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    This remind me of something which happened a few years ago.. It was cold and icey , my husband was sitting on a bench waiting for me. He had long hair and a full shaggy beard. He also had a cloth bag with his work trainers tied to them (he was wearing proper boots because of the ice) and also a jumper in a plastic bag, also tied to his cloth bag.. His coat was torn and he looked very cold waiting for me... As I walked to him, he was chatting to a stranger who thought he was homeless.. Apparently 2 other people came up to him! He didn't mind, touched that people were very kind, but it always makes me think that someone might not actually be homeless...

    I've been thinking a lot about this.. Especially after being called a Tory!

    I can't do that fancy quote thing..

    But, I believe that the State should be there to support people in need..

    Therefore parents on low income, yes are in need of funds to provide for their children. They are working and require a top up.

    But why should people not looking for work get paid JSA? It's like me expect to be paid for not working! If someone is looking for work, undertaking training or voluntary work then yes, they should get benefits.

    And why should the state pay for people to have children?? If someone is working then the above will apply.. E.g a top up from wages.

    Or why shouldn't a single parent look for work??? I really still want to know the answer to this question... Why wouldn't anyone want to visit the job centre to find out what help there is to get off benefits?????

    The money available isnt a bottomless pit .. I would prefer money to be given to support people in need through no fault of their own.. Elderly in need of good quality care, the nhs buying cancer drugs..

    So instead of paying money to people who have chosen to claim benefits due to their own self made situation should more be paid to people who need it due to circumstances beyond their control.

    When I worked at the job centre, I decided who was sanctioned but the length of time and if the sanction was correct went to another department. If that is still the system I am unsure. I saw 1000's of job seekers in my time, many weren't really looking for work. The ones which were looking were successful in the end, they were my regular customers visiting me even when it wasn't their time to sign on. I met parents who were signing on bringing thier children to made a claim.. It was a right of passage.

    i didn't have targets, but sanctioned when people didn't look for work or didn't attend job interviews. That was the most common. I've also known the housing department having targets on how many people they didn't help!

    I actually now help disabled people into work. I have mixed feelings about 'special units' as I believe that disabled people should be able to apply for jobs which are open for everyone and adjustments need to be made to that they can access the jobs.

    with regards to training, there are free courses out there for example in IT or basic skills. Or do voluntary work to up skill.

    Even though I agree £70 isn't enough to live off, I also am very concerned over the withdrawal of services such as care for old people or bus routes etc.. I would prefer services to vulnerable to be kept than to pay people to sit at home and claim the dole for doing nothing.

    with regards to finding work once a baby is born.. (Or after a year, same as maternity leave) Why not?

    Bugger I wrote a long reply and lost it...

    - I had to take sanctions against people many times.. Because they just weren't looking for work, literally nothing.. Why shouldn't they be sanctioned?

    - I agree about the living wage etc,.. But my husband and I work for minimum wage both part time due to reduced hours or redundancy... I would rather do that then claim benefits..and I know people who commute far for work.. My husband works for a private company and I find it hard that they won't pay him an wage which he deserves... He likes his job, I do as well which is always a good thing.

    - I work and live in a rural area and there are jobs, but there are many ways to find work, just looking at vacancies isn't enough.. I believe if you really want to work and come off benefits you can and I have helped many many people to do so...

    - now my question to the first poster ( please do not berate me for asking this) but why wouldn't you want to find work and come of benefits??! I didn't have children and one reason because I could never afford too.. Why should the state pay for you to be at home with your child??? I would like to understand....

    Can I add,I help people look for work that is my job now.. I work for an organisation where luckily I don't have any targets etc. so it is up to the person to work with me if they want. I actually have good results, but it's amazing the amount of people who don't contact me again once they know I can actually help them into a job!

    @ old Keith

    I used to work at a job centre, so I do have an idea of the system

    Sanctions are given when someone fails to meet the jsa conditions.

    I am not pro job centre, why do think I left. ( because of the system and I was attacked) But I do believe that if someone isn't seeking work or applying jobs then yes, they should be sanctioned.

    Just to clarify a few incorrect things.
    -the job centre staff on the ground do not make decisions on sanctions, the decisions go to a special departmemt
    - I've never know someone to be sanctioned because they do not have arms to do a job.. If the person who has a disability is on JSA then they still have to meet the criteria. If there is a disability the employer makes reasonable adjustments and access to work will come in, the question can adjustments be made in regards to that job?
    - remember the staff work to the rules and guidance they are given

    and yes, people should be sanctioned if they are not fulfilling their jsa agreement!

    I think they will talk to you about the options if you work such as help with child care costs. They will also look at options such as part time work. They can do an assessment to see how much you need to earn to have to take home more money then benefits alone.

    i guess this info will enable you to make an informed choice to find a job and come off benefits.

    I don't like Christmas.. Mainly because of as people said the ideal that everyone is together, big families all having fun etc etc... Even more frustrating is that Xmas adverts etc is so early now.. Making the pain and agony of it last longer!

    i am so sorry you are alone, I know people have said volunteering.but I know you don't want to come home to an empty house.. Could you go away? Stay in a nice hotel (abroad maybe?).. If you vounteer, you could go to a care home, or I go to my local animal rescue and look after the cats! The don't know it's Xmas!

    I want to be groovy on all posts!

    thank you for your replies it's food for thought!

    i really don't like lidl or aldi though.. It's far too stressful shopping in them, plus where I live I would have to drive further to get there.. I don't eat meat but do like quorn.. I guess that adds a bit.

    I do admire how cheaply people can live and how much can be saved cooking from scratch..

    i will ill read and digests your top tips!

    Ok, so ignoring all bills inc broadband and phone.. Also ignoring pet food..

    how much do you live on? (If you don't mind sharing).. So I am taking food (interested to know how much people spend on food) but also do you have a set a,mount for treats?

    ive been troy to live of £50 for 2 people per week and it's impossible.. And this is just the basics, not little extras..

    I am not one for fishing.. I've even been once to see if my mind would change but I really don't agree with it for reasons mentioned above..

    anyhow,.. I wonder how often we in our lives have to make decision to kill a living creature? I always catch spiders in a glass and put them outside, have a humaine mouse trap for the mice the cat bring in etc.. Obviously I probably stand on hundreds of insects, but I don't go out of my way to kill them... So I am not surprised you feel sadness by your actions.. I think it shows compassion ...xx

    I've seen one.. When I was little on the stairs of my parents home. Odd things used to happen in the house from time to time.. The strangest thing was that a glass vase or candle stick holder.. I can't remember now on the fire place was cut in half and the top half placed next to the bottom half. Thus happened over night.

    I wouldn't worry about using a charity when in need.. When you have money, you can donate back to them.

    just to check though, my cats insurance won't cover for conditions they already have before they were insured.. They cover new illness though.

    i was so sorry to hear Solo about your dog xx

    You could take the job for the winter and re look again in the summer months.. A van in the car park would sort out your accommodation and I guess you can use the building to charge up phones etc..

    I wouldn't hire one.. It's so expensive and the boats are not kitted out for living aboard full time.. I would speak to people about the pros and cons of their boats and what hints and tips you can get. There are lots of things to consider.. That's what I did when I was buying my boat..