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    Haven't been on here for a while as I'm feeling so tired & stressed. So I've been off walking the woods or working with wood in the shed to try and chill and bring the blood pressure down.

    Still waiting for a date for my sons scoliosis operation. Now not looking like it will be before the end of Nov......right as his mock GCSEs start. He's in more pain, but it appears there's no way of moving the date closer.:(

    My missus is still suffering from IBS type symptoms, tiredness and other issues. Had tons of tests, but nothing so far other than very low vitamin D. She's stressed & afraid she will not be able to give the support my son needs when he has his op.

    My parents are getting older and struggling with their house and garden, so I've been going round there a couple of times a week to help. They've eventually agreed that the house is too much for them and are looking to downsize......but that means lots of evenings/weekends helping clear 48 years of stuff from the house. I don't begrudge doing it - they've always been there for me ........ but I'm soooo tired.

    Work is shit. I hate the industry I work in.....but there's nothing else available local and we need a roof over our heads and food putting on the table, so I plod on with it.

    Anyhooooo. Enough of my moaning - what I really need is some sort of magic drink to bring back some sparkle and energy. Black coffee just ain't doing it anymore. ;)

    This should probably be in the art/hobbies section......but what the hell.

    A combined corkscrew/bottlestop that I made from a section of deer antler. It appears antler can be turned on a lathe the same as wood. Doesn't smell as nice when it's being drilled though :vomit:

    I know what the corkscrew is meant for.......but what's a bottle stop. Someone said it's for puting in the top of a half finished bottle..........but what is this thing they speak of......a half finished bottle? ;)

    Chillicamper......thankyou for sparing a thought for someone else when you have all this going on in your own life. I'm glad to hear a 'good' outcome for your lad and hope you can all enjoy your summer together xxx

    There's always time to spare to give someone a hug that needs it. Hope things (whatever they are) get better for you.

    We've spent a lot of time in hospital with my son over the last 15 years. If it teaches you one thing, it's that there a lot of people worse off than you........and they still spared the time for us when we were it they can look up from their troubles and spare a kind word.......then so should I.

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts the other day. Following my son's appointment the surgeon has confirmed that he definitely requires surgery to insert screws/rods into his spine to try and straighten/fuse the 70-75 degree curve. The spine will be fused from around T1 to L2 or L3 (14 or 15 vertebra fused) They want to do this sooner rather than leaving it another year or two, as it is easier to correct/fuse whilst the bones are still growing. The good news is that there are no other significant malformed vertebra that will cause higher risks with the operation. However, because the spine is not just bent in a curve, but also twisting like a corkscrew, it is pushing the ribs in on his chest at the front and the ribs out at the back which is starting to cause him some pain.The doctors don’t think it will be possible to fully correct either the curve or the ribs but they can hopefully straighten everything quite a bit.

    The doc says the earlier they do the op the better. Having said that, the waiting list for surgery is approx 6 months! So we are looking at an op at the end of the year. We will need to get our heads round the logistics of this all, and then try and work out with the school how we can limit the impact this will have in the run up to his GCSEs.

    He will be in hospital for around a week (ish), but we have been advised that it is likely that he will be off school for a minimum 6 weeks – absolutely the worst timing in the run up to his exams, but the doctors really do want to operate sooner rather than later.

    Still loads of discussions to have with the doctors and specialist nurses about how to integrate the treatment for his other medical stuff whilst he is in hospital and after.

    But for now we will get out and enjoy the summer and holidays and generally not think about it too much.

    Feeling......anxious about something quite major that I really can't share with people, because of the nature of it.......which makes it harder.
    Whilst trying get to keep my own life positive and moving forwards and get's difficult.
    Hey ho, life sends things to try us I guess.

    Have a big cyber Hug and some positive vibes from me Groove.

    Nervous & anxious.
    We have a big appointment with a spinal surgeon today where we will hopefully find out some further information about what my son's spine surgery will involve and whether there's any other previously undiagnosed spinal deformities that could make the op more difficult and risky.
    Really not looking forward to this.

    Worn out and a bit frazzled. :insane: a colleague at work is having a general hissy fit with everyone else and after a few days her dramatics are getting quite wearing - why can't people just get along. Oh well, head down and keep paying the bills.....until something better turns up.

    Something non- wood related this time......though I did still use the lather to turn it.

    I picked up this short section of antler at the Sustainability Centre open day (nr West Meon) last weekend to experiment with turning.

    This is a screwdriver keyring which hides 4 different mini screwdriver bits. I was lucky the piece had a slight curve which meant I was able to keep some of the texture from the outside of the antler. I think it might be worth trying a few more if I can get some more antler pieces.

    Working on a new shed/workshop to give me room to set up my lathe at home for wood turning. I've currently got my lathe in a shed at my dad's place.

    I knew I'd never find the time to build a shed from, scratch myself, so saved the earnings from making pens the last couple of years to get a flat pack one. That's now up and built on a new concrete base and I'm currently working on fitting ut the work bench, racking electrics etc. I got hold of some silvered bubble wrap type insulation ages ago, and stpred that away for this project, so yesterday was spent insulating the hell out of the new shed to keep it warmer in the winter.

    Also re-landscaping around it so I have a place to sit out and have a cuppa if the wood turning goes wrong and I need to walk away from the lathe for a few minutes ;)

    Here's a couple more pens that I made last weekend.

    I had a scrap of the Harry Potter wood left over - this was oak floor boards taken from Christ Church College Oxford which was used as one of the sets for Harry Potter. So what more Harry Potter themed can you get than a Dragon ballpoint.

    Then I tried another new premium pen kit - a TM Kappa rollerball kit. I love the circular detailing on this pen - the kit is also available as a fountain pen. The wood is Cotinus - the smoke bush. As this is a shrub, it's very rare to get timber from it that's big enough to turn, but the grain and the colour is gorgeous and compliments the gold accents on the pen beautifully.