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    Still in the motorhome. Just over a year in this! Parked up near work atm due to being shattered after a long weekend!
    Not too shabby the weather so far, bit nippy a few weeks back but nothing another jumper couldn't fix.
    Trying to put the gas heater off until it gets under 7 degrees in the van. Managed almost 4 months with this current gas canister! Well chuffed considering I love cooking

    Haha not been on for a while. Glad to see people are discussing the joys of doggers. I went back to the spot last night and they were about again. But I had another motorhome pull up so they kept away. Tis good for a laugh. Leave em to it I do, everyone has differences I guess. Just when they start lookin in my windows
    Thats when the tyre wrench comes out haha

    So hands up who's had experiences with doggers.
    Thought id have an easy park up tonight out of the way on a layby situated a way back behind some trees away from the noise of the main road.
    Really nice night with some good grub and a couple of whiskey and cokes, my program ends and I realise it's awfully bright outside (only have my laptop on)
    Go to inspect out of the window and there is around 5 cars parked up
    Obviously, as I've had this before I know instantly it's doggers.
    Now I don't mind what people do with their sex lives so I always leave them to it as long as they don't make a mess and stay to themselves
    But on this occasion
    I look out of my front window, and what do I see but an overweight fat guy in a bright pink wig and nothing else but stockings and a tutu whacking one off in front if his flashing hazard lights

    This my friends
    Is the last time im using this layby haha

    I had a bin key for many years. I need to get myself a new one haha yeah its absolutely appalling the amount of good food they throw away just because they 'need' to rotate stock. It should be criminal to throw food away! A few years back a coops electric went out and me and my ex mentioned to them to take it to the local salvation army. They just laughed and said your having a laugh. So we said we'd get it later. Got there and it'd had bleach and washing powder thrown over everything. Absolutely vile they are! the coop near where im parked atm has there 'food waste' bin next to a clothing bin for the salvation army
    Bags of wasted food next to a charity bin for the homeless and elderly! Its disgusting!

    And this is why I go skipping for food!

    Atm I work full time for a company who make draught and rain seals. And I buy and sell on the side (pretty much anything) I want to start drystone walling again and get back welf employed but it'll be hard moving away from having a spare 300quid laying around each month

    In all honesty
    Get a motorhome! Ready made ready to go easy to attach solar too and in my case
    Draw no attention at all. I park up between a national trust car park, United utilities car park and a dozen residential streets near my work and I've never been pulled over or bothered. Closest thing I get to being noticed is a van rental company who's owner smiles at me when I arrive home after work. Id have thought it'd draw more attention but it seems to be having the opposite effect!

    Cheers toby always good hearing off people on ere.
    Yeah dave getting better it's a little hard with not doing any drugs and going into strong anti depressants but I'll fight through.
    Has anybody got any festivals lined up this year? X

    So I haven't been on here for a while as I've been tucked away hiding from the world
    Health took a dive and I got crippled with anxiety and panic attacks which led to me wanting to sell up and move back into a fixed home
    Decided that as much as I hate medication im now taking stuff for it and god im glad I didn't sell up as it would of been a major downer for me!
    I was told that living in a small space or van could of been one cause of it but I think thats a little silly to be the full cause of it
    Been in a van for almost 2 years in total now and im still over the moon and finding it exciting!
    Hope everyone is well and weekends good for you all. Im currently at bearded theory festival and it's wet and glorious

    Im probably one of the young ones on here at 26, I work full time (though could easily be fine on half of that) and I park up between a few different places I use often
    They differ from my friends street, hidden laybys (used to store gravel atm sadly), national trust car park, reservoir car park and wherever else. Never get any bother or stopped by police or wardens but it could be due to being in a traditional motor home now rather than my old converted merc.
    I do it for a lot of reasons rather than a specific one
    Cheap living, freedom, money saving, less of a environmental footprint, being out and about and it's exciting. Every day is different and you never know what to expect :) one other thing also is the appreciation of things, water, electricity gas and everything you can use as much of in a house, it all has to be calculated and looked over. It gets you more aware and informed and used to these situations

    Last wet days for me have been spent.
    Fixing the lightning for running on LED's. Wrapping up and walking in the rain (helps me calm down) especially coming back to a warming van.
    Reading books. Playing old school games on the playstation portable.
    Reading up more on outdoor crafts and steadily making my way through the harry potter audio books by Stephen Fry.

    Well luckily as it's coming up to summer if you could 'rough' it a little in the mean time and have ya essentials in there you could save up and build around you as you go. Only problem would be that wiring would essentially have to wait.
    any decent foam boards/general house insulation would work I recon as long as you ventilate properly to keep on top of condensation build up

    I can't remember the proper names but with panels there are two types I think one is poly and one mono or mony
    Have a look into them as the one I have doesn't need direct sunlight to benefit best
    It can get a good charge of dim light. I'll try figure out the name in my dinner break.
    There a little more expensive but totally worth it living somewhere like England.

    I run a laptop via a 150w inverter (if I need to do work) or off a 12v car laptop dc to dc lead if im using it as a tv (they are pretty short)
    Then I run my lights as well which aren't led (yet) but usually only use these when cooking and cleaning as I usually use the stick on battery powered led lights instead. I'll be installing all led lights soon but sadly my fittings are wired up backwards and won't allow for them to work.
    Then I charge my psp/phone also

    I have a 100w panel hooked up to two 100ah batteries which are paired up to charge via the alternator as well.
    Winter was okay as long as you keep an eye on it if you've had bad weather
    But as days are getting longer now I can't seem to use enough haha

    Glad your okay.
    Have a look in bnm as camping stoves and gas will be available soon for summer.
    Just make sure to properly ventilate it.
    Hope you manage to get things sorted soon and you'll be used to and enjoying being alone soon enough

    Yeah always make sure you have fuel
    I keep a small jerry can full in one of the compartmental just incase.
    Especially if your working for yourself and need to get to the next job but have no cash to do so.
    It's an easier life... a slower paced life.. but you have to plan and be a lot more reliant
    Rememberding and get ting out of the habit of having unlimited resource at a flick of a switch.
    Id recommend everyone live this life even if just for a month just to see how reliant on others we have become.

    Also. Get a decent power inverter with low power usage.

    Laundry Ive always done by hand so I don't pay for anything but natural cleaning products which is pretty much made up by myself.
    Or if I see a friend they sometimes say pop a load in.
    You could invest in a pressure washer or even make one? Suitable size for vans and cost around £40
    They use hardly no washing powder there hand cranked and work bitter than wasting machines.
    Is advise people living in houses to buy them too as they use two lots of water and that's it (around a litre if that) the pressure does all the work

    As for how often
    I have work clothes dowsing around clothes which don't get washed often. Just have more underwear than I used to.
    Depends how 'hygienic' you are haha

    Im currently at work so only a quick reply for now on money and costs but for myself
    It works out at aloud £330 a month but that's mainly because of fuel and insurance.
    Gas I can buy a 15 canister and it lasts me 2 months costing me £32
    Water I get from work for free.
    Food, living on my own and skipping/foraging I spend around £15 a week minus beers/treats
    Electric is free and a bi product of fuel in which is why I don't mind spending a bit more on fuel and plus free power from the sun
    As for insurance if you get it with limited mileage on a motorhome like myself
    Last year I was stationary mostly and used a car for a run around and it cost me £400 a year for a limited 5000 miles

    Yeah with mine being coach built with vents everywhere it's surprising how drafty it is under seats or in cuboids.
    Fixed some bad bits of gaps that were cut too big but vents kinda have purpose haha