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    Do you guys ever find its easy to find those things you want to change about yourself like wanting to have more confidence in yourself, be happy with your personality, be able to speak confidently in front of others....but you never seem to know where to find the tools to overcome this step by step?
    Like Muninn you say that you have that one friend who tells you when your putting yourself down, more obvious things like that would be so helpful. I guess I'm thinking of cognitive behavioural therapy but I've never really researched it in depth.

    I'm not comfortable with myself, sometimes I come out with things sounding like Yoda. I don't seem to process my thoughts to a cohesive sentence, it just comes out backwards, it makes me hate talking to people I don't know well.

    Hey purplecar, I can completely sympathise from where your coming from. Sometimes I will have black days where I just have this overwhelming slump of feeling. You feel depressed and life just seems unexciting and gloomy for no reason.
    SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder like the other guys mentioned could be a factor, its more common than people think and affects people in different degrees.
    Also it is quite true that it can take a number of weeks for Anti-Depressants to work so keep on with those, they may help.
    But one angle I'd like to add is you say that theres no problems around you, everything is going right so you don't know why you feel low. That could be reason in itself. Sometimes we need either something to act on, fight for or look forward to. If everything is going on at the same pace, happily but theres no excitement or you have nothing that creates passion in yourself, I believe that maybe that can cause depression in people (I'm not a doctor but this is just something I've experienced personally.)
    Sometimes I think when you reach a kind of nice comfortable place in life it can make you think of your life as a whole, what do I still want to achieve? Maybe if you think about the things you've always wanted to do and now especially when your kids are independant you can your wife could do some exciting things together!!

    If I'm totally off the mark here, and I've just ranted, apologies in advance!!
    And I agree with everyone else, talk to your partner. As well as your wife, she's your best friend :) And a problem shared is a problem halved.

    I am one of you!! I thought the CIA check to get here was a but much.... but well worth the effort :D Haha.
    Are you really a shed junkie??? I did a whole project on sheds during my first year of Fine Art at Uni. They have their own dilapidated beauty :)

    Hello Everybody, My name is Leo and I love that there is a website and forum for people like me! Personally I am a hippy trying to break out of my mainstream surroundings (And my parents house).:p

    A little about me....I have always been creative, I love nature, love new people and places, I can't understand our society and a large percentage of its rules. Recently, since I started Yoga and have become greats friends with my teacher, I have become more open minded and more spiritual :) I believe in the effects of global emotion and vibrations. I believe in healthy eating but of course love a good chocolate biscuit. I'm a 'trying hard to be' vegetarian ;) I love cooking and my signature dish is a vegetable moussakka.

    I would like to eventually live in a self sustainable community where I could live life more fully, earn from my skills and not be suffocated by a corporate world. I want to travel more, I've been to Costa Rica and Mexico recently. And so so want to go back. Or to India, or to Indonesia or to Guatemala....any one fancy being my buddy??
    Me hobbies is, Yoga, Meditation, Drawing, Photography, Reading, Craft, Studying, Learning Spanish, Travel, Singing and some more I cant think of :)

    I hope to make some good friends here because its hard when your family and friends look at you weird when you talk about the benefits of yoga, going on a meditation retreat and ranting about how you believe no one should have a 9-5 that we should all live on farms!!!