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    Firstly i will apologise for skipping ahead and not taking the time to read other peoples replies, I read to this point and had to reply..


    I don't care about other people and I don't care what they think of me.
    I have never considered myself as a human being, too different to other people, that's why i'm a loner and an isolationist.

    Do you actually mean "I have never met people who understand where I am coming from or who live the kind of life I do, I have never met people who accept me for being a human being and capable of compassion, love, hate, huge highs and massive lows"?

    If however you are just one of lifes complete assholes, well I hope you never face hardship in any form and never need to accept outside help.

    I got refused van insurance at 36 as " you have no experience of driving big vehicles".
    Even though I had my car insured with them and my occupation was delivery driver. I also explained that I had for several years been driving Vans, 7.5 tonne trucks, Car and horse box, I also had C2 on my license.
    Needless to say I Changed insurance companies.
    As a youngster the insurance will be high. All I can say is take advantage of all the apps and boxes that moniter your driving.

    I'm 6'1 and in my renault master I can stand enough to get dressed ect. More than a few minutes would give me a bad neck.
    At 5'4 you should be fine for standing room in a standard transit type van. I know mine is 5'8 wide inside so you could get a bed in across the width.

    He had been living in the same spot for a good long while and the council had no problem.
    It seems once things got past a certain point the became uncomfortable with him being there.

    He had a business that went under and he lost every thing. the reason he chose that are was because his mother lived in that village and he wanted to be close (that is what I read any way).

    I guess it just goes to show how tolerant people and councils can be as long as it is under the radar.

    "She would lose her mind if she stayed with those 2 which is something she doesn't need and I wouldn't put her through."

    I think you have already made your mind up, You just need a final push and confirmation that it is an acceptable life style.
    Go for it, regret nothing. The worst that can happen is you have to rehouse yourself and your daughter, which is the same choice you have now.

    Hi Simate,

    Do you want to move and be instantly comfortable or can you rough it for a few weeks?
    Think about the absolute basics you will need.
    Somewhere to sleep, Water storage.
    Fold up camp beds for starters and 5l water bottles would do.

    Food can be bought fresh or cooked meaning you can do without cooking items.
    It wont be easy but it is doable for the short term.

    This is fine IF you can get some income sorted and be earning in a quick time to upgrade your new home. It is far from ideal but a start. The upside is once you take the leap, you will have extra income to put towards your comfort as living becomes cheaper.

    If you want something more homely then it will take time and money.

    Ultimately YOU are the only one who can make the decision. Only YOU can change your current situation.
    Wishing you all the best and keep us posted.

    Hi I guess it depends on what you want/need. I would say 2k is plenty for a basic van. If as you say you need to get moving get a transit type van for as cheap as possible with mot. Set that up with a camp bed a camping stove and plenty of blankets and your done. Will you be comfy... probably not but it will get you out of the catch 22. Run this whilst working and save hard. If you need to replace it after the mot runs out then you should have extra money. I bought my Renault Master for £600 with 12 months mot. Had it 14 months now and passed its last mot. Never skipped a beat in the engine either.
    Hope you get sorted and Happy New Year.

    Im sure I read somewhere that it would save the goverment £100 million or something by just not having the tax disk printed. Thats all well and good but now there is another 100 people out of work because the company lost a huge contract. ( please note I may have just dreamed this so dont take figures literally)

    No Ma Bungo, I have cleaned them all up so the connections at the holders are fine. Really dont fancy having to strip my van out to trace all the wiring through the back. Mostly because it would be a heck of a lot of stuff to find storage for lol. Could be a good excuse for a rejig though. :o

    Hi All, I know this isnt a trouble shooting forum but figured many of you know a thing or two about solving these little niggles.
    Basically Ive had my Van MOTed and its failed on the lights.
    Front left side light wont work
    Rear left light wornt work
    Rear right light work ok until the indicater is put on then all the lights flash.

    I have replaced the bulbs with new ones and checked the fuses but nothing wrong there. I also switched the lighting board on the rear to see if this made a difference to the lights that didnt work.
    Also did the same with the frint side lights.
    I am guessing the "flashing" is most likely a bad earth but have no idea where they might be on the van.

    I have looked on teh interweb for a wiring diagram but cant find anything I dont need to pay for.

    Any help much appreciated.

    I have an address I can use to both sort insurance from and redirect mail to. Was the first thing I looked at but good advice regardless.
    Plenty of buckets and sticks in the van as I use them for work and yes they are clean :whistle:.
    I am usually pretty relaxed about most stuff once I get my head focused on something. I am actually really looking forward to it and in a wierd way glad this has happened or I would probably have put things off another year.

    I do have 2 more questions though (well more but ..)
    How secure do you make your vehicles? DO you add extra locks on the inside or just rely on the van ones?

    What do you do when nightfalls to keep occupied?
    As I will be without power for tv's laptop ect for a while I shall be using my phone for email/internet/tv but wont always get 3g.

    Would just like to say thankyou all for your input and valuable information.

    Thanks everyone always good to get advice from those living the life.
    The van is plyboarded out already apart from the roof.
    I have a gas heater/cooker thing already as well as extra gas cans.
    Kettle is already in there as often have a cuppa between job.
    Will be getting the airbed then building a frame for it once I know the size and have duvet and sleeping bag sorted already.
    Damn forgot the can opener.
    I do need to rig up some sort of lighting but think for now Ill get some battery lights.

    I dont think Im far of on the essentials so may even have some spare money for making it a little more comfortable.
    Heres to living the dream :D.

    Thanks all any more suggestions are welcomed

    Hi everyone, been lurking on the forums for a while now dreaming of the day I give up the bricks and morter.
    Well as my landlord has given me 2 weeks notice to move out as he is selling up I figure its time.
    I am on a very limited budget but can add things as I go. What would you say is the most important things to get done first?
    I already have a renault master swb so dont need to buy a van. The rest however is on a very tight budget.
    All help much appreciated.