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    So tonight shall be my official first night in my new home.
    Solar panel got all hooked up finally last night the battery's are holding full charge, the relay has been fixed on the alternator so I'm all charged and rearing to go!
    Just drove her from Macclesfield up to Llandudno as Lucie is performing tonight at a burlesque show raising money for the Philippines! Nice drive in the end after a hectic very long 30 minutes stuck in traffic!

    We were going to park up on a hill over looking the sea but as i fancy a drink we've decided on a car park near the venue (still over looking the sea) as I've not had a good drink for a while and it is Friday after all!
    So I'll be having a grand night watching some burlesque with a few beers before spending the night in heather (she's already named heather, possible renaming soon)

    Hope everyone is having a good Friday night i shall update in the morrow!


    Well i hope everyone on here is okay with there homes still upright everything still bolted down and no nasty leaks.
    I traveled back from Macclesfield to Stoke on trent yesterday luckily in my car. Counted 5 trees down, 2 lorries crashed a sign post slung across a hedge and many closed roads. Luckily my new van wasn't damaged as I'm parked in a lot under some trees at the moment whilst fixing my solar panels. Came home to a large branch about 4 meters to the front of my van on the floor.

    Supposed to be traveling to Llandudno today as Lucie has a show and was going to be staying up on the hills were this park up i know of is but not sure if it's best driving home instead now

    Hope everyone is safe and sound


    Certainly has changed with handmade traditional items becoming more desirable.
    I've been looking into working with willow weaving for a while now. I was just about to start making Christmas wreaths to sell over the next month to earn me some cash but I've managed to get full time work for the next three months so I've took the opportunity to save a lot of money for next year.
    It has sadly been taken over by larger business and companies now though and made cheaper so the traditional worker who has been doing certain jobs for years is earning less due to popularity.
    The only thing with 'in' things is that they bump prices up or down and work for or against traditional workers and self employed people

    Clarkes automotive
    Stoke on trent
    Mercedes van expert. Really good guy, knows a lot about older vehicles especially mercs
    Normally extremely busy but can usually get you in within the same week! Tends not to charge me for checking things over. Highly recommend

    Cheers pagan
    I'll try to sort over it again tonight
    Sounds like i can hopefully get some more power to charge it via the alternator then with the correct positioning.
    One of the clips came off the negative last night so i suspect that's why i didn't get any power showing when i tried it. Must of come off far before i started testing things. I need to get some o ring type connectors i think.
    One thing I noticed sadly was after charging the battery via mains. It got to 12.36 i had one light on for maybe 15 minutes (only had the light switches on so nothing else can work) and it was down to 11.81 withing quarter of an hour. I'm not sure what's up with it as it's the standard motorhome fitted lights which I'm sure shouldn't take that much power!

    may i ask what setting's that you set it too to charge whilst you drive? do you click the switch to the car option?
    and yeah, i'll be posting up the 3 wiring diagrams that i've found with the paperwork.
    also, it's now charging via mains, a clip fell off (why i hate clips) so that's okay for now but i need to try and sort out so it charges whilst im away from mains power

    right as many of you may know i have just bought a coach built motorhome.
    The bloke who had it before me only ever charged it via mains at his home and said he has no idea if it charges off the alternator when in transit. now it's hooked up with a zig system. i've tried looking at the wiring diagrams but as much as i know how to do simple wiring by eye i have no idea where to start looking with the diagrams they are pretty much just lines and squiggles to me when it comes to paper form.
    I have had a look under the bonnet at the main car battery and it is hooked up to the van.. apparently the fridge runs off it when in transit. but im not sure what setting to put it on to to try and charge it when in motion.
    it has the standard caravan switch on the right, car battery on the left and then in the middle off.
    in the cabinet where the batterys are stored there is a plug socket with a charger connected to it. he said he turns that on to charge the batterys when plugged in so ive done so but the voltage started at 10.84 and when i went back was at 10.82 so it seems to be charging nothing or withdrawing rather than giving power.
    I have a solar panel and another battery to add to the already existing two batteries that are hooked up in parallel. im pretty sure i can sort the solar panels out and hook that up to the battery bank as it's straight forwards but im at a loss with the existing power set up and need a bit of help.
    ive left it plugged in to try and gain some charge and shall test is in half an hour with the multireader

    Well I lived in Macclesfield for four years and worked on the bins for a year so going off our spots we used to hide at for long dinners and where i used to walk I've come up with a deep lay by. Secluded dog walking car park over looking a nice reservoir, another reservoir park up. Dead end where we used to have dinner. And a dirt cheap campsite for 6 quid a night when i need to empty the toilet fill up on water or I want a none hassle night.

    im amazed now! just been looking through the rest of the paperwork and folders, it's even got the original owners manual, renting guide and even a fully printed mechanics and engine guide down to every last screw bolt and nut! think i may have hit jackpot here haha very happy indeed, once i get everything in tomorrow and re-seal every gap possible on the outside to be hundred percent sure it won't leak i'll get a video/photo set up when it's a bit more.. me haha

    Yeah some signs will do good
    Though as i am a punk i do get called a hippy all the time with the long dreads haha
    Think underground punk has started to mix with 'hippy values' now which is good

    If you want to go off grid your making it from scratch and you don't mind emptying a bucket then I'd go for it mate.
    The only downfall would be burying it but if your only doing it once a week or two then it's not much more work finding a woods digging a hole and emptying than it is finding a toilet and emptying the portapotty type ones.
    The only thing between being off grid and not using chemicals will be you having to dig a hole

    here's a few photos of the outside.
    interior photos will follow :)
    fiat ducato
    1.5 tonne
    double leisure batterys
    everything top notch condition
    been owned by one guy, before that it was rented out by a motorhome rental company
    need to get the solar panel hooked up to it, hook the other leisure battery up and try get it charging off of the main battery as the bloke has always charged it via socket at his house.
    drives like a dream! infact, you can't even hear the engine when it's in neutral. i filled her up at the station and had to get out and double check it was running it's that quiet
    reet chuffed!! no more staying in friends houses, no need to do any work on anything. just jump in and start living!

    Yeah that's what i want to use a woodburning stove my only worry is the new van is a coach built motorhome. so i will be having to rip out some interior in order to replace with a stove.
    I don't mind using gas now and then if i can make sure it's aired well and alternate at least once a week with an electric heater when i don't need much power for anything else but at the moment my best bet is buying a coach built for current preferences and needs etc etc. i do love conversions but at the moment i don't have the money or time to seek and build one.

    I may just go for it with the stove though, i do have a very small stove and all fittings for it waiting to be used! I think the only worry i have is selling the van on later on in life one day. only have say, one seat

    I think in order for it to warm a room through you'd need one or two from my experience but all depending on the size of the area trying to heat. as for keeping the room at a steady temperature it works well!
    within the room i tried it with where im staying til i get my new van it took around an hour to produce a good steady heat and then changing the candles after they died out. worked well but with the size of the room we needed 2-3 setups.

    as we are on the subject of cheap methods of heating your home.
    i'm viewing my new possible motorhome on Wednesday and as it's getting colder and colder will be in need of a reasonable heat source. now it does have a gas heater but i'd prefer to keep gas just for cooking as it's pricey. i have a 100w solar panel and will have 2-3 leisure battery's (not sure on amp hours as of yet) but can anyone recommend a decent cheap reliable electric/oil heater that is low watts/amps
    I was thinking maybe purchasing a 700-1000 heater fan but im not certain i'll have enough power to run this for long or with other appliances

    and yeah bartering needs to be reintroduced, i met a lovely lady in macclesfield when i lived there for a few years who has a huge friend and extended friend group in which they all barter and skill share, no money is ever exchanged and that's how she lives her life she was saying she has dentists, gardeners, farmers, mechanics and everything else within her circle of friends and there friends and she has a job working 2 days a week to keep a small section of money on the things that can't be bartered with or shared such as certain foods and petrol

    And it's the temporary time I think we should be prepared for.

    We've seen how looting behaviours can just escalate, 'he's doing it, so I'll join in' attitude....and when that storm hit a couple weeks ago and people were without power for a day, some people honestly were not prepared or didn't know what to do!! ( which I cant fathom tbh)........people panic! And I don't want to be near any of them when that's happening. (well there's a few I look out for obviously, I aint that cold hearted lol)

    i agree with that, the attitude of he's doing is so i will is high upon anyone and can get too anyone fast.
    as for when the power went out down south, it's true, electric going out for one day as we know now that that's how long it happened and lasted for, now, take a small town of people, emergency services providing help for people that are hurt, theres no internet, tv, radio etc etc and the lights don't turn on, it gets to tea time, the freezer has defrosted the fridge is getting warm, food is perishing.. know one knows how long it will last so panic sets in, yeah people will initially think 'oh they'll be sorting it out now and it'll be fine now' but as hours go by, especially the length of a day with some people having no needs to cook or contact people, that's when people will start to get panicky, start to loot, fear for what will happen. because we are so reliant on electric, on other people providing for us.. we are pretty much the least sufficient people around no matter how you look at it we rely on someone else to do things for us, electric provided by others if it goes down it's fixed by others, water is provided by others, we get a leak, the majority will call a plumber, we get a flat tire on the car, some people call out the aa because they have no idea in what to do. theres no gas/electric, shit.. how do we cook for the kids, can you light a fire, do you know whats good to burn...
    this is the problem and sadly it's because we're educated in the way of aiming for one goal in life and being reliant on others to do the rest for us.. which is back to government, business and the rich and powerful.. the only reason they are there is because they make a system where we are reliant on them.

    90% of mans short lived time on this planet has been lived without the use of money so it's an dellusion to think we cant live without it. I seriously think capitalism doesnt work any more, far too many people on the planet now than a couple of hundred years ago when people like john lock and adam smith divised their philosophies and gave us our current social working model of industrialised divisions of labour. Time for a new paradigm, capitalism only works if there is a job for everyone and thats just a fantasy now. People are waking up and realising that their lives will never be fulfulled by holding all value in material wealth as western society projects.
    Anyone read Mark Boyles book The Monesyles Man?

    I completely agree, we're to channeled in that we need this that and the other. The best way we could go about living these days is by minimizing everything.
    Think about it like this, imagine if the working hours of a week was 24 hours. that means that every job is split in the day via two people.. more people in work, more time for everyone to educate and live a simpler easier life, more time with your children and to do more productive things and hobbies, there would be less stress, less depression as we would be able to lower living costs, bills and prices.
    but, there's no gain for the greedy and we are merely here to be enslaved in society and told that it's right to buy buy buy, think that every deal we see in the supermarkets we must get as it's good value, when in reality it's false economy and just all a ploy to drain you of money. then they introduce ridiculous taxes, higher prices but keep wages the same to have you worried scared and in 'need' of government as the only way government and big corporations have power is having the people think that they need them!

    it's backwards and I personally think we've come too far for a change that is good, thinking the only change we'll have will be bad, and yeah a lot of people may die, starve, the whole country may even go into poverty but good will come of it because it'll be shedding the idiot ideas and structures that we have in place today!
    yeah we need some form of structure within our lives we have always had it, we have always depended upon it as people but this current one, our current attitude towards what we have is appalling!

    great points and opinions their, i do totally agree with you.
    as for animals and surplus animals roaming around if everyone did go vegan or veggie I think one thing to remember is the only reason we have all of these animals is because we produce and force produce them. I'm not saying it'd ever happen having millions turn vegan or veggie, it doesn't suit everyone and like you said you tried but ended up with stomach ache and yes the surplus of animals left if everyone did turn would be massive. But we don't respect the animals anymore nor do the normal person even relate that piece of prepackaged meat to the animal that it came for so we have lost the thanks for the animal, the skill that it takes to gain the animal and then to top it all off we waste everything else from it that we don't see fit for use! This is one major reason that i am vegan apart from my other reasons, the fact that there isn't any tradition within us anymore when it comes to eating meat or fish. we've lost all of our traditions we waste and don't use everything and we think we need to kill kill kill rather than kill and take what we need only. I mean going back to ww1.. chickens were around for one reason only eggs, if yo had chicken for tea i heard it would of been for tea on christmas day and the family would have to be extremely well off to have that luxury as why eat something that produces more food. but now we have plenty of them, and we have chicken everyday all day long like it's going out of fashion. you are right though its conveyor belt hell, nothing is seen as a life within the meat industry sadly and that's the problem. we don't have any acceptance and thanks anymore because we've gone too far. I mean look at all of the baby male chicks that get crushed daily just because there life is deemed worthless. that's my problem and why i went vegan it's.. sickening but sadly we can't change it, so i've just gone against.
    I think if we we're to have to hunt for food, if we we're still in the time of foraging or in a time when mass production of meat was not a thing anymore i wouldn't have the same opinion. though after being a vegan for this amount of time i would find it very hard, but if it was a so called disaster and i had to survive then obviously i'd have to.

    popup, I think we are far from disasters yes, natural at that. I think we are prone to major flooding still and some very very harsh winters to come such as this winter supposedly going to be the worst in records (so they say, again)
    But electricity going down, power cuts, economic crisis and the fall of our currency is all very real i think. we've scraped by with things like that in the past on a very fine line. everything is computers these days, so it's easy for malfunctions, hackers and whatever to do some major damage to electrical grids and currency is a man made thing, it only exists because we are told it does. it only takes an uprising to declare it useless and it only takes bad judgement, lending and greed to make it turn worthless. most of man made creations end up in pieces and they all generally fail and break one day. it's just the matter of rebuilding or re-buying another one when it does

    exactly, things are taken for granted far too much these days, we waste food, buy into pointless things, we don't even think to judge what water, electric or gas we use as we have it it on tap or at a flick of a switch, if we go over, we just get more in debt. where as in vehicle living, you have to be calculative over what you use and if you really need to switch it on as if you miss judge it you can get stuck in one place, run out of fuel, not be able to get to your next job or to little things like not having any light at night due to wasting it during the day when there's natural light. which is why i think any van dweller would take upon board any disasters as we are pretty much prepared on the scale of things even if we don't think we are because we have to be to get through day to day life.