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    Oh my dear.. It is just so sad. You must be shattered..
    Remember you are not a trained mental health expert, you are a mum.. And that's important to remember the crisis team should be providing your son and family with support. I don't think you can manage this on your the review.. Ask for details of what to do if there is any other crisis.. Who to contact etc..
    Sending you lots of love..

    Don't know much about it but Jainism a religion in India (and maybe other places.. I just met them in India) sweep the floor as the walk and wear masks so that they don't tread or swallow a insect by mistake.. They also are fruiarians I think..

    Others here always have wise words for you... I am not too wise and not a deep thinker.. But from the heart just remember that your son is in good hands, you cannot control how he is feeling.. He knows you care and you cannot do any's understandable that you are sad and worries. They are natural feelings and should not be fought.. But you are doing all you can remember that and look after yourself.. Sending you strength.

    Pleased that you were able to see him... Ever time I read your posts my heart goes out to you and your family..
    Is there anything that your fellow forum members can do for you?
    Sounds like you've bot some good friends here.. Let's others support/help you as much as possible.

    Are you going to continuous cruise? I've been off the waterways for a while, but I know that it he rules are being enforced kore these days..

    I stayed in a marina for a little while before heading out on the waterways.. It coincided with winter so I was lucky to spend my first winter with electricity hook up :o)

    I agree that a 35 ft is small, but as you say easy to manage but may be able to go a couple of feet extra and get a different layout all together! Perhaps look at something a bit bigger? Look at a number of boats and imagine how you would use the space.

    I never liked the back boiler idea on a boat.. . The engine when cruising and if I was moored for a while, I would put on the gas boiler for the hot water. In the summer the stove was never on and it would be too hot to light.. Doesn't the pump for a back boiler use electricity and therefor pressure battery power?

    How,will you cook without gas?

    I had pump out.. Works well. But don't forget you have to pay to use a pump out.

    I was so worried about things going wrong on my boats so had a back up.. Engine and generator for electricity, gas boiler and solid fuel stove for heating! Not forgetting the bottles of water stored away in case I ran out! I spent some much time worrying that at times I forgot to enjoy myself!

    Sending you a virtual hug.. It sounds like you had a positive meeting and that he is being cared for.. Just look after yourself now..

    If you lived nearer I would be popping by to give you a lift to the hospital.. I just hope someone here will be able to instead..

    I did it.. To a 57ft narrow boat.. In fact, I cheated a bit and put stuff in storage..
    I downsized kitchen stuff to 1 pot, 1 frying pan, just enough cups and plates, knifes and folks..
    Scanned in all my photos.. Downloaded books, only took on board the clothes that I needed (I wasn't working at the time)
    And packed all the essentials..
    No little extras, no clutter..
    Then I was able to add the few bits of finishing touches, the odd photos here and there.
    The storage on our boat was fantastic., we had a replica boat mans cabin at the back and that held loads of stuff,.

    We allowed ourself some plastic box of memories,, stuff that I wanted near by but didn't need everyday, this was kept under the bed..
    We had a crate on the roof for plant pots and wood storage
    And made a catch cover for the front and the seats lifted for tools etc..

    She was a good boat.. I loved being on the waterways.. Good luck!

    Hello, just to wish you and your son well for today..

    You don't mentioned where you live.. I was wondering with the summer and more people out and about that there maybe members here who are in your area and could give you a life to the hospital.. ,maybe worth a try?

    Hello, I was very sad to read your post.. It sounds like you've been through the mill.. I hope that you can find someone to talk too..a friendly ear goes a long way and it sounds like you have friends here.. Sending you lots of love.

    I am quite concerned reading this post.. I hate waste as much as the next person and using things that people have thrown away is an excellent way to recycle.. But please be careful when gp taking food from bins.. You don't know what else has been put in the bin, cross contamination, food which is out of date, should be kept cold etc.. I wouldn't want anyone to become ill from reading this..

    Oh dear, I am so sorry to read about your van.. I can't believe that a van can topple over. (How can that happen?).. How shocking and upsetting..

    Even more so when your friends have been distant, I bet all you wanted was a friendly cuppa or a beer... It's often the case that when things go wrong the people we want to be around us run a mile! I've had the same experience myself recently.. I just couldn't understand why a close friend hasn't returned my phone calls when she knows that I really could do with a friend.. In the end I stopped wondering why and trying to move forward myself, it was the only way I could deal with the situation.

    I like to think help and support and of course friendship can come along when you least expect it.. Being lonely is hard, but hopefully this forum with its array of friendly people can be of comfort to you..

    All the best..

    Ive just heard a good Quote .

    Some people want to climb a ladder and struggle to get to the top .
    Then when theyve struggled for most of there life ,they find that the ladder is up against the wrong wall .

    Hope this makes sense .

    That is the best quote I heard in so long! Fantastic... Made me think.. I guess for some people it's the right wall, no matter what we from an outside perspective may think..

    for couples I guess you need to be on the same ladder?.. And when one of the couple switches ladders then I guess how far apart the walls are will depend if the relationship is sustainable..

    There was an interesting post about compromise recently. It's all related.

    Please do think carefully about about hasty moves, divorce is such a big decision and reflect back on your reasons for marrying your wife in the first place.. You must have been on the same ladder at some point..

    Your plans do sound fantastic though... Wishing you well

    I find this most interesting.. I just don't understand how a plane can be lost in this day and age... Oddly enough I never thought of a cover up until I read this post.. I feel so sorry for the families..

    Hopefully someone will come along and offer some good advice... But I really wanted to a ay how sorry I am that you are min this situation. I live in Wales (north) and love it.. Rents seem pretty reasonable and you at closeto t he sea, countryside and towns for shopping etc. my only advice would be to consider transport links as some of villages are not served well with buses. If you are interestedi n North Wales then keep in touch and I can let you know thr good and not so good places to live.

    Well, I've never realised how much work goes into a forum.. I just thought it ran itself!! And the number of members and the variety of threads is clearly such am achievement.. I have been pondering about what would make me use the forum more.. I also believe that if it isn't broke then don't fix it... You mention that people use of the internet has changed and there is more demand for short discussions.. I think someone mentioned it that reading to the forum is done in lunch breaks or at a waiting room on mobiles rather than using a lap top. I tend to agree.. Perhaps I have a lack of concentration but I don't tend to read the long posts..

    With that in mind, I was wondering if it's possible to trial some sort of group chat system.. The only thing I can think off is that I have a group of friends in a what's app group., short text message conversations work so well and can be typed and sent in a jiffy.., if it is a trial it could be simple p, nothing fancy and if likes then it could be expanded..

    Then if someone what's specific more I depth advice they could go to thr forum..

    Just a thought,,

    I fine it interesting but at times I find some of the topics a bit over my head! But that's just me! I like the idea of a chat room.. I am not a member of other forums and not a facebook person. I wish I could offer more posts but I seem rather unknowledgable compared to others even though I've lived in a van and a boat! I will have a ponder about how if it was me would change..