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    Pleased you are feeling calmer..

    I've been pondering your situation.. Could you study on the job instead? A foundation degree or apprenticeship? Earn while you

    I forgot to mention about my cat.. She was so adaptable, I moved with her 6 times!!

    Cheers for your replies and also the added info about what boards I will need if I ever build a jetty!!

    I am not a Facebook person.. In the beginning I was interested, but got fed up of my "friends" (all 40 pf them) boasting about their life's, or children's life's. It's so altruistic.. I was however on the uk hippy page and found that interesting though!!

    I was just wondering of your local college could offer any courses? My thinking is that even though it wouldn't or may not be a degree course, it could be an easier option to dip your toe into leaning and studying without too much change in your life. If you enjoy and gain some confidence, then you could look for a degree course later on.

    Change is often difficult, so why not take smaller steps..perhaps a weekend away in the city, get to know the area. Maybe someone from the forum could meets you so you have a friendly person to show you around..

    Please do consider a local college.. Even if it's a 'hobby' type course, you never know what it may lead too and it's a step in the direction you want to go..

    Lots of luck.. X

    Hello all!
    As it's cold and dark I am spending more time surfing the www. Apart from this forum, what others do you visit on a regular basis? I read the news from the bbc but that's it.
    So the question is what web sites would you reccomend to pass the time.


    I want very much to offer support, I have some experience in the employment field, but it is mainly supporting people into work. However if I was in your shoes I would speak to:
    before your meeting. Prepare as much as possible and have someone with you if possible.

    Regarding benefits, if you have given up your Job, you may (my knowledge is rusty) not be able to claim jsa straight away.

    My real concern is are you well enough for work? Could you get gp to sign you off for a bit while giving yourself sometime?

    If you need a hand with looking for work, give me a shout.

    @my dogs in space

    Such wonderful examples and I am so pleased. It wasn't my theory.. It was a pondering and I don't think that I said I was anti home education!

    I think no one can disagree that all young people should have the opportunities to follow their dream and should have every pathway possible. I not against home schooling, I think I said what is right for the child is important. Again, no one can disagree with that (I hope!)

    Sadly though as you give such fantastic examples, I can give equally the number and more where a disruptive education has been harmful. I don't have the time to list the examples and it fact some stories are just so heart breaking . . I've met some very angry and frustrated young people who for various reasons missed out on education, had limited education or who were moved from school to school . Not only have they not had the same opportunities as their peers, they struggle with time management, organisational skills, how to act in certain situations.. Etc etc. They want so much to learn or work but they face so many barriers it's just so difficult for them.

    So as nice and warming as your examples are... There's always the other side,.

    With regard to being 'never too late' sadly I've seen cases when it is too late .. Young people have missed out on opportunities because of their parents actions.. I think you will all be saddened to hear about the student who had dreams of being a dr and her mother decided to travel to India with her daughter during year 11.. She got back in time for GCSE's but achieved B grades, so upset she decided not to do A-levels (she needed A and A* grades) . Ended up doing shop work..missed out on so much because of her mothers actions... Now I could argue that she may not have become a doctor in the end but the opportunity was taken away.

    I am not a teacher sadly but i I have a nice and rewarding job working with young people and supporting them to find education, employment and training.

    @julian..yes you are probably correct,it was just the first post talked about travelling for a year with a 13 year old. I read it as taking a child out of school for a year.

    I am very passionate that young people have all the opportunities available, it is so heartbreaking supporting a young person who has been out of education system and who would have been academic if given the chance , they will always wondering what they could have achieved.

    I am also a believer in doing what's right for a child so that they are happy and well grounded.. Every young person must have the opportunity to achieve their full potential if they take it or not. If its though home tuition, convention schooling or private education it's what's right for the child.. (Not the parent)

    It's a sad fact that any child with a 'unconventional' way of life may have a harder time in a school and sadly that's such a barrier. I wish your children well and I am sure that they will have every opportunity to grow and develop.

    I agree with what you are saying, please dont get me wrong.. Well rounded children with life experience is of course key and yes, employers can be very discriminatory I agree with all what you are saying.. But there is still a part of me who wonders. ....

    what would happen to a child who hasn't gone through formal education and wants to be a vet, lawyer or dr. Or needs a formal qualification to follow their ambition,dream or vocation. My arguement is only that I would like to see that ALL chldren have the option to make informed choices. I can't have children, but if I did, I wouldn't want to take that away from them.. I would encourage them to following their calling/dream and the formal education system plays a part in this.. Like it or not, that is a fact.

    If I wanted to travel with them, there's holidays and when they have decided what they want in life.

    just for my own info really... But why would you want to move your child from school to school? I've worked with many young people who have had adhoc education and its been so detrimental for them. I believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to have (informed) choices and the opportunity to reach their full potential and I don't understand how a disruptive schooling can achieve this. Yes of course I see the merit in travelling, meeting people and seeing new places, but formal education does give children the full range of options in the future. If for example a 14 year old doesn't do GCSE science, then he would have no chance in being a Dr for example.. How can a parent take this away from their child? I do see merit in home schooling, but my i am very cautions about this as for a child to make the most of their skills and abilities, they will need to have the full range of subjects. How will they decide what they like and dislike?

    I've had years of experience of working with young people and these are my observations really.

    I never thought of using soil from the garden, was gong to buy compost which is very expensive. I do have a large patch of grass.. It's a corner of a field, I could use some of that soil maybe? What about fruit trees? Any ideas?

    I used to have eczema and used oatmeal in tights put over the bathroom tap and let the water run through it for a bath, then used the tights with the oatmeal to wash.. It helped. The only thing with actually 'cured' my eczema was living in India for a while.. ,maybe it was the sun. I do get the odd patch after I've eaten cheese though.

    Thanks.. for replies..

    I love the idea of garlic and anything to put with pasta is a must!

    I am going to have raised troughs so will buy soil to put into it.

    I do have a large grass area as well but I don't feel that ambitions to dig that up as yet. I was debating growing fruit trees on it.

    Help please!!
    I want to put raised vegtable troughs on my patio which is nicely next to the greenhouse. What vegtables would you grow and when? I want to start small initially as there's lots to do in the garden keeping it tidy. Any ideas? Advice?

    Ok, so after leaving my friends and family behind and moving to the middle of nowhere, I find myself all alone with no one to talk to. Where in the olden days I could chat with my friends, now I am just sitting here pondering the silliest things, nothing deep and meaningful, so I've braved this kind forum to ask.. Is it ok to have long grey hair?? I have long brown hair with a few bits of grey . Do i dye? if not, will it go 'salt and pepper'. Will it be odd having long grey and brown hair? Ahhh... Thoughts??