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    Those photographs are amazingly beautiful. Wow. Does anyone know what the really bright blue bits are?

    I too was thinking the turquoise bits are shallows where the sunlight is reflecting off the sandy and corally bottom in crystal clear tropical locations, Lake Victoria in Africa really leaps out. But then again so does the English Channel if one looks closely so I really don't know. But saying that the sea off Brighton beach did look real fine and gloriously blue on the way to work this morning.:)

    The Toilet Paper Users Journal (Scientific Studies Report) - May 2007 edition....of course:pp

    God, that is so two years ago, there are more recent studies you know.


    Goodness, just how large would their hands have to be, for it to be a problem of accessibility:rolleyes:

    Warning: Reveal at one's own risk


    But you'd be touching the unused toilet paper at the front with your hands, when you needed to rip some off, therefore contaminating the remaining paper on the roll.

    You still have to hold the paper still, thus contaminating the remaining paper on the roll, whichever way you mount it.


    That's as maybe...but I think it looks really untidy rolling down the front, and always feel the need to alter it if someone has incorrectly placed it on the roller;besides Andrex puppies and playful cats have better access to it when it is dangling down the front and surely that would be a waste of paper unless of course, you were making an advert.:D

    Those Andrex puppies are pretty determined little buggers, I don't believe for a moment that they'd think twice about which way the roll was hanging before grabbing it, unlike us humans apparently.:D

    That makes no sense whatsoever, I'd go as far as to say that it is complete nonsense. Which scientific paper did that come from? How can pulling from one side be any different from pulling from the other?

    One possible reason for hanging the paper away from the wall is to make for better accessibility of the loose end, particularly for people with larger than normal hands. Thus the chances of accidental hand contact with the toilet wall, which we all know to be home to a multitude of germs, is significantly reduced.

    I think it looks better aswell.:whistle:


    Although I must disagree on a few points raised in the list.

    The loose end of the roll should always hang to the front. This is extremely important, I too am not sure why but it just always has been and always shall be, until the day that some carefree alien entity on a planet similar to our own orbiting a distant star similar to our sun decides to ignore rule number one and leave the lid up causing our sun to go nova, super or otherwise. Could happen, not quite sure of the possible mechanism behind such a catastrophe, but hey, I'm no scientist.

    I've still got six and a bit years left of mandatory demonstrations of sparkly fingers, assuming the universal observation of rule one prevails. I intend to display sparkly fingers well beyond the age of forty six, perhaps even into my fifties or beyond. I'm guessing that beyond sixty I'll be living a lonesome existance with nobody to demonstrate sparkly fingers to, so personal hygene could probably be put on a back burner by such times.

    And the bit about having to state your name when someone is trying to gain entry to the toilet that you are currently occupying. Do you have to apply this initiative in a public convienience? Only in such cases, if I were to say something along the lines of, "I'm sorry, you can't come in, Jeremy is in here", an unwitting member of the general public would naturally assume that there were two people in the cubicle conducting some kind of lewd activity. I do live in Brighton you know.

    On the whole though, toilet seat, lid and furry lid cover, always down when not in use. No exeptions, except for the gents' in a pub or club.

    Great philosophical thread Perthite! Right up my alley.:thumbup:

    I remember my headmaster; Mr Ketley telling us this story during morning assembly in middle school. I kind of wish that I was off that day, I could have been rich now.:D

    Be carefull what you wish for as it may just come true.:)

    I can get an OK sound out of it because I know how to actually play the strings and whatnot, I just don't know how to find different notes, what they're called or pretty much anything, which is why I want to find a teacher.

    Hello PTM.:)

    Don't give up, it'll all be worth it and you'll love it. But you don't need me to tell you that!

    There are some great reasonably priced tutorial books available. I've recently been learning cello from the cello version of this book and it's been fantastic.

    It starts right from basics and with the aid of a DVD with all the accompaniment tracks on it you can progress in your own sweet time.

    The occasional lesson from a trained teacher is also a good idea to stop you developing bad playing habits but they can be a bit pricey, luckily for me, a girl who works in my local off-licence gives me cheap lessons although I've only had one so far. I think I'm probably due another.:D

    Anyway, good luck and I look forward to a time when we can form a little ensemble with Nutty Jo on the Uke Banjo.:)

    Theres already a site called vegan fourm from which most of us from this vegan fourm have been banned from (strange that:eek:)& theres a site called the vegan fourm.

    theres some excelent names there,

    Sorry Mr. All I was getting at (in a round about kind of way) was why was Forum being spelt Fourm? I thought I was missing a point or something.:)

    A vegan fourm im a mod on is changing its name,not sure what to yet we are talking about it while the fourm is getting updated.

    What would you call a vegan fourm if you could choose its name.

    And i'll give your sugestions, you never know you name might be in lights.:D

    Can't it just be called Vegan Forum, forum; as in spelt forum or am I missing some point because I aint been around these parts much recently?:)

    UKHippy goes online on August 4th 2009 and becomes self aware at 2:14 am August 29th 2009.

    Spiritual love is when we see the beauty that is innate and inalienable; that is, it isnt dependent on its use to us. This is the love of "Love your enemy" and comes when we recognise the presence of the divine in all of us even when the recipient has forgotten that fact. :)

    Sounds like us atheist are fucked then. I best start believing in the divine or risk never knowing "love".:angel:

    Personally I think smokers should not change their smoking habits to suit their recently quit non-smoking buddies. If a person is ready to give up smoking and it is something that they really want to do, then in a perverse kind of way it actually helps if their smoking buddies carry on regardless.

    As anybody who has tried to quit smoking will testify, it is hard. And being hard means that it is something that you never want to go through again. But the harder it is, the more likely it is that the recently quit non-smoker will never want to go through it again ever.

    I quit nearly two years ago, when smoking was still allowed in pubs. I did it cold turkey and expecting no change of behaviour from my friends. Yeah, it was really hard, much harder than the two previous attempts (eight months and four months respectively) in which I had used NRT but two years on I'm pretty confident that I will never smoke again, that part of me is now dead, and all because I suffered for it.

    But that's just me.

    French onion soup made from English onions in an English kitchen by an English bloke.

    Four large onions thinly sliced and fried in butter until browned (the browner the better).
    Bring to the boil two litres of vegetable stock (two vegetable stock cubes).
    Sprinkle two tea spoons of flour over the onions while giving them a good old stir.
    Bung the onions into the stock, add mixed herbs and seasoning to taste.
    Cover and simmer for as long as you can wait (the longer the better), I usually run a hot bubble bath, put some nice music on and soak for at least one hour with a nice glass of red.
    Towel yourself off.
    Add one thinly sliced onion and simmer for a another five minutes.

    If you want to be really French you can toast some bread, push it into the bottom of your serving bowl and cover with cheese before pouring your soup in.

    I like lashings of fresh ground black pepper on top.