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    being a long distance driver i have parked all over had no prob in 17 years .only once a cunt at 4 .30 in morning telling me to move he cant get his car out . but it will be different living my life on the road but i will manage and hope to meet up with some of you for chats and tea

    want to get me a van to do up so i can live in it eventually . horse box or luton van , but i may need to earn some cash with the vehicle to-pay for materials in the while . moving man and van. so better with hb or luton , just thought i will be carting a lot of tools and a welder ramps the lot as i do mechanics welding and painting rustolium on vans campers caravans trucks . couple of days driving trucks i have a class 1 and the rest doing wagons up and down the country i am also a time served painter and decorator too . do you think i will be able to scrape a living on the road

    i am same pal i am 54 this time have a daughter who is ten this time . need to get out of this rat race , i live on my own i do campers up and sell them on going for a luton van this time to convert .i am a class 1 driver and a painter too so easy to pick work up when on the road maybe a new girlfriend too lol who likes the life on the road

    splash plastic , i have one i use it for e bay . you can have money wages paid in to it

    i have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years chronic fatigue and depression taken every depression tablet there is , i take gabapentin tramadol and now sertaline . a friend on fb wrote about b12 pa i had a good read and all the symtoms are the same a fibro cf and depression . so i went to the docs going off last years blood test i was 278 or so . i got him to give me loading doses for evey other day for two week , up to the 4th injection i felt shit but then on the 5th one it started getting better i felt great after the last one but he would not carry on till no improvement as to bn guidelines . so its another 2 months now . i am going to self inject soon . there is a fb page b12 pernicious anemia i am on there . you will learn a lot , you can only get b12 from meat. i am taking subs under the tongue till i start injections . if only the uk can wake up to this peoples lives will be a lot better good luck ...sean

    sure that used to be on south mims truck stop at one time had my hair cut there when i was tramping on the trucks

    hi have you ant more photos of your build please

    yea i will try get one off retro rides been a member for years . dont know if its ali or fibreglass yet dont get van till the 25th

    i will be starting my luton build soon i want a opening window right over the bed for summer that opens so i can get fresh air and see the night sky anybody done it tell me best window to use , without me getting wet when it rains

    the box is not the long one that's the problem its only about 10 foot ?but i will be on my own so think i can live in that when converted

    yes i know but i can do it , got van cheap 3 month mot tax £450 01 plate going for 1500 plus on flee bay if you get a pump of a n/a trannie you can do away with ecu and shit , just going to pay someone bring it up

    lads had it in and the said pumps gone, i can do it my self . but rather do it here as i aint got pump money yet , my mates on aa but dont know if they will tow it home when it goes tits up its a ldv luton mwb diesel tranny engine , you have to change pump injector pipes and acc cable as its flyby wire , thanks

    i am buying a van from brandon suffolk and need to get it back to bolton lancs .the guy said fuel pump is on its way out ,anybody coming north any time from round that area tow it back , i have to go down to pay him so do i risk it driving it back ? he said its down on power but said its ok when it get up to 50 mph any help apreciated

    i am going to drive i am hgv class1 , i went up in july to have a look . only 22.000 people live there if you have a trade you will be ok . i am going to live in my van then save up for a croft or some land on unst the farthest island in the uk its bliss up there , no mcd no fast food just good old fish and chips only 2 supermarkets in lerwick . i dont like lerwick as such but thats were all the work is . found a van i pick it up on the 11th a ldv luton then i will buy a old caravan then transfer it all over , then its serious downsizing sell all my furniture and stuff and just go and do it , i hope to be there for beginning of summer , if you need any help or info just ask ... look at web cams its spotless the streets are clean

    i am going on the road in march or april when the van is ready just bought a ldv luton to convert . i am a bit odd here as i am going up to shetland to live . i am a hgv driver class 1 and i can turn my hand to anything , i can weld and a good mechanic , time served painter so i should be ok . the biggest regret i will have is leaving my little girl but i need to get away from this town and a fresh start for me .

    i am 52 i have got fybromyalgia so know what you are going through , i have not worked for about 7 years , i live on my own see my daughter at weekends she is 7 , but my life is shit . i want to go travelling i am a hgv driver and miss travelling .i am going to do it this coming year looking for a van now to get ready for spring .there is something missing in my life i need to do it now before i am to old