don't understand what the point is in clothes (other than warmth obviously). Running around with my bits hanging out......blissssssssssss:clap: Was that TMI????

    Morning BP's (beautiful peoples) :)

    Today is an amazing day as my plans of living on the road are coming together.:hippy:

    I originally thought I was going to have to get a caravan, a horse, a vehicle etc but I've realised how unnecessary that all is. If I have things to maintain, I'm never really free of Babylon because I'd have to pay for fuel, tyres, repairs, the upkeep, horse feed etc. Also, the bigger the living space, the harder a person has to work in order to find places to stop. I love being off the beaten track and my idea of living outdoors means in the middle of nowhere. What's the point of being a nomad if you can't be in nature? (that's true for me anyway).

    So you were right all along - a tent it is. So here's my plan;

    I'm going to do a combination of sell and give away all of my belongings - dreading this bit. Feel tempted just to do a runner but I won't
    Then I'm going to buy my cart to put all of my stuff in which will have a tarp (which will double up as bender tarp) strapped over it to keep it dry
    Fashion some kind of counter height work bench to prepare food on etc as I don't want my back to break from all the bending
    Load up my cart as I've already got all my other stuff - german military tent & military -15 degrees sleeping bag.
    Head to Cornwall to collect my lover and probably set up camp there for a couple of weeks
    Then we're migrating south to Crete and the greek islands - on foot which will take months as we'll stop whenever and wherever we want.

    Our camp will consist of two tents and an open faced bender that you can stand up in to sit in if it's wet etc. and a fire pit. Sooooooooooooooo excited.

    Also going to get a dog or two as I LOVE them and it's the perfect life for them.

    Anyone else who wants to do this but isn't sure I highly recommend just doing it. Never felt so happy or alive.

    Big Hugs

    I've spent some time on the community circuit and WWoofed although I've never lived in one full-time. Personally, I couldn't live in one because I like to do things my own way. There is a lot of politics that goes on and I don't do politics. But you do get the advantage of having a group of peeps around you all the time so you are never alone. If there is someone in charge or a group of people more in charge, you end up having to do what they say.

    You have to be very people orientated to be successful at it I feel and really care about working on the group dynamic. For myself, the best solution is to visit when I would like and spend the rest of my time doing my own thing. I'm someone that really loves my own company though. It's definitely fun to give it a try but if you do want to live in one, I recommed visiting lots to find one that really connects with you.

    I agree with what you said about it feeling stifling but at the same time, if you find a group of people you really love, you get the benefit of feeling like you really belong somewhere.



    Putting the hoover away in the cupboard always really irritates me, sneezing pisses me off, being told to hurry up REALLY pisses me off (Taureans hate to be told that) but the worst thing of all is if someone tells me what to do. The lovely little soft fluffy hippy will disappear and The Creature from the Abyss will appear and tear your head off. :monster:

    Apart from that, not much really, totally chilled. :p

    What sort of things has it said to you? Have you had good experiences? Bad? I wouldn't ever use one as it would scare me way too much but I'm certainly interested in other's experiences :)

    oh I don't use them to contact dead people, I just eat off them (with a plate on top obviously). The last thing I want to do is talk to dead people, have enough trouble with the ones that are still here :D

    Hi Persia...............thanks so much for that. It's so close to what I feel about God,but struggle a lot of the time to put into words. I really don't think that religion has a great deal to do with God......strikes me as another way to keep people in line.

    You're welcome. And yes, I agree re the religion thing. Religion is a human construct based on control, power, being right and BELIEF. With spirituality, there is the room for individual interpretation and actual experience where you get to perceive "what is". Beliefs are no more than thought forms with no foundation to them and they are the one thing religion makes everyone argue about all the time. The truth is, with religion, no-one is right because they are not based on pure intent and or truth, they are based on politics. But you know what, everyone has to start somewhere.

    The key is to stay open and never set up camp in one way of understanding or perception because you will miss important things when change comes - and it always does with the other side. I've learned that the hard way.


    Did you know that once you reach a certain level of perception of ultimate reality, you can perceive God as God is? You can literally look into the face of God and see for yourself. Because God is a never-ending, changing process, what God is, is always changing so the goal posts are constantly being moved.

    My experience of God is this: God is energy, everything is energy so God is everything; every plant, insect, rock, human, animal, shell, tree, fish, alien, every being, every monster, every angel, planet, star, universe (God is an omniverse), galaxy, sky, cloud, rain drop, snowflake, the wind, the air, all matter, every atom, every cell, every word, the breath, every thought, every process, all action, the elements, the etheric, every molecule, every vibration and all of the space inbetween. God is life. God is a infinite vat of energy.

    God is the perfect balance of opposites; therefore God is feminine and masculine, therefore androgynous. God is light and God is dark. God is love and God is destruction. There really isn't any such thing as evil. What evil is, is the destroyer aspect of Divinity.

    I personally feel that microwaves are not positive creatures. I haven't used one for years because cooking in them feels dirty to me.

    The thing is, virtually everything on planet Earth is bad for you - the water, the food, the air quality etc. You can spend your life trying to dodge it all but to no avail. I wouldn't use a microwave but I sometimes eat non-organic food so what do you do? Everything in moderation - even moderation (as Nigella says) perhaps. :S

    Hope this isn't too deep an answer :)

    I've got long dark hair (I'm 40) and it's starting to go grey and I LOVE IT. I'd never ever dye it. It's my ticket to freedom having grey hair. When I turned 40 something interesting happened to me and I felt very liberated from all the constraints of being in my 20's or young. When we are in our 20's and 30's, life seems to be about attracting a mate or having kids etc. Now I'm not saying that isn't also true for the 40's but when I turned 40, I felt that life became about other things, like what I had to say as opposed to how I look. So now, I don't get aggressively hit on by young blokes anymore because of my grey hair so I feel a lot more relaxed when I go out. It's my stamp of cool old lady and not bowing down to the pressures that mainstream society put on women to look a certain way.

    Also, I don't think it's cool to try and be something I'm not so dying my hair would be me trying to deny who I am - why would I do that????

    Long grey hair is beautiful. If you google it in google images there are loads of cool examples.

    Really not that bothered either way how hairy or not a a bloke is although I do love the Jesus look - long hair and beard. My only complaint with men is, if they don't trim their bush, when you're doing the do on them with your hand, if it's all really long and bushy, I tend to pick up a hair or two and pull it due to the up and down motion. They never seem to notice but it makes me feel a bit concerned because it feels as if it would really hurt.

    For myself, I used to have armpit hair and leg hair but I've decided I prefer to be waxed etc. I used to have a Hollywood on my bush but that didn't work for long-term, so now I have a neat, trimmed bushell. I'm not that hairy though so even when I had growth, it wasn't that noticeable. Oh yes, I've always waxed my tash as well. :D

    Thank you everyone. I actually have a german military tent but I'm thinking of getting a traditional gypsy caravan which I can pay for when I auction off my furniture. I don't drive and I don't like moving fast so I thought a horse would be v cool.

    Thanks for all the positive vibes.

    If any of you see me out and about and what a tarot/psychic reading, let me know - yes, I'm embracing the cliche!

    I just wanted to share a little ditty with you.

    I used to live out of a rucksack, in a tent, in a van, in a bender, in a yurt, a house made of pallets, a straw bale building, a car and a caravan. I travelled around in Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand, England. Sometimes I would stay in a house but it would only be for a short while, then I'd have to leave again because I couldn't stand it. My life was an adventure and I felt free. I always loved the native american view from long ago; they couldn't understand why anyone would want to compromise their freedom for comfort and security at the expense of one's spirit.

    And then things went array and for the last four years I've lived in a flat in a town. AND I'VE NEVER BEEN SO MISERABLE - don't worry this is a happy story. I own furniture now and lots of other crap. I have my own washing machine, fridge, electricity, running water so you'd think it would be fantastic. It really isn't. All I can see for miles is concrete, all I can hear is cars, alarms, people, music, my neighbours having sex right next to my head (through the wall) - you get the picture.

    Living like a nomad may be hard but it's FUN. I actually felt alive but in a concrete block I feel dead on the inside. It's like my inner self has been switched off. I do love the pretty lights of the shop at night and if I run out of chocolate fudge cake I can nip and get some, but really, who cares about that? I can eat chocolate fudge cake on a mossy log and watch the sunset outside.

    So the happy news is I have liberated myself just yesterday and I have made the decision to auction off my stuff and go and sleep under the stars. WOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I feel amazing ever since I made that decision.

    Just wanted to share the joy.