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    Just got my torch out to find the bottle in the bin. Bit of moss on the cork and the lable as been nibbled by snails but it as been in my shed for the last 30 yrs. Anyway i think I met buy a cork screw tomoz and see how it is. I'll let yers know.

    phew, reading this thread as made me thirsty. I'm moving out of my house tomorrow, going a living on a mates settee for a bit till I get a van on the road and a caravan to park up on a site. today i thrugh a bottle of mead in the weely bin(recycle one) I made back in 1991 I think. Cork is still intact,I might dig it back out and open it.

    'each and every one of us are clamoring for a piece of the action'

    That was my statement,i'm sorry that you had to put that in your last post as a derogatory comment.
    You could be some pumped up BBC director with a gold plated pension as far has I know?
    Don't come on smart with me. It's folks like you that you that twist n turn this world on it's backside.

    Good morning wanderers and travelers.
    My invitation for anyone that needs a stop off, still stands. I am just a stones throw from junction 23 off the M6. I live in a terraced, which is for sale,I have got a buyer,it's just dragging on and I think it's going to be spring before I get out. Most of my personal possessions are in a friends cellar at the moment, I sleep on the sofa, but I've got a camp bed and a warm house.

    Paul...........You do what you thinks best for you.. Each and everyone of us are clamoring for a piece of the action on planet earth' thats our ways,human nature...I just hope we survive and spread out into the local star clusters before our sun becomes a red giant...

    Cheers Wandering..Like I say,I'm an open house for someone that perhaps needs a park up for a couple of weeks over xmas. I would need someone to advise about the way I could be contacted (This P M thing,I couldn't just put my phone no up)
    Look after yerselves and keep warm and active, Ant.

    Actually!! I've just been thinking..
    I'm living in a small terraced house at the minute on my own, i'm not working, and got plenty of time. If anyone needs a 'rest bite' from living on the road, I'm your man!
    I've got a spare room, washer/drier, internet, and bags of interesting things to talk about.....

    Let me introduce myself...I'm in my 50s split from dragon,my lad is 17 gone in army (no more spare bed needed) I will be selling up shortly,in a couple of months, I am a fully quallified electrician 2391/17th ed , but can't be arsed selling myself cheap to the agencies. I live in between wigan warrington and leigh. I dont know about PMing people or if you can put your phone number up here on the forem? But someone will surely give me advice on that, also I don,t want a convoy turning up LOL. Just a single or even a couple of peeps that are in need of a bit of support. I look forward to any help I can give for a soul in need,,P S I don't want a penny off anyone...This is a free invitation. I will watch this space on the hour every hour...Cheers folks Ant

    I actually like the benefits of living in bricks and morter ... although a truck parked up in the right place could also be a start.

    That is what you meant isn't it? :S

    Ye lol, that's what I meant. I do have some funny thoughts when I'm smoking the weed n drinkin brandy.
    I can't wait till I've sold my house and then use the money for a temporary caravan on a farm and then build a stealth van.
    I'll keep you informed about my progress. Action will prob start when the daffs are coming up in Feb.
    Look after yer self mate.