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    Thanks Happyfat

    I learned a lot from my first lesson. I am swimming every other day in the sea and will continue through the winter.

    I am swimming along the shore and my beach is only 75 meters long so difficult to lose yourself and find you have been driven offshore.

    I am finding it very hard to swim any distance at the moment but I am getting better

    I am loving it


    I have been meaning to learn to swim for a long time so I have booked a swimming lesson at my local beach. I have also agreed to swim a 1 mile open water swim next year

    Do we have any swimmers on the forum?


    My dreads are getting in the way of a few things. I don't want to get rid of them but I am thinking of cutting them to a more manageable length.

    One of the things they are stopping me from doing is swimming. I have decided I want to learn to swim properly and one thing that puts me off is the fact that my dreads will be constantly wet as they take days to dry out. It is also difficult to wear a swimming cap with dreads of this length.

    So I am thinking of cutting them to just above shoulder length or just long enough that I can still tie them back. They will then fit into a swim cap.

    What is the best way of cutting them? Do I just cut them off with a scissors and then sort the ends out once they fray a little?

    Another thing I am worried about is swimming in a pool. I have avoided swimming in pools because of the chemicals soaking into my dreads and smelling of chlorine for ever or damaging my hair. Is this a justified worry?

    Despite the fact that I am a very poor swimmer I have entered myself into a long distance swimming race so I am going to have to be doing a lot of practice over the next year and some of that practice might have to be in a pool especially if I need lessons.

    I also want to take a course in free diving and in order to gain my AIDA 1Star I need to do pool sessions

    Do any of you dreadies swim in pools?


    Whatever your doing aman - I hope you are still enjoying your food. They say with diets it's no good doing them temporarily - you have to choose a diet for life, so, hopefully it's not difficult and you are enjoying your food. Losing weight quickly isn't the most important thing, do it at a rate you can maintain. I've probably already said that on this thread. :shock:

    I am really enjoying my food and with a few tweaks I feel that this is a diet I can keep to for the future.

    One problem with healthy eating is it is quite difficult to prepare for disasters. When I was eating crap it was easy to store pulses, rice, tinned food etc but I don't eat any of that stuff any more. I still have a few weeks of that sort of food stored and I will have to eat it is the sit hits the fan but it will be a last resort.

    The problem with sugar is we are designed to eat it but only for a very short period in late summer. Eating sugar trigger the body to go into fat storage mode to prepare for the coming winter. Modern man can eat sugar (fruits) all year round and so our bodies are in a constant state of confusion.

    I now eat very little fruit. Some berries are OK and things like olives and avocados but most modern fruits are just too rich in sugars. When we evolved, few of the modern fruits existed in the form we see them in today and our body cannot cope with them. Even worse are fruit juices


    Well done, how do you get on when you go to see a band or find yourself in a pub/bar? Can you still sit through a session without a beer or do you get fidgety or bored?

    Not a problem so far. We were invited to a BBQ this week. I just drank water and felt fine. Everyone else was drinking beer or wine but I didn't miss it. The good thing about BBQs is there is plenty of fatty meat and salad so it didn't interrupt my diet either.

    I am finding it hard to understand why I have found it so easy to give up the booze when I have always struggled in the past.


    I don't really eat any fruits except Avocado, olives and lemon. I do eat berries usually with double cream.

    Anyway the weight is slowly coming off. I am below 190Lbs for the first time in over 25 years.

    30Lbs lost, another 20 to go

    Bring it on


    Well my weight loss has slowed down to about a pound a week but I am putting on muscle as well as I work out with weights 6 days a week.

    There have been a few other effects that were unexpected.

    I have virtually stopped snoring. This could be down to a lot of factors including weight loss, cutting out wheat and it's associated inflammation and giving up alcohol.

    I hardly ever fart anymore.

    Athletes foot which I have had for many years has completely disappeared.

    Despite loosing weight the wrinkles on my face are fading away.

    The skin on the back of my hand is snapping back like a 20 year old.

    I still have a way to go but I am looking and feeling great


    I love boats but I would need to be at sea and not confined to a canal.

    If we didn't have dogs I would sell the Airstream and buy a boat at the drop of a hat.

    I love being at sea, 100s of miles from land with the closest humans being on the International Space Station.


    Hi Guys

    I am not a photography enthusiast but I am looking for a camera with a few more options than the normal point and shoot.

    I would like a camera that can shoot decent enough video and stills for taking promotional shots of my products. I would also like it to either have Time-Lapse built in or have a remote shutter so I can add a intervalometer.

    I don't need to or want to go full DSLR so I am thinking a bridge camera might fit the bill. They can be as simple as a point and shoot but also offer enough options to allow me to learn a little about photography

    Any suggestions for a used model? I can't really spend more than about £150 at this point.


    Best effective weight loss...just cut out all fat and sugar that you can identify and get hormonal and energetic with a hot new lover.....,so I have heard.:DI lost 2 stone once in less than 3 months that way....possibly.:whistle:

    Agree with cutting out sugar but don't agree with cutting out fat. My diet is 75% fat

    I think if you buy eggs from the side of the road sellers who have a few hens roaming around their garden or if you can rescue some ex battery hens and give them a few happy years at the end of their lives, eggs can be a guilt free nutrient dense source of Vitamins (B6, B12) and saturated fat that is lacking from a vegetarian diet.


    I have given up alcohol for a number of reasons but the main ones are:- I was worried about my drinking and I am following a high fat, low carb diet and there are a lot of carbs in beer.

    I mainly drink at home so I have just replaced alcohol with water and this is working really well but I occasionally go to the pub and this is where it gets more difficult. I would feel uncomfortable drinking tap water in a pub as the pub is there to make money. I don't like fizzy water and obviously things like cola and fruit juices etc are out because of the carbs so I am at a loss as to what I can drink.

    Alcohol itself is not the problem as spirits are carb free but I have never been a spirits drinker

    Maybe a whiskey in a half pint glass topped up with water. I don't know

    Any ideas?

    I am normally pretty good at balance sports. I am a keen cyclist, I skateboard, I used to compete at mountain boarding and I love skiing and snowboarding but I completely failed to pick up the unicycle.

    I normally pick things like this up really quickly but try as I may, the unicycle stumped me. This was not something I tried one afternoon and failed, No, I failed for weeks to master the bloody thing. I really wanted to learn but the bloody thing was impossible so I had to admit defeat.

    I also have problems with left and right


    It occurred to me the other day that there are certain things, little things, that really get my goat when really they shouldn't.

    One is when someone else opens a new jar of coffee and just stabs the spoon through the foil and leaves all the torn and tattered foil on there so when you try to get a fucking spoonful of fucking coffee the fucking foil scraped all the fucking coffee off the fucking spoon all over the fucking worktop.:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    That sort of thing

    Another is letting someone though in their car and they don't acknowledge it at all

    Oh, and people driving all the way down the outside of a queue of traffic and expect to be let in at the front of the queue. You wouldn't do that and the fucking post office would you

    Do you see what I mean?

    What gets your goat when really, it shouldn't?