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    Well I guess my trade is property maintenance, but as I don't have qualifications that generally restricts me to labouring. got a CSCS card. Tell me more about your working patterns please Joss?

    Got half my tree surgery tickets, considering doing the other half, or maybe get my telehandler ticket (used to drive one on a farm)

    I did a wwoofing tour this year on my motorbike, I'd do the wwoofing before you buy the van, as they always provide accomodation. was life changing for me:)

    I was thinking as long as they identified the box/chicken shed thing as home, and we had a routine, they would get used to it. And if you are regularly handling them they chill right out in my experience.

    If I am taking an animal I want it to produce something, so maybe back to the idea of having a dog with a double coat for spinning (my mums shepherd produces about a carrier bag of fine fluff every other day).

    We have already ruled out the house goat idea:P

    Were we to get a van and live in it from site to site moving ever day or two.

    And had a little chicken house that doubled as a carrybox.

    And carried a transportable temporary fencing system.

    locked them in their box on a night or when travelling.

    So they would be outside 95% of the time, and wouldn't have chance to decimate an area like they do with a static run.

    Suppliment the diet slightly with some corn, but mostly living off the stuff they find next to the van.

    Most of my cool ideas get shot down when i am reminded i live in fairy land:P

    Thoughts please.



    Sorry being a div, not used to forums at all, I was kinda hoping to avoid all the stud work, to save on weight but it looks like the thing to do, if and when I get a van.

    Thanks for the replies.

    Glad this post came up I am considering a VW LT luton at the moment.

    My 2 main concerns were:

    -A tonne-ish carrying capacity wouldn't be enough (I want a workshop in mine too).

    -The luton shell wouldn't be strong enough to fix into?

    Your thoughts please.


    Very nice, inspiring, do you have to keep a close eye on weight? I imagine it would creep up before you know it.

    I need a workshop, everything else comes second, so weight is on my mind a lot.