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    Hi All,
    I'm grateful for the email reminder to check my inbox and get me back over here.
    I joined about a year ago, when I was looking for a bus to move into, but ended up homeless instead.
    A lot of ppl I know are running on the '2012 - big life change' scenario, which I still dunno whether is hype or reality - but a lot did go down for a lot of us - urgent life did take control and force many (speaking for myself) into secluded introspection.
    IMO Facebook and other avenues are not stealing the traffic flow. Forums give something that the Bookers and Twitters cannot provide; MEANING. Speaking for myself, I have also pulled off from any meaningful contact in that world too, aside from the odd 'like' and mindless 'share'.
    The world is turning in new circles, these days. Oddly enough, the only other forum I have really got into has come back onto my scope only this week.
    Yes. I am a space cadet that believes in the movement of things greater than us all.


    I have my hands on a Bedford bus that will not suit my purposes.

    11 metres long, 500cu inch 8.2 litre turbo engine, runs and drives well, tax till end June, MOT till August.

    Has been lived in before by a single man and child, rather primitively I might add. It could do with an airing, a few packs of incense and several burned dinners in it to make it more like home. There is a basic construction inside - a huge enclosed bed area, a full size kitchen sink unit and I can perhaps help you out with a gas cooker and 3way fridge. There is a cupboardy thing in there, the 240v circuit breaker box and a heap of storage beneath the bed area that is high enough to crawl into. It doesn't have the lines/ plumbing/ water tank and I can't help you out in that dept. There is a 240v hookup.

    Has a wood stove in it, tho I am inclined to keep that for my next one unless strongly persuaded to do otherwise; FYI there is a hole in the roof with a stack going thru it which I am not interested in. The outside top of the stack is removable, yet has no rain cap.

    She has an aluminium body/ skin, steel frame and chassis. The body is surprisingly straight and tidy - painted a creamy white, tho' not so offensively far from white as to resemble magnolia - more like the colour of the UKH background. There is some rust in the frame and a leak coming from the roof which will want a lick of bitumen paint on it to seal it.

    Engine is good, yet a little oily. Doesn't drop much yet I'd say it's dirty after having been neglected as evident by the state of the water pump belts which I have replaced. She was also leaking fuel from a loose injector pipe, which was just plain laziness on the part of the previous owner.

    She drives fine, a little crunchy in 3rd - sometimes - and the clutch will want some attention soon if you're going to be doing a lot of driving in it. She could also do with a service which I could do for you at cost if you don't know how to.

    It'd be a great home for someone wanting a huge space to park up long term in. My needs include a serious amount of driving over the next six months which I would rather be doing without having to constantly monitor the condition of fiddly little incidentals along the way than this bus may present.

    Tyres are passable yet could do with re-grooving, which I hear costs about 25£ each. There is one new one on there I am aware of.

    I would like £1500 for it, which will leave me a long way out of pocket on her, but them's the breaks. I bought it whilst in the middle of freaking out about homelessness, before realizing to put aside the freaks and to look more carefully at my own needs.

    Located near to Brighton, East Sussex.

    It is registered as a Class 4 motorhome, which means a car licence is okay yet in my experience as an HGV driver, don't even think about buying it if you have no idea of what 'really big' feels like - go for a ride on a public bus and try to imagine yourself behind the wheel and you'll get an idea.

    You are welcome to come down, take a ride, poke and prod and all that. I do have to get on with other things in short order, so am putting out feelers everywhere with the scrap man at the end of the list. The aluminium body really pushes up scrap value, yet I would hate to see the world lose yet another of these fine engines.

    I will also consider selling in bits if need be, may scrap man get the rest so long as the ends doth meet.

    Do get in quick as MOT waiteth for no man, and I have no intentions to hold on to it for that long regardless.

    If you just need to move it to your location, I found the best way was to take out insurance and then cancel withint the 14day cooling off period, which is how I got it here from way up north.

    Pix to follow soon.

    Thanx Medusa - this is sound advice, and yes it's not as quick and easy as imagined and yes - I am forgetting to sleep. It is pouring overhead atm, including the latest of someone pinching the van I was selling. What a dickhead - eBay buyer - loaded it onto a trailer, refused to pay and drove off with it. 2 days of deaf ears and it's off to see old Bill.
    Damn - as if I have nothing better to do with my time... :wall:

    On a brighter note, a friend has offered to move her kids into her room so my girls will have a place to stay for a breather. An other friend has offered to introduce us to the landowner of a nearby site and a few of the peeps there. We also snagged a cheap garage to overflow into and spent today filling it up. Relief!

    Thank you all for your encouraging words of support. :blessed:

    Thanx for the support, all.

    Yea, I'm looking for a friendly, supportive ambiance for the girls - something settling - they are new to nomadic living. Everything is coming along, hard work, but so.

    The schedule is very tight. I have (on my plate) to fit out a bus, work two commissions that are well overdue on starting (for obv reasons) and do life for us humans, cat, bird and rats... phew!

    When I started this thread, I wanted to show the dreamers (as I once was), that 'it' can happen for them, no matter what their obstacles. I've given me till September to iron out the bugs or fall back into bricks and mortar and the God awful bureaucracy of the system.

    We shall see, we shall see.


    Hi All,

    Some may have picked up the clues that my family of 3 girls, mum and I - have had our plans to go nomad, go turbo!

    We are evicted from our home of 3 yrs, by the Anglican church for no given reason, and the bureaucratic red tape facing the un-moneyed family is a much fun as being hit repeatedly with a stupid stick. Their timing was real crap for us, having been working on an art show for the previous three months.. We were stoney broke and I, physically exhausted.

    Yet we are rolling with it. I hit eBay super hard, collected a little cash and ran off up north to pick up a neglected Y series Bedford 500 Bus... Driving home she threw a belt and the remainders arrived missing a few chunks of rubber. There isn't much in it worth saving aside from the burner, yet if it was up to me, I woulda installed it in the middle of the bus, not right up one end... (duh!). The clutch is way over tightened and I'm sure the previous owner only ever touched the bus with a hammer. Sigh.. but them's the breaks.. I felt a a state of anxiety about being put out on the street so I took on the task of breathing life into this rolling bomb - thank goodness I know how to wield a spanner! Sure I reckon I can make it livable in the time I have... or so I thought!

    So here we are now, ten days away from key return day - the house is a disaster - we threw out a 3.5t Luton load full of junk last week, which only showed us how much more we needed to deal with and in how little time. We are looking around for a garage to push it all into - we have a workshop to do the bus in - yet the wife and kids need places to sleep in the meantime.. and we are running out of options. No, the workshop can't accept the family as the hermits there don't need their 'good thing' ruined by some do-gooder throwing the spotlight on homeless children hiding out there with them.

    We are in Brighton, broke, in a state emotionally and (thankfully or not) I have two commissions waiting to be worked on and paid for... when I get the time! Eeep!

    We are confident things for us will end up being ok, once the dust settles. We also have a small caravan, bought to use for parts, which the girls can sleep in for the meantime - if only we had a safe park up!

    If you have a practical hand to lend, that will be great - otherwise you are welcome to pull up a chair and popcorn and spectator the whole proceedings. This is solid adventure, mission, ball ache and fulfillment all rolled into one. For the romantics.. no it's not easy, but we're doing it. I am rounding up a lot of practical support at the moment, which is really showing me what life is all about... being ripped off today really didn't help, tho' I am starting to feel immune to all that Bollocks. I am feeling not only evicted from society, I feel ejected... and they can furken keep their damn ball!

    Love to all. I dunno how often I'll get to post here on UKH, but we'll all find that out, hey?

    Laters. Zz

    Yea, I use Tarot. I started off with the Arcus Arcarnum deck yet atm am on to the Norse, for the last 15yrs or so.

    I find learning symbology and numerology to be of great help.

    IMO 'spreads' are but a guide to find your own groove. I have used tarot from divination to healing yet be aware that emotional investiture will always be a problem. On the other hand, they are a great tool for stepping aside from personal white lies.

    Good luck!

    This is Balder, the son of Odin. Notice the Sowilo Rune at the bottom to further enhance the significance of the card.

    7 metres is a tad short for us. We managed in my 5 and a half from Italy to England, yet months of that would be like living on the inside of a blender.

    I'm defo off to York tomorrow to check out a school bus with the basics installed; stove, 3way, sink and fire. The rest I get to make it up.

    best of luck mate, ive had many buses, just when you think you got the right one, all of a sudden, yer dont like it,:(

    Great :wall:

    You're most welcome.


    'Simplicity' and 'Discernment' measure 100cmx70cm wide

    'Apocalypse' measures 40x80cm wide. Now.. a tricky question... does anyone recognize the LAYOUT of this piece? I'll give you a hint - it's a 1980's film poster, and nothing to do with George Lucas. This little tidbit adds further significance to the piece. If you can guess right first and like the piece, I will send you an art-quality print of it for free (Go on, put some effort in! I No one on Farcebook could get this!) :p


    Now, just to finish off (and to go back to dealing with the eviction to hand), I eave you with one that may bring a little smile.

    For those unawares, the act of spraypainting artforms illegally on the streets is known as 'Bombing'.

    UPFEST 2011a.jpg

    So here we have David Cameron wearing workers' safety gear being served by 'Queen' Banksy (AKA the face of Robin Gunningham, the rumoured man behind the name. To the left we have Barack Obama wearing a Tshirt slogan "I am Banksy" whist spraypainting a red dot on to a poster, between the eyes of the face of Osama Bin Laden Pshopped onto a running gingerbread man body.

    That'll do. Catchyaz all again soon.

    These next few are watermarked as part of the terms of licencing....

    This first one is entitled 'Apocalypse' - instead of the twin sunset, there is the death star rising. The road beside is the path we are on, apparently 'following the star' past the 'no U turn' sign, where the road curves over towards the death star - fascism, domination. Whoops!

    proof star wars apocLORES.jpg

    This next one was produced for an exhibition for International Women's Day, this year just gone. I broke myself in half (yet again) in doing it.

    Title: Discernment (of the younger woman)


    I produced this piece to illustrate the child's transition to the adolescent woman. She must break into and make sense of her own concepts, her true self and, to discern the difference between the two. Confused and ungainly, awkward and uncertain, she steps into the unknown and somewhat menacing world of her own expectation. As moths are attracted to a bright light, so too the eye of judgement is attracted to the attention of the adolescent.
    The technical complexity of the piece illustrates the task before her – the compilation of her own self from fragments.


    Simplicity (of the older woman)


    After the woman has lived the 'formative' phase of life – self discovery, family, career, the rise and fall of the body image - her personal truth becomes black and white and the eye of judgement is closed, perhaps dead. As she departs this world, she elegantly pushes aside the expectations upon her and 'leaves' behind a growth of the earth mother, to merge with her celestial self. Her weakness, her Achilles heel (husband), may hold her back.
    The technical challenge of this piece was to cut the entire figure as single piece, to illustrate the assured unity of self.

    Oh pooh. The super sharp, professional images are too large for UKH > you'll hafta wait ti I get to resize them.

    I work as a professional commission and performance artist with the very occasional gallery show thrown in, here and there.

    This one was done in a beer garden...

    Albert pub.jpg

    and to the right of it is a gated door, upon which is painted this...


    (remember these are all done with spray cans!)

    Next one I'd like to show you was commissioned by Sussex University. The piece measures 6m long, 2.5m high with 100mm solid oak frame around it.

    Sussex Uni Project complete SUPER LORES.jpg

    It was quite a production - for which was made a documentary, that I invite you to watch...

    That'll keep you going whilst I resize those big files....

    Hi all.

    I am a stencil maker.

    I take a photo, hack it with a knife, spray paint thru the holes and to make pictures.

    I like lots of different styles, because it's the horizon of technicality I crave, not a comforting limitation of a well worn style groove.

    Here are some I have done.

    If you haven't seen anything up here for a while and want to, give me a PM. I am super slack at doing photos.

    (I just decided to end this post now so I can get the pic and write the story to go with it. BRB)



    So we a had a bit of fun on this one, Takoda.. how'd it turn out? There are 3 Bluebird buses going for sale right here in the UK, to save you on the shipping... 2 older and one newer model in various conditions.

    Hi all,

    Most of you don't know me, and that's cool. Life has been in super high gear since I joined... I make lots of art whilst dodging eviction notices and looking for a big bus to move into.

    Today I am feeling super bummed to have placed 2nd for an auction of a 33foot bus - the other guy just happened to have more loot to throw than I. In a vain attempt to catch that lost deal... to go out into the wilds and bag me that beast that I so told myself I was going to (this week), I've been scouring the we to find a trusty waggon for me and my girls - mum and our three.

    So far, I don't have the smell of success in my nose and I am wondering if anyone here knows of any big buses or where I can go to find one for sale? Thx.

    I come from 3 and I have 3. I find 3 to be a nice number, tho' I reckon I could quite easily go to 5. Once upon a time I was told that 1 is a job, 2 is a babysitter and 3 is a family, because there are always 2 fighting! Other parents I know with the one and two don't know what to do when our lot come over, yet when they drop theirs over at ours... well I personally hardly notice the imports at all.
    IMO, small - one and two child family miss out on a lot of social problem solving skills, and the parents miss out on a lot of management. I don't think I could do ten. I see your points raised regarding intimacy between parents and children. As I go with three, I am still finding the jealousy and ownership that goes on amongst them in somewhat unsettling.
    Question: In a super large family of ten... is there such thing as 'mummy (or daddy)'s favourite and rivalry therein? Thx.

    Frustrated, angry, annoyed, lost and a tiny touch of powerlessness. I really don't want to be doing me for these next weeks. We're being evicted - a house full of kids and animals - from a house owned by the church. We are taking the plunge to turn nomad. The time is right even tho' the rest of us isn't! Woooah! Here goes! :splash!

    I too am looking at obtaining a large bus for myself and family to move into.. we have been at the edge of the precipice for some time now, yet now we are facing evictio... it time to jump off!

    In response to your query.. as an experienced HGV driver, I must impart you an advice of experience... once you drive HGV, you are NOT driving a car! While this might sound obvious, the thing is that when you have a very large vehicle, you can only do the best you can with the circumstances presented to you at any given moment - driving on a wrong side of the road in order to take the bend... hell - even stopping, having someone (or you) get out to stop traffic around a blind corner may be a necessary solution! When you are on your own navigating a difficult situation - the golden rule is to take the challenge SLOWLY, so that any numbskull driving a thimble that stops on a penny will work out what you are up to in plenty of good time. USE YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS frequently and for any reason when your vehicle is being exactly that - a hazard to other road users. Have a good and powerful horn (for those blind corners or when exciting from between buildings or narrow laneways - that gives people fair warning they are up against something larger than a Micra.
    DO NOT TRUST SOFT SHOULDERS - it is better to slow and let someone pass than to shoehorn yourself into a tight pass and wind up with the mud giving way under you. When in doubt, STOP as close to the edge as you dare (or even edge yourself into a driveway first) and allow the smaller passing vehicle to worry about you, instead of the other way around - which is pretty much a goood rule to live by - there's no point in losing sleep over these little tiny machines with their stop and go powerpacks, and irate occupants. You will be shouted and sworn at - from time to time - so accept that it comes with the territory or develop a taste for classical music and pure foods!

    Be super cautious of situations where people are likely to step out onto the road, particularly from behind buses AND ESPECIALLY courier/ delivery vans, where these drivers have done their drop and are hurried to get back into the saddle (most common) or a whizzing their doors open expecting to bound out and get that job done (uncommon). Remember that the clearance between you and parked cars can sometime measure down to part inches!
    In earlier days, I did take out the odd side mirror - thus it always pays a driver to pull theirs in!
    I have also almost taken the nose off a few dozy people (or knocked a phone out of their hands) - yet unlike mirror, these things move! So be vigilant, cautious, OBVIOUS, predictable and, accepting of the fact that there are contenders for the Darwin award out there, everywhere!
    When parking up, footpaths are fair and accepted game so long as you're not creating a traffic hazard, blocking a driveway or destroying grass - yet for sleepovers; perhaps someone else more experienced can help you there.
    I hope this helps.

    My professor of Nutrition was Airforce pilot for the Australian Defence forces. Thus, I have some news first hand.

    He tells me the fuel that was used for planes was called JP7, which was upgraded to JP8. Funny thing was, that the guys who did the internal work of fuel tanks started getting all sick and dying or something equally displeasing. Eventually, the airforce was so fed up with the mess, that is reverted back to JP7.

    Now, at around the same time, a whole heap of light planes all suddenly started falling from the sky. The cause wasn't made too public, tho' it was nailed down to being a fungal growth in the fuel that got out of hand and caused fuel system blockages.

    Now, being a scientist, this fellow got onto the science microscopy side of things and came upon the answer that the PTB (Powers That Be) were putting fungal pathogens into the fuel, more specifically, mycoplasma, that could survive the heat of being pushed thru an after burner. His research was backed up by documentation of failing health of those living in the flight paths of airports.

    The end story being that the mycoplasma was coming into the bodies via the air is small enough quantities to keep the immune system busy without knocking it over, thus making people more susceptible to ordinary, everyday illnesses, such as 'flu.

    Anyways, that said, the first poster mentioned something about the need for a lot of people knowing what's going on in the world for there to be really a conspiracy. Not so. The monkey who makes the fuel, only does so according to the engineers instructions. The chimp who pumps the fuel, the raccoon who flies the plane... they are all none the wiser. I have spoken with the wife of an airline pilot who believes chemtrail theorists are fruitcakes - and justly so. The engineers who devise the fuel, they are only told what they need to know - and where do they get their information from? That's right, you guessed it! From government licensed and monitored educational institutions! Back to the nutrition just to prove a point - Which government run education facility teaches the wonders of vitamin B17 and where and how to get it? We all know that apple seeds contain cyanide, yet are we also taught that cancer cells have a faster metabolism and thus suck up the cyanide, and that the apple seeds also contain a hepoprotective that help our bodies to detoxify the deadly cyanide in the first place that the cancer cells cannot receive the benefit of? Hmm... food for thought. Gotta run. Nice chat.

    the biggest problem is undoing the public perception of the unemployed all being work shy scroungers.

    i have been picketing our local poundland on and off. the first thing people tell me to do is "get a job". when i reply "already have a full time job" they ask why i am sticking up for scroungers.
    when i point out to them their taxes are going into poundland's profits via their taxes directly subsidising poundland's profits (this is effectively all working tax credit is doing too) the ones capable of free thought often looked shocked at the thought.
    all the government tub thumping has subdued so many of free thought

    What a mess this world is come to!
    :crying an ocean of tears: :world:
    The rising bile I feel in reply to the mal-education of our people and children is gonna wind up messy when I go to my teen's school this week. I am laying groundwork to begin my own classes to my three.:curse:

    This year I am keeping it modest due to other creative pursuits.
    I will be working both small world (first time), Over The Moon (3rd yr - claireaitchbee, what were you doing there?), perhaps Buddahfield (tho' I haven't pulled my finger out) and have submitted a huge proposal to SGP, which I am middle of the road about doing because on one side it'll be a HUGE amount of work and on the other, :sigh: hugely satisfying to finally see this project get up and into it's full potential and to so many 'totally blown away' faces :D