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    and yeah roadkill, no problem guys. i was freegan for a year (vegan but happily eating meat,fish and dairy which is going to be sent to landfill or found already dead)(goes along with skipping/dumpster diving)
    pretty much cleaner too when it comes to hunting

    yeah offgridkid, that is a major major issue within mankind and it seriously needs to be looked at and assessed by the majority of civilians! There was a research paper done a few years back about 6 to 14 year old kids and what they think, know and assume to go into there usual food and it surprised the hell out of everyone that 60% of the children didn't have a clue ever when it came to chicken burgers with.. the name being in the name! haha
    Me myself being vegan always ends up with a very long heated debate usually with meat eaters, hunters and also vegans as I am anti-hunting when it comes to sport, but not so anti-hunting when it comes to people being self sufficient! I used to go fishing as a child with my dad and he used to go shooting for small game and we raised our own chickens for meat, eggs, had a large self sustained allotment for veg so I have always been understanding from one side. but when it does come to it I am pretty big on animal rights and anti hunting campaigns but not necessarily all hunting due to my side of the love for self sufficiency! Now this is where I differ from most vegans on the fact that i don't eat meat, i have all of these views and I do think that me myself for my preferences can get everything i need from a meatless and dairyless diet! this is normaly the start of heated debates between hunters and vegans and me being sort of stuck inbetween against both sides! But i like to see myself as understanding and not shoving my views down peoples throats but giving a well varied and honest opinion debate and discussion on the topic! I mean why argue and fight when you can learn from one another, You might not convert someones beliefs nor they're beliefs fall into action upon yourself but at least you can learn from each other!

    But yeah, the denial and contradictions within eating habbits and prefernces mainly within the meat eating and dairy consuming side of civilians is very much hidden by packaged bloodless procucts as you stated! they can't do it themselves and will happily slate others who go out of there way to do these things themselves when they pay for it to be practically done and covered up for them!
    that is one major problem indeed!

    hopefully this comment won't be misjudged as i know there are a lot of vegans/veggies/meat eaters and others on these forums and people will.. understand or at least try to understand my reasonings for these views!

    Yeah popup, to be honest.. life should be back to bartering and skill sharing! The world would be a much better place without full on currency! skill swapping, bartering and exchange is the way forwards in life! I met a very nice lady in macclesfield who lives her whole life that way and has a very (sadly) secluded life and community around her in which there belongs no currency except the obvious for fuel and thing's that can not be easily exchanged.

    Also I do think offgrid van life is the way forwards, i know you can't become fully off grid as fuel does cost and it's pretty hard in england or anywhere to gain free fuel. if you can set up your van to run off grid in the terms of living then it's one step in the right direction within heating, water, cooking, electric etc etc

    I couldn't have worded it any better offgridkid
    You pretty much have my exact mind frame on life as we live and you are certainly correct on our education system! the amount that we could do once for ourselves was amazing. we have gone from being able to build our own homes, source our own water, hunt and gather our own food, find and process our own medicines and make our own tools.
    now there's kids who don't know what goes into there mcdonalds burgers, parents who won't step foot near natural medicines but will pop paracetamol everyday and take medicine for any kind of bug letting theirs and their children's bodies immune systems suffer, and from hunting and gathering to hunting in the two for one isle!
    I do think structure is needed as much as i believe mainly in anti capitalist, none governmental, anarchistic views! But having societies and small none major structures and communities is a necessary within all life!
    we majorly need to look at our education system though and break away from the sheep like civilians we have become and throw away the blindfolds of modern slavery and stick it to the man! I know that this is far away from the point but it is all connected one way or another

    I think the fear of not knowing would hit people hardest. though would it? I've asked many friends and family about what they would do and how they'd go about it and most of them are so zoned in on the fact that the government and army will be there to help and fix thing's it's a little scary! I mean, just because they have power, does in no way mean they have the power to turn electricity on or make money out of thin air! I think how reliant and dependent your average humans are in there comfort blankets of government is the major scary thing that gets to me! I'm pretty read up on, not so much practiced within survival and everything it would take to survive but I think I'd definitely have more of a chance! Think that it's important to be prepared, even if it's not completely psychical with practice
    pillaging would be a huge major impact in any scenario as well i agree. England in no way produces enough food to supply us as a nation in need

    as just mentioned water collection is a major thing to think about no matter what situation you're in.
    and yeah, old vehicles are better. if you can learn the basics of your vehicle and a bit of mechanics it can save a whole lot of time and money.
    definitely is no chance of running to the shop though.. especially in the case of looting! but im glad you agree on the case and I think it's a good topic to think about for day to day life within communities like this! not as any fear of possible disasters but just the general thinking of day to day living

    Oh yeah if electricity went out for any lengthy period over two days it'd be chaos. cash machines down, freezers and fridges out, tills wouldn't work, electric cookers and heating, lighting, some water even runs off of electric these days, no internet to find out thing's, phones with limited usage.. hell some petrol pumps these day's are electric! the list is endless! a week with no electric and you'd see England start to crumble majorly.
    But yeah i'd much prefer to be in the countryside it's where i feel safest and where and what i know best.
    water is one thing that i need to keep on top of as soon as i get this new home. as well as investing in some sort of water filtering device, I know how to make gravity fed filters from bottles charcoal etc etc but I wouldn't mind a proper bottle filter for emergencies. also one thing any van dweller should invest in is a decent jerrycan with spare fuel, I know that's one thing that I want to make sure i have locked up.
    firelighter stick never leaves my side, same for a small pocket knife.
    I don't even think these things should be 'prepping' items I think this kind of thinking should be mandatory thinking and taught. especially thing's like foraging, shelter building and water collection. I know it's far fetched from major catastrophes within England but these are things we once knew as necessaries in order to live day to day life which we've sadly forgotten!

    that's true popup but i don't mean just psychically better off, i mean mentally. I mean anyone in a van with solar panels knows they don't have unlimited access to power, nor water.. it both has to be produced or gathered and unlike people who do live in houses who can flick a switch at anytime and have heat, water, electric we know how to judge what we have and we understand more how to use it reasonably.
    I know the most likely big scenarios in the uk to happen on any large scale would be mass power outage, a collapse within the money system and fuel poverty/hikes/strikes. So I think having a van with solar panels and a wood stove is much better than having a house when it happens anytime of day. plus we know good parkups which will be away from hotspots for looting etc etc.

    cuckoo I think you do right with your kids, I don't think children and most adults think about how reliant we are on electric, gas and tapped water and it's definitely a no brainer when it comes to talking to them about what would happen if it did go down! even if it were only for a week. I think the effects could be pretty chaotic and devastating. even if it were just the electric grid. imagine no internet connections these days, that in itself would be a huge shock to the system on how reliant people are.

    as for hunting and foraging, who on this thread does do a bit of it? I'm vegan so i don't hunt, i used to with my dad when i was very young but have since changed my views! I think it would have to change no matter what if something huge did go down though! it'd be very hard getting tofu from a forest haha
    I do a lot of foraging when i get the chance and i'm pretty well read up about everything that comes hand in hand with surviving. you're right on the prepping side in england though, foraging would be the only goal and way forwards.
    I do agree with having the odd meal's that can be made just in case. but some of these preppers are ridiculous having year's worth of food, It makes me wonder how much they waste. because the only way to go about responsibly stock piling that amount is by eating and replacing as yo go through the year else when it's over and that year is up.. that's one hell of a lot of produce hitting landfill

    great input on the topic guys so far,
    I do agree that if anything was to go majorly wrong in the uk then yeah you are very correct, the amount of people in the uk would make it absolutely hectic on a survival bases due to not having the same isolation factor of more vast country's such as america.
    We are a very small island when you think about it and i do agree, something on a big scale it would be chaos to the point where there's too much people on the roads and everyone heading in one direction.

    I do think that we would have the upper hand though as well as so called 'preppers' and 'survivalists' even if it isn't relevant or even very much help in the terms of something large happening and there not being enough space. I think if you were to look at small scale events such as food shortages, major riots, floods, petrol strikes etc etc then would be more likely to be in a better situation than your casual folk in brick and morter. it's all well saying they can jump in there cars and head to the hills but we already have things packed up, we have our homes already to go and quite possibly are already in them. I also do think that within living in a vehicle you to adapt to an almost survival like mode where as you do keep checks on certain things such as how much electric you use, what water you have and roughly the time it will last til you need to refill, the same going for food, gas, fuel and the rest in which the casual household never checks.
    It's absolutely astonishing what panic is created even if the electric has a power cut in, in a lot of homes they have no clue what to do due to relying on it so much. having electric lighting, cooking equipment, heating people go in to panic and if it's a big power cut where supermarkets and shops can't use there electronic tills, there freezers and fridges go down so they can't sell there perishables. mobile phone's can't be charged to access the internet for 'help' it cause's chaos in homes!
    So I think even if you're not suspecting major disasters, even if you think there is nothing you can do in the first place. even little things like saving the odd packs of emergency goods and having a stove is extremely reliable and handy!
    we just choose to live that lifestyle without really even taking in to consideration that we are doing so!
    or at least that's how I have always been, living in a vehicle though, just put's it up a notch for me! I like to be prepared, learn and be able to be sustainable without running water, being hooked to the electric and gas boards and knowing how to live without them if one day they were to go down for a period of time

    So I've always been extremely interested within survival and prepping amongst off grid living, self sufficiency and van life! I was wondering what you guy's think of the topic and if you also think that van living goes hand in hand with self sufficiency. I do a lot of reading, research and watch an awful lot of videos and documentaries on the subjects but don't go all out and practice them all but when it comes around to it. the majority of 'preppers' or survival prepared folk have bug out vehicles.
    the majority of vehicles i have seen, read about and heard of on sites such as ukhippy, youtube or many vehicles i have seen on the roads and at festivals are all apart from the fuel pretty much self sufficient having wood burning stoves solar panels and battery blocks with the ability to cook stay warm and travel where ever in the country you need to go!
    So apart from any fuel crisis that would disable any van dwellers without spare fuel we are in theory preppers and/or survivalists to an extent possibly without thinking it!

    I know that these things are far fetched and a lot of people call them conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat nut jobs and the rest of the terms but when you look at things happening throughout the world when it comes to natural disasters I don't think we're far off with the possibility of something major happening in england.
    we already have the odd bad storms, floods, riots that shut down whole cities and shops. we've got people already on food stamps throughout the country, we have had years where banks are on the brink of bankruptcy and there is a whole lot more that could possibly happen or go wrong.

    so do you think living in a van does help, do we already have the mind set to survive such emergency's and disasters as we have to adapt to simple living, watching what we use, when we use it and rationing food goods, fuels and water!

    what's your opinion on the topic? do you think something could happen? do you also think we are already prepared just because of our lifestyle or would it be something that you may now think about now it has been mentioned?

    and the inside is bigger than a sprinter. head height in it is.. well, i can't touch the ceiling and could happily jump in it without hitting my head. still loads of room to wander even with all the fittings inside. it's.. huge

    it can be driven and i am insured. off out today but i'll message you full list when im back, i'll defnitely have a think about it once i see the trafic as well mate, not sure i'll be keeping it or not or sure if i'm one hundred percent certain on the swap as of yet but i'm definitely keeping it in mind!

    that is a really good offer madrat! have you any photo's of your van? Ive tried having a look and im not a massive fan of what i've seen but if it gives me the opportunity to have another vehicle for the time being before i get another vehicle then it may well be worth it!

    cheers colin, and stupot, ive been looking into learning welding but sadly at the moment i have no choice of money and it has to go. otherwise i would keep it, learn it sooner and do the work myself or pay someone else to do so.
    sadly one of the engine mounts is on it's way out too so i wouldnt know where to start with that haha
    i am looking at learning welding though, i wouldn't mind having a welding setup stored in my van then i can do work on the road for people for little money (obviously enough for my time though)

    i had no idea about that, i thought it was just legal garages. makes me wonder if it ever was safe in the first place then :/
    haha thanks again for the offer madrat but not for me sadly :P bloody keen on the van aint ya haha
    I am open to offers though mate depending how the bidding goes on

    that's gutting wurzel, pretty much exactly the same as what's happened to this. same with my garage too, said it should have never passed the other MOT, not saying the guy i got it off was lieing as he loved the vehicle and could tel he didn't want to part with it but from what the garage said then i'm beginning to suspect i got fucked over a lot! if not by him then by the garage it went too. Did yours also have no MOT when you sold it for a grand? i'm just having to hope some people see potential in her and it goes for a decent price and i don't have to accept too much of a loss on it. bought it for £2000+ had a new battery, alternator etc etc so fair bit of money in it :/

    cheers for all the help guys, don't think there's any chance i can afford this so i'm having to put the vehicle up with a low starting price. some of the things are bad.. but fixable with time and money which i don't have.
    thank's a lot for the offer of even coming to help me out. i'm going to make sure i check over EVERYTHING on every vehicle from now on as when i bought the van it passed the mot with not one advisory. been parked up and only driven a few times which have all been pleasant trips but like my garage said, the welding that need's doing on the underside of the chassis and wheel arch didn't get that bad over a year and he thinks the mot got signed over by a friend :/
    absolutely wounded but going to have to accept a loss on the money and take what i can get! hopefully luck will change

    cheers millie and yeah your right on the 99p price, do sell a few other things now and then like that and get more than i expect. guess it's just the sentimental attachment to the van as well.. having someone tel you it's worth a lot less than you feel is a little hurtful no matter the item haha
    cheers guys

    and cheers pop up, sadly £2000 in on it and not a penny to my name towards the new van so my only worry is getting way under a grand and not being able to afford a new van still :/ know that's the reality of it but yeah

    Hey guys, cheers for the replies, basically the garage I go to is my usual garage and he's a Mercedes expert, they send it off to do the mot elsewhere at a specialist garage for larger vehicles.
    Im picking up the van tomorrow as well as the MOT slip so i'll post up the faults. they said it wasen't a lot of work just expensive parts they can't find second hand.
    I think i'm going to have to put it up on ebay, just see what i can get advertised with no MOT as i can't afford the work sadly and currently out of a home and in temporary accommodation.

    what's your van like madrat? i'm only looking for a coach built motorhome with the big backs, not the van's with raised rofos as i had a look round one the other day and there sadly too small for me mate.

    sadly just received even more bad news with getting a phone call off my garage saying the van failed it MOT due to breaks and a few other things. basically, i thought the van was in top condition, passed it's mot with no faults at all last mot (in which now im feeling it was done by a friend) and as it was my home, i've got all my stuff in temp storage, cars up for sale and so is/was the van then i can use the money raised to by a new motorhome.
    as i thought the van was going to fly through the MOT i thought it'd be gone by now but it's going to cost me close to £900 for the parts and labor! i cant afford it as my money is tied up in my car/van and storage space..
    so what are the best way's to advertise a vehicle with no MOT, obviously i want it sold with the buyer knowing it as no MOT as i don't want to mis-sell someone a vehicle. but do any of you know any vehicle dismantlers, people who take on vehicles as projects? or am i just stuck in dept and out of any luck in getting a new home?
    i was told to try and sell it overseas and get it shipped out as they pay more in ireland and places but i don't know anything about that or where to even start

    if anything from what im hearing about these newer episodes the program will be scaring the general public away making out that you need a fortune to spend on doing this kind of thing.. maybe just maybe, it's a fun heartwarming program that makes us feel good that we can get away in these project builds whilst secretly targeting people who want to save money into making them feel it's out of budget! haha

    Yeah I tried it the other night in a fairly large room and it seemed warming and definitely gave off heat directly above but it might of been psychologically warming due to knowing there is a heat source as you mentioned.
    I don't think it's practical with the expense of candles, especially coming up to winter as they rise in price. It's definitely a nice idea, and does after an hour or so give off heat and stabilize temperature but i think I would only use it in case of an emergency or in a well insulated small place, maybe a tent in colder nights during summer with the tent door slightly open.

    good explanation on the costs and measurements towards your standard usage as well Keith. Think the know how of this little 'heat source' will come in handy and is a reassuring thing to know about in emergencies

    just watched this, was such a nice vehicle and the condition of the ambulance outside was perfect!
    I think what they did was pretty good, very cleverly thought out with the bunk beds and converting work surfaces! but only for a show vehicle for showing what you can do with small spaces (like the program) but I don't think it's practical at all for a family of 6.
    That size vehicle would be only just big enough for myself if you took half of it out!
    Also was thinking about where they were going to store bedding, food, clothing for 6 people etc etc and for week's away.. they will be pushing it a lot. I hope they enjoy it but for what was it! £14.000?
    They could of got something a lot bigger, better designed and more spacious still able to be driven on a normal license!

    though i know the van will fly through the mot, can't think of anything wrong with it apart from the welding. sound inside, takes a while to turn over sometimes if it's been sat a while but same with all old diesel engines

    nice, i'll keep an eye out for that then. i have a a terabyte hard drive full of stuff i watch as i don't have a TV or watch much new stuff so can't wait to get it downloaded. just watching a youtube channel for 'the do it yourself world' at the moment where a guy is living off the grid in a forest in america. pretty interesting with his ups and downs of solar panels, how he gets water and just the general day to day tasks he has. a lot of videos to catch up on but im getting there.