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    cheers for the info, I listen to everything that everyone has to say as everyone is correct to themselves, I just take all the best information and inspiration and make my own version of being correct :)
    I have had a look at many different ldv's and would love one as they've always been one of my favourite vans in general and you are very correct on the layout and ripping out part.. ive seen many vans that are so close to being what i want but then thinking.. i couldnt live with that there, Id have to move it there.. ending up spending more money.

    I have roughly a month and a half to find one that is perfect and with every one I look at each day im getting closer and closer to finding the closest one to calling home! so It wont be long now.


    Thank's for all the replies guys!
    I have been looking at luton's as well as longwheel based/sprinters and ldv's but unless I could find a nice one that is part converted and 3.5ton or under I wouldnt be able to afford the whole converstion as i'm pushing it at £3000 (i know its not much but its all I have been able to save)
    As for a caravan, its a great idea but as mentioned above with being an open garden centre i wouldnt be able to park one up and I have plans for travelling as well as staying on site! (plus no trailer license)

    I've seen some very nice partially converted racevans where I could extend the 'garage' space into more living area but one problem being a lot of them have the kitchen at the back and sofa/pull out bed near the front!
    Found a really nice luton style box van on gumtree for sale for £1500 but sadly it's got twin wheels/classed as a motorhome and is 5.5ton so no good for me but here's a link for you guys with an interest :)…as-a-motorhome/1006033211

    See what you mean a good buy for somebody really good size box :D
    Good luck with your search, you should pop up a thread with what you are lookin for you never know what peeps might have, could you also look for at caravans? :D

    Indeed a very good buy and a lot of opportunity, as grand as it is already.
    I have just posted a new thread with a little bit about my situation :) thanks
    as for a caravan, I don't have a trailer license and have plans of travelling as well so I would prefer a van.

    Hey guys, I've been a member of this site for a while now but never got round to saying hi or introducing myself but visit very often to see what people are up to, to look up on any inspiration or just to read the odd stories and have myself cheered up by what you all have to say!
    So my names fordy (4d), I've been looking into the process of buying and moving in to a van for over almost a year now, looking at the possibilities of living on site, traveling from town to town, having a fixed job or temp job that i could live where ever I am based, or just make money on the road.. and with some pushing have decided to go ahead and buy my first van! With having a phone call just before christmas which could not of come at a better time, I got asked off my old boss If I would be interested in having my old job back, mentioning my plan of moving in to a van he has given me the opportunity to also live on site and look after the new land (garden centre/tree nursery)

    So, Now you've heard my story so far, the question Is what would you full timers advise me on getting? I can only drive up to a 3500 tonne, and I am aiming for the bigger the better for obvious living space but the one problem i seem to be having is the positioning and layout of some of the campers, having bed/sofa near the front of the cab.. kitchen at the back (i'd prefer a high raised bed near the back with storage/garage space via back doors.

    I only have around £2800... at a push maybe £3000 so repositioning and extending of a race van or something similar looks like a better option than kitting it out from scratch.

    cheers guys, and hope your all keeping warm
    cant wait to be on the road