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    just wondering for all of you on here. what your average spending on petrol/diesel is per week and if that's getting you to and from work/seeing friends/going the shops etc etc or just being parked up near work and only using it when needed. for the full timers

    I'm spending an awful lot of fuel tbh and it's getting a bit too much.. part of it is my own fault as i travel 45 minutes at the weekend to stoke from macc every week but im just curious as to what peoples average fuel costs are.
    mine is around £30-40 :/ which isn't looking good if i try to go self employed in summer haha

    Thanks for all the replies.
    It will be going on to an already existing wall as decoration, not as a main wall
    So thinner the better i think.
    Had a look around and you can pick it up for around two fifty per 5 lengths so not too bad.

    Right this is doing my nut in trying to find out what the name of it is on a phone so can anybody help me please.
    What is it called where you get panels of wood for interior walls in houses that slot together instead of wallpaper? There about 5mm thick 5 inches wide and whatever length long and you just cut to shape and glue to house walls for a wooden interior. I've tried ebay and search engines for wood cladding wood walling wood panels wood interior panels and can't seem to find anything! Any help where to get these from would be much appreciated as I'm lost

    That's true.
    Tbh i worry I'm over in my motorhome when everything's full up. 5 gallon water tank, full tank of fuel, 16kg gas can, clothes, tools, cds books full cupboard of food haha
    Then there's stuff I've got for sale too


    I'd say look into getting a trailer or roof box. But if your making it and building from scratch.. The possibilities will be endless for you with space if thought out right.

    Yeah i think that is the thing.
    I'll always want and appreciate conversions and will no doubt end up in one but for now whilst i get used to everything and I'm still starting out.. i think the whole stealth of a motorhome/people on holiday thing does help. I would love to do the outside a different colour and change it but with my current no idea of if I'll be in it for 2 years or 5..maybe 7 lol
    I think I'll leave it a year before making any changes apart from making it more me within the interior.

    Yeah this is my problem I'm not entirely sure how many years i will be in it. I want to be fully on the road for many years to come but preferably one day in a converted van as i prefer them. I could happily live in this for all the years to come as it's lovely but not very good to making it your own. Kind of like a flat you can't paint rather than a home you can call home and mess about with Haha
    My mind may change in two years and want a convert finally. And i do have a fair amount of cash in this.

    Hey guys
    I was wondering if anyone on here with a coach built motorhome has a stove installed? Or you make use of the already fitted gas fire?
    I've always been more fond of converts but due to not having the time and my current situation i ended up buying a coach built Fiat ducato that I'm sure most of you have seen by now.
    Im always happy at night in it and don't get me wrong it is a lovely home but nights do get nippy and I can't help but crave a fire now and then.
    My problem/question is if you installed a stove in a coach built would it lower the price or damage the selling point or anything?
    Mine has been well looked after and a brilliant selling point of it is it used to be a rental which it still holds all the original programs manuals everything from new in 1988
    The other point being i bought it knowing there wasn't much space so i could not modify it if i wanted to anyways. So if i was to want to install the stove it would have to be raised and fitted on top of a disused seat as they both contain water containers and boilers.


    Yeah the winds been really hectic lately. Luckily I'm parked up in a sheltered spot behind mates houses at the moment and staying with them for Xmas. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe

    I've had all sorts from dumpster diving or binning. What ever you prefer to call it!
    I've furnished every home I've had from free stuff, lived off of free food for years and I'll always check every bin i find.
    I've had watches microwaves beer food paint literally everything you can think of
    Even found a 12 piece solid silver cutlery set once in a charity shop bin (make a habit of checking those there full with goodies)
    As for food the usual finds are bread veg pizzas and fruit with the odd tins
    Just be careful as there have been some cases where they've covered the food with washing detergent and bleach on a few occasions where we used to go and always leave it tidier than when you got there.
    Go on your own or with one or two people max.
    Be quiet have fun and live free

    Nah the lights are all 12v and I only run my laptop as a tv.
    I did think the 500w inverter was a little high as the only thing I'll ever run off it is my laptop. Maybe a fan heater once a week or so?
    So could i possibly get a lower watt inverter?
    My laptop states 19v 3.42a
    then the charge cable states the same with the added 65w

    So thought I'd give a bit of an update on my first week out on the road. This shall be my third night so far actually still parked up on the same place (I move from 5am to between 2 to 4 pm for work) and I've had no trouble at all.
    Been sleeping better than ever, very cosy at night. Had to put the gas fire on tonight to warm up as the temperature has dropped a lot.
    Battery and power worked fantastic the first night. Ran out last night though just before bed :/ by ran out it dropped accidentally to 11.97 so i lit some candles and read. Tonight its back up to 12.58 but down already to 12.30 after 2 hours of laptop. I think this might be a crap battery (although brand new and very expensive ) or maybe my laptop as it won't hold charge for longer than 30 minutes when I'm watching tv.
    Any help on this would be very appreciated as I'm still learning a bit. Got 100w panel 100ah battery and my laptop states 3.9a but damaged shitty battery :/ plus two standard lights i run
    I have fixed the alternator to charge on the go. . But i only drive ten to twenty minutes from work there and back

    Otherwise living the dream and it's perfect

    Can't remember the name off grid but it's only a cheap thing off eBay for under a tenner
    Works a charm though the only downside is it doesn't show out in digital.
    But it was still pulling power til around half 4 last night when it was pretty much black
    U know the blue like tinge you get just before it goes completely dark.
    Would of been nice to know how much it was pulling exactly.
    I have a poly panel there better than your standard

    Mmm had a look and it's around 950 for a full car
    Might be fairly pricey :/

    I could always paint it myself (the living quarters) then get the cab done professionally?
    If i can do the majority myself I'd be happy painting it again before selling.
    Again professional respray would be fairly pricey i think

    I paid just over three for her Pricey and i could of done a cracking Job on a conversion but the quality of the engine and interior aswell of just being more practical for me at this time i thought it's best!

    I can't see myself selling her for well over two years maybe three i want to get as much out of the van as possible!
    So loosing a few hundred won't be too bad if I've had it that long

    The whole turning it into an oven in summer i have thought about yeah.. but i do have loads of Windows and skylights.

    How would you go about wrapping it?
    Is that quite expensive?

    I'm not currently self employed but i do hope to be come summer again as at the moment i need to save up in my temp fixed winter job

    I have a cheap charge control i got for under a tenner on ebay
    Works a dream looks after it seemingly well it looks and hooked up to my 100w poly
    It was still pulling amps at half 4 when it was pretty much almost black out

    As I've only just bought my current home i have no way got enough to get it sprayed but the thought has been there already as I'm not a big fan of white and love the dark green you see some older vans painted.

    Now i know this would highly effect the value as motor homes tend to come and white only! But it's not like I'll be getting rid of her after a year!

    Now i know it's pricey and it'll stand out more screaming more traveler than holiday maker!
    But as for being more my own vehicle it'll make it feel that way a lot more and give it character
    But i know as it comes one day I'll have to sell her and it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

    What are your opinions guys?
    Pros and cons
    Hit me! !


    So the first night in Llandudno was really nice and extremely warm surprisingly.
    Had a really good time at the burlesque show Lucie was superb as usual.
    So we packed her things away and went to town to get some vegan pizza and chips, watched some things on the laptop and decided to go to bed.
    Now we didn't bother using the heating as it'd be a waste for an hours warmth before bed and boy am I glad we didn't.
    We were so warm we didn't have any covers on at all until i got a bit cold around 5 in the morning! The body heat was way enough through the night!

    The rain kept Lucie up a little during the night as it was fairly loud but I find it relaxing myself, found our in the morning it was just her being paranoid about the storms happening again lol
    Very cosy indeed though and proper looking forwards to my first full week in her starting tomorrow. Get to go try out some parkups i have in mind throughout Macclesfield as I'm working there for the winter. 6 til 2 shifts so i still have some day to myself afterwards!


    Was thinking the same thing
    No offense but they aren't spectacular photos :/ its only really decent due to the people in them and the homes and surroundings they've been shot and i can safely say they won't be getting out