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    Clegg has it easy as he knows nobody will ever require him to act on what he says (he's very unlikely to be PM),

    I disagree with this one, coyote.
    As i see it, Clegg has had to do his homework. He obviously gives a shit, Cameron (IMO) is a rubber faced twat who is all cheap words and empty promises and Gordon just can't explain how Labour have fucked up the past 13 years.
    I think Nick Clegg really put the other 2 to shame last night, while they were bickering, he was giving us facts and numbers. He had obviously done his homework and I was very very impressed with him. I am definitely voting lib dem :) x

    :hug: star, glad you're home, i completely agree with miss PTM :) it's bad enough that you've been through such an ordeal, but to feel confused and scared afterwards isn't acceptable. rest well and keep us updated, much love to you honey xxx

    Hey Beth! So sorry to hear this honey!! they better sort you out and make you better asap! Really glad they sorted you out some soya milk! Tea makes everything better!
    Love you lots and sending you lots of love and hugs :hug: :hug: xxx

    hi toffee :hug: sorry to hear about your panic attacks! I used to have them most days, usually triggered either by my own thoughts or by going to the supermarket and not knowing what to get for dinner (again my own thoughts i suppose!)
    can i suggest a book for you to read? it's The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. It has really really helped me and he also has a follow on book called Practising the power of now.
    i believe that panic attacks are all down to the thoughts we think, and if you can help slow down your thoughts, or even just 'stop' your thoughts, you gain so much more control.
    one of the ways in which i combatted my panicks was to just watch my thoughts. you take yourself away from your mind, and just watch. so for example if i was in the supermarket, i'd look on at my brain and think 'oh there's jo, she's worrying about what to buy for dinner again, she's getting into a bit of a state there....' etc etc, you don't judge it, you just observe it. eventually, you become the watcher, not the thinker.
    i really really recommend you read the book, let us know how you get on, and the best of luck! you can have control back!!! :hug: xxxx

    Hi Ashlee, just kinda skim read this thread really but I think I've got the jist of it. Sorry to hear that you're not keeping your baby, however by the sounds of it you've thought it through and it sounds as if you're making the right decision.
    If you and your fella have a history of drink and drugs then it's only fair on the baby that you both clean up and so when the time is 'right' you will feel more able to handle bringing a new life into the world.
    Having a child will be the hardest thing you've ever had to do, and the most important. It's good to know you've thought about it and I wish you the very best. Can I just advise that perhaps you should open up to a trusted friend or family member? It's important you have support around you, and you may find that both you and your boyfriend grieve after the abortion. You may find counselling helpful. Best of luck to you x

    Leafy, have you ever owned a staffy? do you have a clue what you're talking about? after reading your comments you just seem to be insulting staffy owners on here and talking complete nonsense.
    I respect your opinion (even if I severely disagree with it) but please show a bit of respect and at least do a bit of homework before posting up rubbish about the RSPCA.

    "The Staffie is an intelligent and active little dog, which gets on well with children and adults alike. They can be quite vocal, so they must be taught when to stop. They should be socialised, especially with other household pets, and training started at an early age. The Staffie is a hardy dog full of stamina, not quick to pick a fight, but more than able to defend themselves if necessary. They are affectionate dogs, much preferring human company to that of other dogs, this can be seen more in the adult dog than the puppy. They can, and some do, retain their puppy character throughout their lives, making them quite a handful. With their great sense of humour, intelligence and the fact they are boisterous life is never dull with a Staffie around."

    I have the ability to kill and seriously injure someone. If i get into a fight, I'll give back as good as i get. I suppose I'm like a staffy. doesn't mean I'm going to bloody kill someone or rip a small child's legs off. It does annoy me how these wonderful intelligent and compassionate animals get labelled just because they have big jaws and are strong.

    Hi Ness :)
    really interesting topic and idea for a thread! I agree with you! millions of people are labelled as 'spiritual' but they all have different beliefs and ideas!
    For me, I believe in ENERGY and LOVE. I believe that everything is made up of energy, I believe that everything is love, there can only be an absense of love.
    I believe that our time on Earth is temporary. I believe we incarnate as humans to assist in the planetary healings and to learn lessons and to release karmic issues. I believe that once our souls pass on we return to our original form- which may be a mass of energy and light.
    I believe in the law of attraction, manifestation. I believe that we shouldn't eat animals or treat them cruelly at all. I believe people should treat the earth, themselves and everything with honour and respect.
    To be honest I could write forever writing all the things i believe! interesting topic. oh and yes i take info from buddhism, paganism, wicca, christianity, tao and all sorts and mix it all up. I also do reiki healing, crystal healing and angel card readings. :) x

    I've had experience with a lot of dogs and all dogs have their own traits. the most vicious dog i ever knew was a west highland terrier (aka the caesar dog!)
    staffies are wonderful dogs, and used to be used to babysit childred and were called Nanny dogs. I think any dog has the potential to be dangerous, it all depends on the owner.
    In my experience staffies are softy and soppy, the only thing I would mention is that my staffy X bull terrier does not like other dogs. she is wonderful with humans, very affectionate, but we must keep her on a lead because i worry that she'd attack another dog.